Another Kibbs Drabble ! Just based on a conversation !!

Leprechauns are still dancing in red (very sharp) stilletoes !

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Gibbs: You ever work a crime scene Todd?

(He looked at her expectantly, awaiting an answer, with a slight grin plastered across his old, worn face)

Kate Todd: Well, I am a Secret Service Agent.

(She looked at him, as though trying to prove she is higher in the ranks, and that she can handle herself, above the men)

Gibbs: I thought not.

(He smirked at the petite brunette's attitude, and stance)

Kate: Don't dismiss me like that, ok. I earned my jock strap.

(She was getting frustrated, she seemed slightly angry and annoyed by this remark, although small, to her it wasnt)

Gibbs: Yeah? It ever give you that empty feeling?

(He spoke with a slight smirk on his face watching her, he decided when he saw her, that he wanted her, he just wanted to ...well lets just leave that to your vivid imagination shall we?)

Kate: What?

(She looked shocked, and slightly confused. Her feelings etched on her soft, delicate features that he loved so much, and wanted to kiss)

Gibbs: Your jockstrap!

(He looked at her with a large smirk on his face at her facial expressions)

Kate: No, like some species of frog, I grow what I need.

(To her this made sense, to him it was fire to wind her up with)

Gibbs: Oh, so you have everything? Even grow yourself a man? or woman ?whatever your preference is

(He kept a straight face, while she looked completly shocked at him)

Kate: One, I do not fancy women and two.....

(She was cut off by his lips pressing harshly against hers, pressing her against the wall, causing a moan to escape her soft lips)