Drabble #50

Rated: K

Summary: Bull proves himself. Continued from #49.

Sakura blinked as a poof of smoke blocked her path.

"Bull?" She spotted a bouquet in his mouth. "What did Kakashi do this time?"

"Nothin'." The behemoth rumbled, dropping the flowers at her feet. "These are from me."

"Huh? Why?"

"Kakashi told me that you didn' like me an' I wanted to know what I did wrong… 'cos I like you a lot, Sakura-chan."

The burly ninken's ears drooped; his eyes glistened as his jaw trembled slightly.

"Aww, Bull…" She hugged the dog. "You're the cutest!"

Some distance away, Kakashi flashed him a thumbs up; Sakura had been successfully converted.