Another first day at Forks High. I hear the grumbling of the students surrounding me and laugh quietly to myself . They think four years of high school is bad, try ninety! Yep, I've been going to high school for ninety years, pretty much every teenager's idea of hell right? Yeah, pretty much.

Good thing I'm not a teenager then. Well I guess technically I am. I am forever frozen at the age of seventeen. Sounds cool right? Wrong! You're probably wondering if I'm delusional and if you should send for the men in white coats.

I'm not. I'm a vampire.

Believe me or not, makes no difference to me, it's the truth whether you choose to believe it or not. I bet your first question is whether or not I drink human blood. The answer is no. I do not. I drink the blood of animals, I feel like enough of a monster already without adding the murders of innocent people to the list.

I have been this way for ninety long years, alone and self loathing. The vampire who changed me didn't stick around long enough to explain to me what I was. When I realised, I was horrified. I had to let the people who loved me, my family my friends think I was dead, and watch as they grew old and eventually died. I guess I could have changed them, but I was afraid they would hate me for damning them to this existence.

The pain of the change was agonising and I'll never forget it, the horrific burning sensation that lasted three never ending days. When I awoke I tried to destroy myself, the monster I had become but I couldn't. I was virtually indestructible, as are all vampires. That's just great isn't it? That's when I decided I would only drink the blood of animals, not humans.

So that is how I've spent the last ninety years, alone, repeating high school, feeding on animals and hating myself for what I am.