The Legacy Continues

Kara and Ethan stood floating in mid-air as the smoke cleared between them. The weather was beginning to clear up and the flooding beneath them seemed to immediately subside. But the clouds remained dark above them. Ethan floated closer to his wife and held her close to him.

"It's okay honey. It's over." He stroked her hair and kissed her cheek to calm her down. Her body was visibly shaking and her grip on the Matterwand was loosening. He placed his hand on its exposed area and took it from her. Within minutes, the wand had de-materialized and returned to its hiding place between planes until it was needed again.

She let out a low wail as the tears began to spill out of her eyes. "Ethan, what have I done? How could I have used the death spell on her? A spell that on Argo City, we used only on those who tried to assassinate the Elders and Guardians? What has happened to me? I've become a killer..."

"Hush... Stop it Kara. No. You haven't become a killer. You are still the same Kara who was sent to Earth to help protect it. You did what you had to do."

"But first I killed Selena... now Bianca...."

"They left you with no choice. They tried to kill you. Bianca tried to kill our daughter! It was your mother's instinct that drove you to protect the family. I would have done the same thing to protect both of you." Ethan tried to explain to her as he guided her towards the Super car. Kara was obviously in no position to be flying and he felt his flying power starting to fade.

Lucy and Jimmy stayed at the hospital with Lucila until she regained consciousness.

"Who are you?" she asked weakly upon gazing her eyes upon the sleeping pair beside her.

"Lucila, you're awake." Lucy responded by pressing the nurse button as she cleared the sleep from her eyes. Jimmy continued to doze off on the seat next to her.

"Is that my name?"

"Don't you remember who you are? You are professor Lucila Leighton. You teach Creative Writing classes at Midvale Community College." she tried to remind the woman.

"I don't remember anything...." Lucila's voice had a tinge of panic in it.

Lucy began nudging Jimmy to wake up as the nurse came into the room.

"Thanks for coming. We need the doctor. There seems to be a problem." Lucy explained.

The nurse nodded and turned to fetch the doctor on duty.

"Jimmy wake up!" Lucy finally punched him in the shoulder to wake him up.

"Youch!" Jimmy yelped. "What? A simple nudge would have been better Luce."

"Lucila's awake. She can't remember a thing." she brought him up to date while the patient stared blankly at them.

"Oh... That can't be good." Jimmy responded.

"You think?" Lucy was being sarcastic. "What the heck happened during that battle?"

"Who really knows? Ethan and Linda won't tell us anything."

They just stared on as the doctor came in and began to check on Lucila. Ethan would be picking them up soon to return to the island. Over the past few days, the island was starting to become their groups hang out as they all spent more and more time there than at the house in Midvale.

The dome over Heritage Island opened up to allow Ethan's entry onto the premises. He had been flying in at the end of his work day in order to spend time with Kara and Kali who were staying on the island in order to allow Kali more freedom to discover her powers and learn about her Kryptonian and Argonian past from the crystals and simulations that the technology of the island provided.

But there was something different about the island today. He sensed it the minute the car door opened. Kara was not around to greet him as she customarily did. Even Kali was not around to jump into his arms when he got out of the car. Strangely, he found that he was almost their equal when they were on the island. It was almost as if he were Kryptonian instead of human. He found himself capable of doing things that he could not do when he was back in Midvale. In fact, he too was being educated on the history of his wife and cousin in law's origins. He understood them better now and he loved his wife more than he ever thought it would be possible to love a life partner.

The lights in the dome suddenly darkened and red and green lights filled the room.

"Ethan are you ready?" Kal-El asked him. He came out of the shadows dressed in the traditional all silver suit that his father wore as the leader of the House of El.

"Ready for what Kal-El?"

"She's got a case of Amnesia." the doctor explained to Jimmy and Lucy. "I will need to run some tests in order to determine if this is a short or long term situation."

"But how could she have gotten Amnesia? She did not hit her head." Lucy wondered.

"Trauma to the brain isn't the only reason a person develops Amnesia." the doctor began to explain. "A severe traumatic experience can also do it."

Lucy and Jimmy looked at each other. Nodding at each other in silent agreement as they acknowledged the cause of the situation to one another. The battle.

The door opened up to reveal Linda at the entrance. Kal-El had sent her back to Midvale to pick up their friends. Lois had already gone ahead to the island with Kal-El.

"Are you guys ready to go?" She asked without realizing that Lucila was staring hard at her.

"Who is she?" Lucila felt fear beginning to grip her.

Linda looked wonderingly at her friends.

"She can't remember a thing." Lucy explained. "Amnesia." she whispered.

Linda nodded sadly as she walked over to the bed.

"Hi. Professor, do you remember who I am?" she tried to jog the woman's memory.

"Should I?" the woman wondered aloud.

"I am one of your students. I am Linda Logan."

The mention of the name brought some snippets of memories of the battle to Lucila's memory. But she could not recall them as a reality. Rather, she thought of the images of Linda in the guise of Kara as a strange dream.

"I remember something... a dream.. you were dressed in blue and red. You were flying..."

"You must have been dreaming." the doctor explained. "Or been a witness to the latest battle that Supergirl saved the town from."

"Supergirl..." Lucila wondered why the name sounded familiar to her.

As their attention was mainly focused on Lucila, none of them noticed the thin black smoke that entered the room through the open room window and settled underneath the patient's bed.

"I'm sorry but you will all have to leave now." the doctor instructed as he pointed to the clock on the wall that signified the end of visiting hours.

"We will visit you again tomorrow." Linda assured Lucila as she squeezed her hand in a friendly gesture.

Lucila had dozed off after the visitors had left. So she had no idea that the smoke underneath her bed had begun to leak out and begin to take a ghostly shape. A shape that would have been familiar to her if she had any memories at all.

The figure floated towards her and nudged her awake.

"Hello Lucila." the other worldly voice of Bianca penetrated her consciousness.

At that very moment, all the memories of Lucila came flooding back. But she was powerless to fight off the dark presence in the room. She opened her mouth to scream. An opportunity that Bianca took to take control of Lucila's body instead. Lucila writhed in pain as she tried to fight the being that insisted on taking over her body.

"No Bianca!" she screamed as she lost the battle. Her own consciousness driven to a dark area of her mind as Bianca's self took full control of her body.

"Just as your mother was a weakling, so are you Lucila. Weaklings always lose." Bianca's voice came out of Lucila's mouth. "This body is mine. The battle isn't over Supergirl."

Ethan was now dressed in an updated version of the Guardian uniform that Zor-El wore during his lifetime. Pacing the floor, he was worried and excited at the same time about what was going on. Kal-El had told him that something big was going to happen that day and that the uniform was part of the event.

Kal-El was holed up on the Hall of Knowledge for most of the day as he prepared for the forthcoming event. As the last remaining male Kryptonian, it was his duty to install Ethan into his rightful place within the House of El.

"Ethan, please go to the Hall of Knowledge. They are awaiting your arrival." his mother in law's voice instructed him.

"As you instruct." he replied in the manner that Kal-El had educated him in.

The great giant doors of the hall opened upon sensing his presence. Marching into the hall, he saw Kara and Kali seated at the end of the walkway in what seemed to be some sort of thrones. They were both dressed in what he had come to learn were the outfits of the Queen and Princess of the House of El. Kal-El stood at the top of the step before them. Holding a crystal bejeweled sword before him.

"Ethan Logan. Step forth and kneel before the House of El" Kal-El instructed when Ethan stopped walking as he was overtaken by the sheer beauty of the people before him. They looked like they were part of a painting instead of reality.

Images of Kal-El and Kara's parents projected unto the sides of the platform. Jor-El, Zor-El, and Alura all stood proud and mighty as the newest son of the House of El came forth to accept his destiny. Lois, Lucy, and Jimmy lined the sides of the walk path.

"Ethan Logan, son of the planet Earth, husband to Kara of the House of El, and father to Karalinda, Princess of the House of El, do you accept the responsibility of becoming guardian to the secrets of the universe, Kryptonian power, and Argonian heritage that your wife and daughter were born into?"

Looking up from his bowed kneeling position, he looked upon his wife and child, both gazing upon him proudly. He smiled at them as he came to realize what was being asked of him.

"I do with all my heart pledge to be the Guardian of these universal and worldly secrets." he looked Kal-El straight in the eyes.

"Stand before me and hold out your hands." He was instructed.

Raising the sword between them, Kal-El locked Ethan into his gaze. Seriousness evident in his voice and eyes.

"By accepting the Sword of El, you submit yourself to becoming a protector of all that is innocent and threatened. You swear to protect all beings and creatures who are too weak or unable to protect themselves. Do you understand what is being asked of you?"

"I do." Ethan replied as he accepted the sword into his hands. Raising it and placing it diagonally on his left chest, he completed the vow. "For this planet and its inhabitants need protection from the evils of the world and universe, I swear to aide the House of El in the constant and vigilant protection of the planet that we all call home to the best of my human and acquired extraordinary abilities."

With that Kal-El stood aside to reveal an empty throne between Kara and Kali.

"Then come and take your rightful place in the House of El as the Prince Consort of Kara, Queen of the House of El."

Lois, Lucy, and Jimmy could not help but clap and whistle at the end of the ceremony as the House of El stood before them, now complete and starting anew.

One week later

Moving boxes lined up outside the Logan home. There was a flurry of activity as Linda, Ethan, and Kali busily packed away their belongings. It was moving day for them. Ethan had just come into the garage with more sealed boxes while Kal-El tried to figure out the best way to fly out with the boxes.

"I'm flying off with these boxes. You can pack the rest into the car and Linda and Kali can fly with the rest." Kal-El explained as he strung boxes of various sizes atop each other.

"Okay. We will see you there." Ethan assured him. He waved off the super being laiden with about 40 boxes that no human would have been able to handle but Ethan knew was nothing to Kal-El.

"Honey, take a break?" Linda had followed him with a glass of Lemonade. A welcome drink during that hot afternoon. He gulped it down in a few swallows.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Linda's voice was uncertain as she watched him drink.

He touched the cold glass to his forehead before answering. "This is what will be best for our family Linda. We are not an ordinary family and never will be. I have accepted that now." he explained as he handed the glass back to her.

"But living on the island?"

"Is what will help keep our family secure and intact. We will not be safe living in Midvale while Kali grows into her powers." he stated matter of factly.

"But you work here."

"And will continue to work here for as long as the Super car exists." He pulled her close and kissed her teasingly and lovingly at the same time. "Don't worry."

"I'm ready mom, dad." Kali interrupted the tender moment between the couple by pulling on her mother's skirt.

"Yeah, right." Linda broke from the kiss first. "Let's get into our flying clothes. She took Kali by the shoulders and turned her around heading back into the house.

They were back in the blink of an eye.

"Ready guys?" The roar of the Super car coming to life under Ethan's command greeted them upon their return.

"Yeah dad." Kali smiled at him, excited about where they were going.

"Then let's go." Ethan took off with his wife and child flying alongside the car. Their destination? Their new home on Heritage Island.

With the House of El now fully reinstalled and the birth of the first in the next generation of El's, the legacy of the House of El and the protection of planet Earth was safely insured.

The End

A/N: I have a prequel to the Supergirl story planned. I am still working on the details but I hope to start work on it by June or July. It will be all about how Linda and Ethan have been meant for each other from the very start. Even before they even met. Stay tuned for more :-)