AN: I was bored and it needed to be written. A GOOD HP/PJ&TO needed to be written. That is all.

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------Not The Only One Anymore--------

If you ever seem to recognize the events that I keep in this journal, put it away. Immediately. As in right then, put it away. Put it back on the shelf, or close the file on your computer, and back away. For once you find out what you are, they'll be there, waiting to kill you.


Well, since I'm done scaring you, I might warn you that some of the events in this journal may scare you, frighten you, or even make you want to cry. I might also say that this isn't going to be a normal journal. I'm not going to put dates in here (they'd get too screwed up anyway), or even the words 'Dear Journal', or anything like that. I'm going to write this like a story, with chapters, and titles, and suspense, and stuff like that.

I'm also going to say this right here and now. I am a demi-god. Probably more then that with my ancestry but I'm not going to go there. All I really know right now at the start of this Journal is my mother and stepfather (Lily and James) are both descendents of Hecate, goddess of Magic. Also my mother is a descendent of Zeus, King of the Gods. And she fell in love with a god (I don't know which) when she was in the United States of America (Why she was there, again I don't know). Want to know the best part? I learned all this yesterday, from a letter, from my parents, delivered by, you guessed it. Magic. I got this letter when I arrived at my new 'home' with my new foster parents and foster sibling, who was at some boarding school.

You want to know why I was there? Simple. The Witness Protection Agency. I even got a new name! Good-bye Harry James Potter, boy abused by his now dead relatives and witness to their murder, hello Harrison Rai Evans, or Rison, one of two new children put under Witness Protection and moved out of country.

My new stepfather (Step-stepfather?) is a gambling jerk, who I really want to get run over by a bus. My new stepmother however, is an awesome, blue cooking, candy shop working, mortal goddess (no offence to the real goddesses) who is the nicest person I know. But thats not saying much, so correction, she's the awesomest person ever. Period. My new stepbrother? Haven't met him yet, that's what today's for. He gets back from boarding school today. Sally, that's my stepmother's name, wants me to come with her. Why not? What's the worst that could happen? Right?

---------End Rison's Journal one. AKA Goodbye Old Life--------------------

AN2: There. Introduction done. I don't care if no one reads this. I am going to continue this story for my own amusement. And for the people who like the idea. If you don't like it, go find something else to read. Nya!