John Sheppard's: How to Play Golf 101


"Welcome to Sheppard's golfing class," Sheppard said.

"This is golf. I'm leaving," Ronon said.

"No don't go," Rodney said. "Then I have to suffer throw it alone."

"What was that Rodney?" Sheppard asked.


"OK then, back to the class. Now, does everybody have a club?"

"A what?" Ronon asked.

"A golfing club, the stick that your holding."

"Oh, I knew that."

"Huh, anyways, does everyone have golf balls?"

"Yes, John when do we get to the actual hitting the ball?" Rodney asked.

"In due time, my scientific friend."

"OK, put the ball on the floor and just give it a good whack, but have the golf ball centered with the middle of your body."

"Like this?" Rodney asked.

"No, Rodney I said centered. Ronon where did all your practice balls go?"

"In the water. Are we done yet?"

"Why, do you have some place to go?" Sheppard asked.


"OK where?"

"I have a sparring match with Teyla in an hour... I mean a few minutes."

"Nice try; but your not getting out of it!"

"Well I don't have any golf balls left, so I don't see the point of staying," Ronon said with a grin.


"John," Elizabeth's voice came over the radio.

"Yes?" he replied.

"Why are there golf balls falling from the sky?"

"Somebody is a bad shot."

"Just don't let it happen again!"


"Well, I'll see later Sheppard," Ronon said.

"Yeah I should probubly get going too." Rodney began to make his escape.

"Oh wait," Elizabeth said to Sheppard.


"Can you get all of the golf balls out of the water, please?"

"But I didn't hit them!"'

"Well whoever did hit them has to get them."

"OK, Sheppard out." Sheppard had a grin on his face "Oh, Ronon!"

The End


Author's Note: Well I wrote this one because I was writing another story called "John Sheppard's: How To Play Laser Tag"... and you just have to read it to find out why this one was sparked!