Chapter four: 18-Inch smash fucking and doggy smash fucking

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Sky Tate was sitting on his bed reading the SPD hand book. He was garbed only in a pair of boxers. He had just spent the better part pf three hours fucking the hell out of Bridge. He greatly enjoyed bottoming for Jack, but Topping would always be his true passion for every other guy. His ass twitched, it had been a few days since he and Jack last fucked and seeing as what Jack had promised, Sky was seriously looking forward to it. As if on cue Jack phased into the room.

" Hey Hottie " he waved at the muscle bound ranger as his clothes phased off his bodie leaving him naked. Sky stared at Jacks cock hungrily. All 14.5 thick inches of it. Sky crawled off his bed and moved to kneel in front of Jack. Wordlessly he took Jacks engorged member into his mouth. Jack gripped the blue rangers shoulders and moaned in slurped Jack like he was sucking on a popsickle, bobbing his head up and down rapidly. Sky twisted and played with the red rangers balls adding on more suckage.

Jack suddenly pushed Sky off his dick. He pulled Sky up so he was on his feet. Jack quickly stripped Sky of his boxers. The blue rangers 15-inch cock impossibly solid. Jack took the cock into his hand and started to stroke it. Slowly at first then jerking it hard. Jack enjoyed the sounds Sky was making gasping and groaning. Jack sucked on his fingers, Sky immediately spread his legs and bent over slightly. Jack moved his empty hand behind Sky pawing at his ass abit, before shoving all five of his fingers into the taller mans hole. Sky howled in ecstacy. Jack fingered him for abit then pulled his fingers out. He layed back and pulled Sky onto his lap. Sky sank down onto Jacks mammoth cock moaning gutteraly. Sky rode Jacks cock hard bouncing up and down on it. Jack groaned from the sensation and from something else.

Out of nowhere Jack pushed Sky off of him and hopped off the bed. " Whats wrong?! " panted Sky half angry and half worried. Jack turned around and Skys jaw hit the ground. Jacks cock had grown, exponentionaly longer and thicker


" Ready for the best fuck of your life? " asked Jack huskily, not only had his cock grown but so had his arousal.

Sky was speechless, so he simply moved off the bed turned around and bent over. Jack eyes Skys perfectly muscular ass hungrily. He moved hehind Sky and slowly started feeding his cock into Skys asshole. Sky gripps the sheets of his bed, trying to keep his breathing steady as the super cock pushed into him. He gritted his teeth as his ass stretched out further then it ever had before. Felt The length enter new territory in his ass. Soon he felt Jacks balls hit his rump, he had taken the entire thing. Sky felt beyond full, there was no word for.

Jack gripped Sky's hips. he was so horny that it was taking all of his willpower not to move, but he new he had to let Sky get used to it. He rubbed Sky's well muscled back telling him how good it was going to feel. When a good amount of time had passed, Jack started fucking Sky. Slow thrust that barely took three inches out of Sky.

Jack felt his self-control slipping away each passing second his thrust got harder and faster.

" Sky I can't hold it back much longer " Jack groaned

Sky pushed his ass back on Jacks prick " Fuck me Jack, HARD!!! " he exclaimed and that did it. Jack didnt need to be told twice before his hips started blurring as he pounded into Sky's ass. " OH FUCK YESS, FUCK MY MY ASS! ". Sky moaned as he shoved his ass back against the big dick.

Jack thrusted hard but carefuly, he knew the blue ranger was tough but he still didnt want to hurt. Fortunately he was having a a hard time finding the limit. Every few seconds Sky moaned to be fucked harder and as usual Jack complied and Sky took it without complaint. Jack wanted to make this last as long as possible, and he sure wasnt anyway near close to cummimg and he wanted Sky to get the most pleasure out of it. He reached out and grabbed Skys leaking cock and started stroking it in time with his thrust. It was long before Sky was roaring his climax, shooting hard all over the bed.

Meanwhile outside the room, a certain BIG blue dog was standing outside the room. He sensitive hears hearing the grunts and moans. His nose sniffing the smell of sweat and cum. Cruger undid the front of his clothes freeing his raging 16-inch cock. It was extremely thick, and save for the blue color human looking. Cruger pumped his cock steadily, he was so horny and had been for the last couple of weeks. Every where he went in the base he seemed to catch traces of Sky and Jack and there fucking. It had been so very long since he'd felt tight, hot flesh surround his member. And he could take it no more.

Back inside Sky was laying on his back, legs spread wide as Jack layed on top of him slamming into his ass. Sky clawed at Jacks back, there pleasure was beyond mind blowing. He pulled Jack closer to him, locking the man into a fierce kiss, there tongues dueled in there mouths. Soon Sky was cumming again, his orgasmic moan muffled by Jacks mouth.

The red ranger felt he was getting close. He straightened his back and propped Sky's legs on his shoulders.

" OH FFFUCCCKKKK, YYYEEEES!!! " Sky screamed. Jacks was slamming into him, battering his poor prostate. Sweat was puring off there big muscular bodies, making a loud slacking sound everytime Jacks hips hit Skys ass. Jack groaned as Sky worked his ass muscles to squeeze his cock. " HERE I CUUUM!! " Jack moaned, his engorged cock shot a rocket blast of cum into Sky. The blue ranger cried out cumming from the force of Jack shooting into him. Jack collapsed on top of Sky unconscious. His dick slowly shrinking back down to it's true size.

Sky carefuly moved Jack off of him, moving the red ranger so that he was laying on the bed. Moving shakily to his feet Sky looked down and smiled " That was one of the hottest fucks Ive ever had, I douht another one will ever compare ".

Suddenly the door opened and in marched Anubis Cruger. " I wouldnt be so sure of that cadet Tate "

Sky being the ever perfect cadet immediately saluted despite his naked appearance.

Cruger eyed Sky up and down. Sky was the picture of a perfect cadet. He was extremely muscular, bulging biceps, arms and legs as thick as tree trunks, very tall almost to Crugers own hight. He exuded sex, and Cruger wanted sex.

" What seems to be transpiring cadet Tate " Cruger asked in his no-nonsense tone.

Sky was at a complete loss, he had no idea what to say, the obvious being he had just had his brians fucked out by Jack, a member of his squad, very much against the regulations and expulsion worthy.

" Cadet Tate I am sure you are aware of the rules and regulations with a fellow cadet? "

Sky bowed his head " Yes sir " he said sadly.

" Are you loyal to SPD cadet? " asked Cruger his cock getting ready to burst forward.

" Of course sir! " said Sky earnestly.

Cruger walked up to Sky and placed a paw on his shoulder " Then get on your knees and prove it cadet Tate ".

Sky's eyes widened at Crugers words. Even more so when the commander unzip the front part of his unform and his massive cock flopped out, hard as diamond. Sky dropped to his knees and started swallowing Crugers cock down his throat. The dog alien moaned " Yes, thats it Tate, suck my big blue cock. Yes swallow it, get it nice and wet cause it's going up your ass ".

Sky was shocked that the commander wanted to fuck him. But as he continued to suck on the big dick, he found that he didnt mind. He spat Crugers cock out of his mouth " Fuck me hard commander " .

Cruger nodded " Get into the THAT possition ". Sky smirked and moved into doggy style, on his hands and knees. Cruger licked his lips, Sky big, muscular ass was so inviting, especialy with Jacks cum leaking out. Sky jumped slightly as he felt Crugers tongue lapping up Jacks sperm. Once all of it was gone, and Sky was in a pleasure pitch, begging for the aliens cock. Cruger gripped Sky's firm hips in his paws and eased his dick in.

Sky jerked his butt back taking every inch of Crugers thick cock into him. Cruger groaned, his fantasy being realized " Oh god ate your as tight as your father " he began thrusting.

" You fucked my father? " Sky moaned, Cruger was seriously laying into him.

" Yes, Wes had such a nice ass, your truly his son ". Cruger grunted pounding harder into Sky. Sweat coated Sky's body, he could barely register the imformation that Cruger had screwed his dad, while he himself was being screwed. And what a fuck it was. Cruger had physical power surpassing any human. He fucked Sky insanely HARD, The large musculars mans body shook from each thrust into his hole. Sky bucked back slamming his ass against Crugers groin as Cruger slammed into Skys ass.


Cruger growled as he pounded Skys ass hard and rough.

Jack woke to the sounds of moans, growls and skin slaping. He turned his head to see Cruger fucking Sky. It had to be the oddest and hottest sight Jack had ever seen. Sky on all fours getting his ass plugged by Crugers monster cock, obviously loving it.

Cruger pulled out of Skys ass and layed on his bay, Sky immediately strattled him and sat back on his cock. Sky rode the dog like he was a horse. Cruger bounced Sky o his cock harder and harder.

" CADET TATE I AM GOING TO CLIMAX!! " Cruger groaned. Skys heavy body on his adding more pressure to his cock.


Cruger howled and shot his load, still slamming Sky down, milking all he had to offer, out of nowhere Skys cock started shooting, Cruger opened his mouth to catch some of the delicious cream. Sky rolled off of Cruger and the two lay on there backs breathing hard.

" Sir that was incredible, Ive never been fucked so hard and good. Can we do this again sometime, that is if youll allow me to stay ".

Cruger grinned " Cadet Tate you place in SPD was never gepperdised. And yess this will be a daily occurance, occurance starting now ".

Cruger rolled on top of Sky and rammed his still hard cock into his ass. Jack layed on the bed and watched Cruger fuck Sky for the rest of the night.

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