Edward glanced down at Reneesme as she walked past the piano.

"What is that all over your face?" Edward reached for her, wrapping his hands around

her waist and pulling her back toward the piano bench.

Reneesme inclined her head. She held up her arms. She kicked out each leg.

"Why are you covered head to toe in glitter?"

Reneesme placed her hand on Edward's cheek. He saw Emmett outside in the backyard.

The sun glinted off his skin in a prism-like pattern.

Edward said, "Yes, I know, but why—"

Reneesme interrupted his question and showed him an image of herself in the sunlight: she didn't sparkle.

"I'm almost afraid to ask," Edward muttered. "Reneesme, what did Emmett use to make the glitter stick?"

She showed Edward a small clear tube: Crazy Glue

Edward shouted, "Emmett, you'd better start running!"

A/N: Random short scene, but can't you just see Nessie wanting to sparkle like the rest of them?