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Rison writing

Celestial Writing

Percy Writing

- The Morning After (AKA I'm not a criminal. I just killed someone!) -

I know I should have returned this last night after I was done but I fell asleep. Sally woke me up and asked what was wrong, apparently I had another nightmare. I apparently kept saying Seth, over and over, practically screaming for him. I mean, we were friends but he and his siblings vanished during the kidnapping. I whole fifth of my family gone, my chosen family specifically. You see, I never told Raiven, I mean Rison, that my father had a business associate who he kept secret. She was as infamous as he was in the black market. The Void was the most infamous shop there was, anything you wanted you could get… for a price. She had six kids with my self-adopted father they were Zander, Seth, Felix, and Izak (Isaac)who were un-identical quadruplets, while Sheba and Zavier were twins. They were caught with us then separated again from us when we were kidnapped. No one ever found them. Their mother, my self-adopted one, Claire Voir left when we were returned, she couldn't endure seeing us returned while her own children were still lost. Seth and Zander were the two I was closest to. But my father lost control one day and--------

I woke up this morning and found Celestial sitting on the table writing in my journal. Apparently he stole it last night at like three in the morning. I decided not to read what he wrote. It's personal after all. Sally had come in to see what was going on because… you see… well… When I took the journal back I yanked it hard enough that Celesti fell off the table. So he cursed. Loudly. In Polish. His family knows a lot of odd languages apparently.

Yes. I called him Celesti. He hates it. So I use it. Sometimes.

So Sally came in and helped Celesti off the ground but she keeps staring at something on the back of his neck. I wonder what's so interesting. He seemed to recognize the staring thing cause he flinched away from her.

"What is that thing? Where did you get that tattoo?" Sally asked. Celesti just stood there staring at the floor. It almost looked like he was close to crying, although that would be odd. Celesti had only cried the few nights we were in New Zealand. I walked over and looked at the tattoo, it was intricate and simple at the same time. A large black and silver rose incasing a lone white wolf, the thorns of the steam wrapped around one leg of the wolf, who was trying to escape. It was slightly gruesome but nothing all that bad.

Celesti sat there and wrapped his arms around himself and murmured "It was done by my self-adopted brother Felix under a death threat by my half brother named Sephyr."

The odd names are back! Geeze I'm starting to think they all have odd names because their parents want to be distinguished. But then part of what he said hit home. A death threat? Who would want to kill Sky, I mean Celsti. Geeze, his family must be pretty messed up if they make death threats for tattoos on another person.

Sally looked at him with this look of pity. Our new foster brother (what was his name again?) had come out of his room, a look of horror on his face; apparently he had heard what Celestial had said.

Sally looked around for a moment and cleared her throat awkwardly and said, "I cleared it with Syfer, we're going to Montauk for the weekend. And I want you three" she pointed to me, Celesti and um… our new foster brother (what's his NAME???) "to be on your best behavior. Percy, please do try to stay out of trouble." Percy (that's his name!) looked sheepish and shrugged.

"Where is Syfer anyway?" Celesti mumbled looking around. Sally shrugged "I don't know. He was speaking in Russian." Celesti frowned then leaned back and groaned. "He's going to get a wheelchair and crutches then." Celesti mumbled to me in Spanish. I had picked up the languages from the places we stayed rather quickly my favorite was Spanish, his is Polish, even though we never lived in Poland. Sally sighed and told us if we packed fast we could leave before Gabe noticed we were gone. Gabe is… ewwww. How anyone could call him a human being is beyond me. Syfer walked in and picked up Celesti off the floor and walked out again saying "Car's outside."


After a relatively long ride we got to the cabin. It was kinda small so Syfer opted to camp out under the stars in a sleeping bag. Sally was asking Percy about his time at school. Apparently his track record with schools was about as good as ours. Meaning expelled almost every year. I guess we're lucky, both Syfer and Celesti admitted to never having gone to school. Celesti was self-taught and Syfer was unreliably home-schooled, his mother (also his teacher) was a prostitute and was often drunk or out trying to get money. So he taught a good deal of things to himself as well.

When Syfer carried Celesti out he put him in the van he had gotten a wheelchair for him, and unfortunately a pair of crutches for me. The one thing I was wondering was how Celesti had gotten hurt, had it been before he had been in the house or while he was there?

"Celesti when did you get hurt?" I asked while we were unpacking, it finally bugged me enough to ask out loud. Sure I was asking in Spanish so if he didn't want to answer he didn't have to without anyone asking odd questions. Percy grumbled something about speaking English in a house of English speakers but Celseti didn't answer immediately, in fact he kinda froze. As if he wasn't sure what to do.

"What do you mean?" he asked quietly.

"Were you hurt when you came in the house or while you were there?" I asked randomly switching in and out of Spanish as I felt like it.

"Both. I had to protect Bastion from my father earlier that day, then when Leon was outside snooping Rizu, Sephyr's best friend, decided that I needed to be punished for protecting you." He said in Japanese

"Oh. You got hurt… for me? I'm sorry." I looked down embarrassed. He had gotten hurt for me? That was… gratifying and humbling at the same time. He shrugged and repeated the phrase I'd heard over and over, "It wasn't your time."


Sally woke me rather abruptly from my nap on the couch. She was in a hurry, something had happened while I was asleep. Celesti was already gone; Syfer must not have bothered to wake him up. There was the boy from the station there. I was lifted and put into the back of the van as the boy and Percy sat in the middle.

"Why didn't you tell me about this earlier Percy?" Sally asked frantically putting the van in gear and backing away from the cabin.

Percy said "I didn't think it was important, the only person who seemed to know was Grover." He motioned to the new boy.

Syfer snorted and said, "You didn't think it was important that your maths teacher tried to kill you and no one noticed? Everyone thought it never happened and the teacher never existed? Must be the Mist messing with people heads. Geeze, a heck of a lot of Mist to remove her from everyone's thought." He snorted again. Grover leaned over in surprise and looked at Syfer with a new look in his eyes.

"You're a demi-god then?" Grover asked incredulously.

"Yep. Son of Hermes. Never been to your camp, never needed to, I lived in England and while there were monsters there weren't as many as in America. Must have something to do with Olympus being in New York City." Syfer said half to himself.

"Demi-god? What are you talking about?" Percy asked.

"You mean like the letter my mom left me for when we got to America?" I asked.

"Yes. Exactly like what your mother was talking about. The Greek gods are real, as real as you and me. In fact I think that everyone under the age of 18 in this van is a demi-god."

"What?!" Percy half-yelled incredulously.

"We're almost there. Get ready to run. As soon as we stop run towards the boundary line. Run past the tree as fast as you can. Don't stop for--" Sally cut off as a loud bang resounded and the van came to a jerking halt. Celesti jerked awake right before the van stopped his eyes wide with fear. We jumped out of van and started to run up the hill. The van was tossed sideways by a-a-a thing. It was half-man half-bull its eyes filled with anger.

"Minotaur." Celesti whispered. He took a step back; hands reaching to the dagger I knew was clipped to the inside of his belt and hidden by his shirt. His eyes were darkening rapidly from the dark green they had been to the mirror-like black they were when he was afraid.

The Minotaur started to charge towards Percy who had fallen to the ground after tripping on a rock up the hill. He was standing up as the Minotaur charged. He dove sideways without ever truly standing upright. The Minotaur charged at me next. My mind blanked out. I wasn't aware of what I was doing anymore.


After the Minotaur charged at Rison I yanked out my dagger and shoved Grover over the borderline. Percy jumped on the Minotaur's back as it went passed again. The Minotaur bucked, I tossed my dagger to Pax… Rison handle first. He lunged forward into the Minotaur's charge and stabbed it in the heart. I looked around. There had been a flash of gold light earlier and someone was missing, not dead, but missing. Not of life but not of death, being held between by an outside force. The Minotaur dissolved into sand and a horn that Percy had been holding on to. Rison fell over, out cold, Percy followed soon after. I had enough energy to run across the borderline and yell 'monster attack' and see people running. As someone reached towards me I felt the blackness closing in on me and I passed out.


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