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The arch stood in the centre of the room, and the man stood looking at it, hands in pockets. He didn't like the way that the veil fluttered lightly in a breeze which was not there and was a slightly fluid looking grey. But it didn't Look dangerous.

"So" said the woman standing next to him, arms folded, breaking the silence. Her eyes avoided the arch.

"Can we go yet?" she questioned rubbing her arms as if she were cold.

"Do you know what this is, Donna?" questioned the man, hands still comfortably in his pockets.

"Yes, I read the books, that's where dead people go" she said in a convicted voice.

"This isn't the Sixth Sense, Donna. You're not telling me that you really believe all dead people go behind that arch" he said condescendingly.

"That's what it said in the book!" she yelled back as he stepped forward.

"Yeah, but that's just a story" he said hastily.

"But you said"

The doctor interrupted her and continued, scrutinising the door. "No, this look is good, too good in fact, it's brilliant. So wizardy, so 'Ye Olde Arche'. It's hiding something"

"Yeah, dead people!" said Donna exasperatedly.

"Donna! Be serious" The Doctor leapt up the steps to the arch and pulled out his sonic screwdriver. He buzzed the side of the arch, his hand at an odd angle.

"I knew it, I knew it" he mumbled, teeth clenched.

"What?" questioned Donna, who hadn't moved. Her arms remained crossed.

"It's disguised, like the Tardis, and bigger than it looks as well. It's some sort of storage unit. And if I just take a look, we can find out what's inside."

"Doctor, that's a really bad…" However it was too late, something clicked and the veil seemed to disintegrate from the top down and in an undignified manner bodies began to tumble forwards out of what seemed to be a huge space inside.

"I told you it was full of dead people!!" Donna screamed at the Doctor. The pile up was occurring on both sides and the bodies underneath began to squirm. A sound like an ancient fog horn sounded all around.

"Run!" yelled the Doctor.

A moment later the rasping sound of the Tardis dematerialising could be heard as the first of the bodies began to wake up.