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Tobiume was a silvery blur as Hinamori blocked and retaliated for each and every one of Gin's strikes. Her blade flashed dangerously as her wrists turned easily, blocking the strikes the man she had long since accepted as her teacher continued to push her past what she assumed was her limit. if she could use her Bankai the fight would long since be over but Gin had forbid it, claiming that her abilities at basic swordsmanship needed serious improvement. So she had obeyed and fought one of the best at Zanjitsu with just her blade and her wits, none of her kido to aide her. Though she managed to hold her own for a bit, it was not long before she felt a yank and watches as Gin spun Tobiume around on his sword before tossing her Zanpakto up high in the air and catching it easily.

Gasping for air Hinamori doubled over, bracing her hands on her knees. The black gloves she wore protected her palms from the hilt of her Zanpakto. Callouses were not helpful for kido masters to posses. Though she could have gotten around it she would prefer to avoid creating problems. As she bent over the necklace she always wore swung out from the folds of her robes to dangle in the air in front of her. The necklace represented one of the greatest mysteries of her life. She had asked everyone she could think of who gave her the thing but everyone had denied it or asked who gave it to her when she showed it to them. Soul Society was in such chaos then that it would have been easy for anyone to sneak in or out. Either someone was lying or someone completely different had given her the necklace. Either way there was only one person it reminded her of.

"You're hesitating," Gin said throwing Tobiume towards her. Hinamori snatched her blade easily.

"And you are being mean."

They both turned to see Matsumoto leaning in the doorway, a smile on her lips. The Acting Captain of the Tenth Division smiled at the two of them as though they were fighting siblings, affection still bright in her mirror perfect eyes. The two looked at each other and then at her, not sure if they were about to be in a lot of trouble. She walked into the room fully.

"Orders came in," she said.

The two traded looks. 'Orders came in' meant that the orders had come from the Royal Dimension. They were non negotiable. Both sheathed their Zanpaktos and walked out of the training area, following Matsumoto out into the rebuilt Soul Society. Even though it had been some time since such a threat existed, the fact was that no-one was taking any chances. Everyone carried their Zanpakto's at all times, it was non negotiable. Though there was no outright threat there was no sense of false peace either. The three of them made their way to the First Division. Though he knew they weren't in trouble Gin half hoped they were. He didn't think there was a person in any world who did makeup sex--or sex in general--quite as fantastically as Rangiku Matsumoto.

Finally they reached the doors of the First Division. Hinamori pushed them open, her hands steady.

"There you are!"

They both turned to see Hisana Kuchiki come walking towards them. She was dressed in white garments, looking a bit paler than she normally did. Her black hair was limp against her features but her eyes spoke a desire to put anyone in a large amount of pain. Communicating with the Royal Dimension was a taxing thing. Given her and Senna's time spent there it was easier for them than for anyone else in Soul Society but it was still difficult. Hisana brushed a hand through her hair and motioned for them to follow her. They did to where the Captains were already assembling. It had been a decision of all of them as well as that of the Royal Dimension not to give one too much power. After what Aizen had pulled off everyone agreed that it was a good idea that power was shared, at least for the time being. It made sense that Unohana, Ukitake and Kyoraku each took a portion of the job. Their opinions were varied so any idea was never just 'accepted'. In time, perhaps there would be a new Commander General but at the moment the position was not there.

The Royals, on the other hand, if they had a mission or something that had to be done they communicated through Hisana or Senna. Non negotiable orders. Apparently some had come in concerning them. The two got the orders but they did not know what the mission fully contained, only the people who had been given it did. Hinamori wasn't sure whether to be thrilled or terrified. She had never gotten orders like that before.

"Orders," she said holding out a sealed envelope.

None of the two older people touched it and Hinamori realized it was for her alone. Taking a deep breath she took the envelope and sent her Spiritual Powers through her fingertips, unsealing the envelope. She reached inside and pulled out a piece of heavy paper. As her eyes scanned the words, a cold feeling began to settle in her stomach. She looked up at Gin, Matsumoto and Hisana and then back at the words.

"W--" she stopped and took a deep breath, "me and Gin are to go to the transient world and asses the threat of the Vizards. If they are a threat, we are to terminate them."

"The Vizards?" Matsumoto frowned and looked at the orders, "they don't do anything. We haven't heard from them since Aizen was defeated."

"That's what this says," Hinamori said.

"Well go get cleaned up, you two can't go to the transient world smelling like something that needs to be washed," Hisana said with a sigh.

They nodded and walked off. Hisana watched them go. When they were out of sight she reached into the back of her pants and pulled out the envelope resting at the small of her back. She slit it open with her thumb, her Spiritual Power over riding the seal easily. Her eyes scanned the words written on the paper as she looked at her order. Her fingers gripped the heavy paper as she read the words again and again to make sure that she was not seeing things.


Hisana turned her head to see Byakuya coming towards her down the hallway. Her fingers tightened on the explicit orders in her hand but she ignored the small part of her that shouted to obey them. Instead she turned and faced her husband, holding the paper in plain sight. His midnight eyes swept across her and to the paper before he reached her. She could already see the worry in his eyes, worry and dislike at how things were shaping up. Finally he reached her.

"I'm sorry I--" she began.

"No," he cut her off, "obey your orders," he said, his voice fractionally softer, "just be careful."

"You know I will be," she said.

After her last disobedience had landed them in such a terrible place, her a world away and him locked in the pain of knowing they would not be together, when orders came in she followed them now. It was rare to get a mission since she was no longer a member of the Guard but her skill sometimes was required. She hated doing that, leaving Rukia and him behind, but she would rather go knowing she could come back then waste away as punishment again. Byakuya embraced her small form, she closed her eyes letting his comforting scent wash over her. She knew her own Zanpakto was probably bidding Senbonzakura farewell just as she was saying goodbye to her husband. Finally she stood on her tip toes and pressed her lips to his.

"I'll be back as soon as I can," she promised, "it shouldn't take too long."

He nodded and watched as she Shunpoed off to go to the transient world. He hated watching her go off but he knew that she had her duties as well. He had his duties as well. An odd foreboding came over him, as it usually did when he watched his wife walk away, but if there was one thing history taught him it was that the universe itself could separate them and somehow, someway they would find their way back he was sure he would never truly know why he was given such a blessing, he knew he was thankful for it every day.

He heard his phone ring. He sighed and reached into his sleeve, drawing the insufferable device out of his sleeve. Since he let Rukia leave Soul Society to go to the transient world to attend school and be with her friends--and keep an eye on them--she had given him and his wife a phone to stay in touch. Byakuya sighed and looked at the thing.

He really had to ask Hisana how to change the ring tone from "Kung Fu Fighting" to something less embarrassing.

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