Name: Sky bottoms

Rating: NC-17


Summary: Sky gets fucked by Jack

Sky Tate was sitting in the rec room at 1:00 at night he hadnt been able to sleep so he thought hed catch up on the SPD handbook, when Jack landers walked in wearing nothing but red boxers, Sky gaped he'd never seen Jack like that, Jack was pretty muscular though less then Sky. " Hey Sky what you doing? " Sky held up the hand book then went back to reading. Jack slumped next to him. " Can I help you with something " asked Sky annoyed that Jack was still there. Jack smiled you could say that, see word on the street is your a real tussler in the sack ". The book fell out of Skys hands and landed on the floor with a thudd. It was true Sky loved fucking guys asses, whenever he wasnt, being a ranger he would sneak off to orgies and fuck everyone there, his favorites were fellow muscle guys. Jack ran a hand over Skys chest, " Im ventriqucalar, I like fucking, and getting fucked, by huge muscled guys, and I hear you are the same so , fuck buddies. Sky glared at Jack. " First off I dont like, you second off, Its against regulations, third Im a solid top " .Jack grabbed the back of Skys neck " Not when I get through with you ". He pushed there mouths together, forcing his tongue into Skys mouth. The blue ranger tried to fight it at first but he soon sucame to the heat he let Jack pull his shirt off " Dude you give ripped a whole new meaning " Sky grinned and pulled his sweat pants down along with his boxers " Pretty impressive huh ". Skys cock was 15 inches long, and 7 inches thick. Jack grinned he stood up discarded his own boxers, his dick was 14.5 inches long, and 6 inches thick. " Lube my dick up so I can shove it up your ass ". Sky still looked unsure about all this. " Hear me out let me fuck you as many times as I can, if you like it then Well be fuck buddies and can celebrate by you fucking me, deal? ". Sky thought a moment he had always been curious about Jack. He grabbed the red rangers dick and started swallowing it down his throat, Jack moaned and laced his fingers through Skys hair. Sky deepthroated till Jacks Cock was nice and wet. he stood up, a bit ways taller then Jack. He turned around presenting himself to Jack. Jack rubbed Skys cheeks they were hairy just the way he liked them, He parted them and aimed his rod toward Skys target. " Go easy, its been awile since I bottomed " said Sky. Jack patted his shoulder " Just relax ". Jack began pushing in slowly, Sky was so tight that it took 20 minutes for Jack to get in all the way. Sky tried to loosen up, But Jack was the biggest guy he'd ever taken. The red ranger whispered softly in his ear to relax. Jack started fucking Sky slowly, but relentlessesly, thrusting steadily inside him, Sky started to enjoy it his hole opened more allowing Jack to thrust harder Jacks pace increased dramatically he started pounding into Skys ass HARD. Skys moans grew louder Jack gripped his waist tighter " Hope your ready tate cause Im gonna pound your ass with all of my fourteen and a half inch cock!! " Sky moaned " Fuck me Jack as hard as you can!! Jack grinned. He pulled his ebony cock almost all the way out then slammed it back, Jack repeated this motion till Sky gripped his hips and started thrusting back. Jack hammered Skys hole brutally slamming in and out in a hard, fast, deep pace. Sky was in heaven Jack was fucking him so hard he could feel the red rangers balls slapping against his ass, soon they were drenched in sweat, there moans and groans echoed through the room. " Oh fuck me Jack, shove that huge dick in me, harder, HARDER!. Jack complied pounding into Sky as hard as his body could. Sky loved the feel of Jacks thick dick sliding in and out of him, his prostate was taking one hell of a beating. Sky started pumping his cock in time with Jacks thrust till he felt the strongest orgasm ever slammed into him making him shoot 7 streams of cum onto the floor, Jack followed soon after he fucked Skys hairy ass till he cremed inside it, both rangers were breathing very hard, and there knees were buckling " So? " asked Jack. Sky grinned " fuck buddies, but Ill be on top most of the time ". Jack rubbed his thighs " agreed but tonight your ass is getting the fucking of a life time!! ". Jack, still inside Sky carefully sat down and started thrusting up into Skys ass, " Fuck me, fuck me " Sky chanted as he started bouncing up and down on Jacks thick dick, Jack slammed The hairy guy down onto his dick, while bucking up, Skys ass was so tight, they suddenly moved so that Sky was on all fours, and Jack was behind him, pounding his ass, then Sky was on his back his legs wrapped around Jacks waist, and his hands clutching Jacks shoulders for stability, Jack was so wild, and rough, just like Skys style of fucking, Jack came again, then rolled onto his back so that Sky was strattling. " Jack had known Sky was lying about not bottoming, he was riding the red rangers cock to good, bouncing, like a pro, Sky then found himself, pressed against a wall while Jack was drilling him full of dick, Sky knew that now he was just as ventricular as Jack now. Jack blew, once more. " What position should we try now? ". TBC