Zack's Final Mission

Chapter 1: Shutting down

"Run the credits 'cause this is the end!" I finished the last three Shinra infantrymen standing, in one single slash of my buster sword, holding it tightly between my hands. I truly hope I don't have to wear it this much again.

Guess again…

Another helicopter and a whole bunch of them reappear. Where do they keep coming from? They're worse than grasshoppers!

I'm sorry Angeal, I'll have to wear it a little bit more. I swear I could stare at it for days. This sword is huge and magnificent, just look at how its sharp edge slices through them like they were mere apples. Dumb apples for that sake. I grin and stand my ground as their muscles tense as they foolishly come back for more.

When will they learn?

I'm a hero, I won't be taken down this easily. That's when I catch a glimpse of my reflection in one's silver mask. My eyes... They're wide open and intense, focused… I see the look of a crazy man with a deadly lust for blood. A smirk on my lips…

What have I turned into? What have THEY turned me into?

Well, whatever is it that I am now, I'm digging it! Maybe this way they'll learn they can't take me down, at least not without a good fight.

I'm starting to think they're a little too many though. Shinra must have gathered all the troops to get me. I feel quite special really. The whole cavalry has come so that must mean I am a threat. Good, then let me show them what the hero can really do.

It's about time they notice my value! Such a pity that it's for the wrong reasons. They consider me a lab sample… Me and Cloud…


I have to protect him, I'm praying with all my strength that they don't notice him, that they don't realize that he's just there behind the path I came from. Maybe they were just looking for me, with some luck they'll think Cloud would never survive such mako overdose. That way he would be safe.

He's already been through so much and I gotta admit the boy has got the nerves! The way he defeated Sephiroth back at the reactor. A mere disciple who was stronger than a master. If he handled that, he can handle the mako in him I'm sure of it. He'll be fine and live his honour.

And there goes my sword again, Angeal's sword for that matter. Slicing them all with its sharpened silver blade as it beautifully glitters in the sun along with their dark blood spatter, red liquid sprays all around. But I don't care, I'm getting a little bored actually. I have somewhere else to be. I have to meet her again before it's too late.

I hope I'm not too late! She would wait for me… wouldn't she? I want to see the flowers again… I want to look at her, at least one last time. Her smile followed by her giggle.

As images of the time I spent with her run through my mind I realize I have never met anyone quite like her. Through all I've been through and that I'm going through right now, her image is the one thing that's keeping me sane.

No… I won't lose it like Sephiroth. That's a fine example of a once good man slowly driven insane by what is chasing me. They had been messing with his head for so long I'm surprised he didn't blow up sooner now that I think of it.

But not me.

I have something to return to. A life to take back. I have someone holding me down to the ground.

And she's waiting for me!

A new spree of killing starts as the images of her run free in my mind. It's like ecstasy giving me the energy to fight the thousands of infantrymen that don't seem to stop coming. But the sudden fringe of energy seems to be disappearing by the minute.

The images are turning faint. The memories are beginning to fade into flashes. They are just too many… But I need to keep going.

For her, for Cloud, for Angeal the Director and my friends and for my life.

To my surprise my knees crumble. Someone shot me in the knees! How cowardly of them! And the pain is just unbearable.

So I can feel pain!

I thought it would be worse. As much sick as it may seem in my head, the pain doesn't bother me at all. It's the feeling of numbness that scares me. My legs are getting cold with the piercing pain and I can't hold in a scream as I drop to one knee.

My mind can handle it but my body is starting to shut down.

I guess I'm still only human.

No more than a human with some injected benefits. Still, the skills are all mine. It's the mako that's keeping me above the surface of giving in. The mako is the inhuman in me.

Maybe… I took them all for granted, these infantrymen. No… Who am I kidding? Thousands and thousands of armed men are no match even to Sephiroth. Right… Fool yourself to believe that and you might just make it.

Come on Zack don't give up on your dreams! I still need to know all of her wishes! That one she told me is just too easy, or so I thought so. But I will grant her that wish… And I made her a promise to go back to her and by God I'm going to keep it! I want to read all the 88 letters! I want to know what she has been up to for the last four years. I want to answer to all of her letters by spending more time with her. Maybe she'll marry me. I smile at the thought… heaven. My mother would be so proud of me for having someone like that girl as a wife.

No… This can't be the end!

I heard Cloud's voice in the distance... The wind whispered softly in my ears. Was it over?

And then everything went black.


I'm coming!

To be continued.

Note: Hey! This is just the first chapter of this idea for a story I had. I just played Crisis Core and was so addicted to it that I thought that couldn't be the end of Zack! Please tell me what you think and if I should continue! I have so many ideas for it… Well, I hope you liked this first chapter!