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Genres: Romance, Advanture, Comedy. (Don't know how good I am with Drama but I'll try to get it in there.)


[Konoha, 11 years 2 months after the Kyubi attack] (So December 10th)

"It's been eleven years since I last saw this place." Jiraiya murmured to himself as he looked over Konoha from a high advantage point on a building rooftop. "It really has changed."

Girlish giggles than came out with a perverted look on the sannin's face as a thought came to mind. "I wonder if they finished rebuilding those hot springs and bathhouses that were destroyed in that battle."

The sound of footsteps rushing towards his location from behind caused Jiraiya to panic and act quickly by jumping down into a dark alley bellow. Once his wood sandals touched ground, the white haired man looked up to see two ANBU jumping overhead from rooftop to rooftop without noticing him at all.

"That was a close one." Jiraiya sighed in relief as he had a hand over his beating heart.

"If anyone finds out I'm back in Konoha, Sarutobi will have me doing..." The man had a hard time finishing his thought as he closed his eyes shut and a chill went down his spine. "work."

"I guess I better get going if I don't want to run into another pair of the Hokage's tattletales, and get started on my research." Jiraiya said to himself with a mischievous grin.

The sannin began walking down the dark alley not really paying attention as his mind was too preoccupied with thoughts for his next chapter. "Heheh, I think I should add in a harem scene betwe- Hmph" Jiraiya thought before he bumped into something and fell to the ground.

"Uhh, watch where you're going! Don't you know who I am? I'm the great-"

"Jiraiya-sama! I didn't even know you were back! Please forgive me..." the man who had bumped into Jiraiya apologized, and continued to do so, but the sannin wasn't paying attention to a single word.

"Shit, shit, shit! My big mouth moved before I could even think." Jiraiya criticized himself as his mind just recognized his little slip up.

Looking at the man from head to toe, Jiraiya noticed the hatai-ate and green vest. "Crap, he's at least a chuunin. I can't just ignore this guy." Jiraiya deduced the man's threat level to his whereabouts being known to the Hokage.

In a swift movement, Jiraiya got up, grabbed the man's right hand, twisted it behind his back causing the man himself too turn around, and then used his free hand to cover the man's mouth. "Gomen, but I can't have you sabotaging my mission." Jiraiya whispered into the man's ear causing the captured man's eyes to dilate in fear.

Jiraiya could feel the heat rushing away from the man's face as blood flowed towards the man's legs automatically preparing him to run, but thinking quickly, the sannin kicked the man behind the knees so that he would fall down on them. "I have to stop him before he tries something else." Jiraiya thought and then let the man's arm loose so that he could have one of his own arms free to reach back into one of his concealed pockets.

The man tried to take advantage of this chance now that his arm was released, but as soon as he tried to move it in front of him, Jiraiya lowered the hand he had over the man's mouth so that his forearm was now around the man's neck in a headlock.

Finally Jiraiya was able to grab a scroll from his pocket, and then bit his thumb causing it to bleed slightly. Taking the bleeding thumb, the sannin smeared it across the chuunin's forehead. With the sacrifice prepared, he placed the end of the scroll in his mouth to hold it in place, while he unravelled it with his free hand. The contents of the scroll could be seen with a formula already written inside.

"Fuuinjutsu: Ningen Kogoeru." (Sealing jutsu: Frozen Human) Jiraiya said as he slammed the middle of the scroll on the man's forehead where the blood was. A puff of smoke enveloped the man, and when it cleared there was nothing left of him.

Jiraiya let out a sigh, and then rolled up the scroll which had a new kanji written meaning 'human'. "That was a close one." The toad sage thought as he looked at the scroll. "But now someone is going to notice this guy is missing."

A frown appeared on Jiraiya's face as he noticed that sealing the chuunin was only stalling his inevitable exposure. "I have to think up something to fix this." Jiraiya contemplated in deep thought with his eyes closed until they shot open with an idea! "Perfect."

Reaching back, Jiraiya proceeded by taking out a blank scroll and an ink brush. With quick strokes of the brush, the sennin began to write the formula on the paper in front of him. "Ten, Chi, Ka, Sui, Do, Fuu." Jiraiya mentally repeated as he wrote down the kanji of heaven and earth, and four specific elements residing in them.

The center of the scroll was left blank, and Jiraiya placed the scroll with the chuunin inside, over the blank area. Quickly running through some hand-seals, the sannin placed his right hand over the two scrolls as he channelled some chakra through them. "Fuuinjutsu: Shishou Henge." (Four Image Transformation)

The writing on the bottom scroll began to flow through the other scroll and then onto Jiraiya's right hand. A sizzling sound, like hot iron pressed against flesh, could be heard coming from the hermit's hand until all the ink left from the bottom scroll.

"Damn that smarts." Jiraiya thought as he began to blow on the palm of his hand which now had the image of an outlined square tattooed on it. A puff of smoke then covered Jiraiya and when it was cleared, he was replaced with a slightly shorter man.

It was almost a perfect copy of the chuunin from before with his standard uniform and light brown hair in a style similar to most Aburame but a bit taller. The only difference was that Jiraiya still had the tattoo on his palm.

"Now I can finally do my research in peace." Jiraiya said to himself as he looked over the successful transformation.

Casually walking out of the alley and onto a main road, the altered sannin had his hand on his chin as he started looking through his memories. "Hmm, where was the osen (hot spring) again with that waterfall flowing ne- Hmph!" Once again Jiraiya fell on the floor from bumping into something. "Dammit, this is the second time today! What am I, out of practice?"

"Weeell excuuuse me for being in the way your holiness." A woman sarcastically said with an irritated tone from the ground as she put her horn rimmed black glasses back on, and glared at Jiraiya. "Honestly is it too hard for your little brain to handle what's going on around you? You could have really hurt... AHH! Tsuzumi-san, Sarugaku Tsuzumi! Where have you been!?"

For his part, Jiraiya just stared at the curly haired woman annoyed, until he realized she apparently recognized him. "Shit it looks like she knows this guy... now I know why he was in that alley, probably to get away from this bitch." Jiraiya deduced as he started plotting how he could get away from this situation.

"You're not running away from your teaching duties are you? Iruka was put on a mission for the next couple of weeks and the Hokage placed you as a substitute for his classes. You're not running away from it this time Sarugaku-san, the academy is already under staffed." The woman proclaimed as she got up, grabbed 'Tsuzumi' by the wrist, and began to forcefully drag him towards the academy.

Jiraiya's eyes widened at hearing that he was supposed to be a teacher at the academy. "B-b-bu-bu-"

"No buts or I'll tell Hokage-sama that you were skipping out on your duties." The woman said as she continued to drag 'Tsuzumi' to the academy.

Jiraiya's expression then changed to one of despair as a river of tears began to flow from his eyes, and the will to resist left him as his body went loose. "But my research... my naked bouncing soft beautiful research."


[Academy class room]

"Sarutobi, Sarugaku, saru saru saru saru SARU! Damn you monkeys, every last one of you!" Jiraiya cursed in his mind as he stood in front of a class of academy students. "Sigh, if I don't start acting like this 'Tsuzumi', Sarutobi will know something is up and it might cause an uproar even if he doesn't know it's me... stupid monkeys."


[Hokage tower]

"Achooo!" The Hokage sneezed as he was writing down on a document.

"Hmm, someone must be talking about me." Sarutobi thought and then looked down at the document in front of him to see a large ink stain from his brush being accidently pushed against it from the sneeze. "... and I just finish this too."

Sarutobi then gave a signal and immediately an ANBU member appeared. "I made a mess of this paper; please bring me a clean copy of it." The Hokage requested as he handed the paper to the ANBU.

The ANBU received the paper upside down and looked at the ink spread out on the bottom that looked like a frog. "Gama?" The ANBU thought, and then bowed before disappearing to retrieve a copy.


[Back in the Academy]

"Alright everyone quiet down, quiet down." Jiraiya said to the kids, but they continued to talk on, ignoring him in the process. Jiraiya's patients was wearing thin as his right eyebrow began to twitch. "SHUT U-"


Jiraiya was interrupted by the doors near the top of the classroom bursting open, and an orange blur violently tumbling on the ground as if it were thrown. It was soon noticed that the blur was a blond headed child tumbling backwards towards the first group of seats in the middle at the top of the class.

The blond crash landed on one end of the seat right into a student who was sitting there causing the three kids who were already there to be pushed and squished to one side. In a frustrated groan, the blond righted himself and then rubbed the sore spot on his head. "Ah man that really hurt –tebayo."

"GOOD! Remember that the next to you want to do something to us because if I see you near us again it'll be more than just your head hurting!" A voice of a child yelled from the hallway away from the eyes of everyone in the class who were now paying attention to the scene.

"No problem, all I have to do is watch out for you rainbow coloured hair and go the opposite way!" Naruto shouted back to a group of boys with multicoloured hair who were now running away. "Heheh, that'll teach those guys for trying to mess with Ichiraku ramen."

"N-n-naru-t-t-to-kun?" A quiet sweet voice stuttered from behind the blond haired boy.

"Huh?" Naruto elegantly said as he heard the voice and then turned around to see who it was. The image of a girl his own age, with pale skin, pupil less eyes, and short indigo hair that framed her face took up his sight.

"Oh sorry, it's Hinata-san right? Sorry for bumping into you like this." Naruto apologized with a big smile as he scratched the back of his head.

Hinata's once pale face began to grow red second by second ever since Naruto turned around. "Naruto-kun bumped into me, he touched me, and now he's smiling at me, what do I do, what do I do!?" Hinata nervously thought, but then retreated by looking down and pressing the tips of her index fingers together.

"I-I-It's al-alright Naruto-kun. I-I don't m-m-mind."

"Mhp, well it's not alright with me!" A boy said from behind Hinata in an irritated voice and then suddenly shoved Hinata to make room for himself once more on the bench he was sitting on.

"Eeeeya!" Hinata screamed as she was pushed towards Naruto, and couldn't stop herself from colliding with him.

Naruto for his part was surprised and couldn't react in time to stop Hinata. Both of them fell down towards the gap between the desks on the stairs. However Naruto unconsciously grabbed Hinata in a hug to soften her impact with his body.

"Umph." Naruto exhaled as the air left his lungs a little. His hold around Hinata then loosened so that his hand just rested above her waist.

"Argh, you alright Hinata?" Naruto grunted as he lifted himself up to see the heiress who had her head rested on his chest with her eyes closed.

Shakily and a little disoriented, Hinata pushed herself up with her arms until she heard a voice call out to her, and noticed that there were two hands holding her by the sides. Her eyes opened slowly, but as soon as the colour of orange registered, her eyes shot open to see Naruto below her.

"I-I-I'm on top of Naruto-kun, he's so close, and he's holding me!" Hinata mentally shouted as her face turned beat red, allowing her to only say one thing. "Eep!"

She fainted, causing her arms to give way, and she once more collapsed on Naruto's chest.

"Eh? Eh!? Hinata? Are you alright Hinata?" Naruto worriedly asked as he used one hand now to push himself up into a slight sitting position, and the other hand to hold Hinata in place so that she would be still against his chest. "Oi yaro! What did you do to Hinata!?"

"Hey I only wanted to make some room; I'm not the one with his hands all over her."

At that comment from the boy, almost every girl in the class began to glare at Naruto. They all stood up, and began to walk towards him in a pack with a pink haired girl leading the way.

"Naruto..." The girl said in a threatening manner.

"A-ah hi S-S-S-Sakura-chan..." Naruto nervously said as he looked at the horde of angry girls.

"If you don't let go of Hinata-san in three seconds, you'll feel twice as much pain then what we're going to do to you."

"Just beat the pervert up already! Grind his kiwis to dust so he doesn't look at you or another girl ever again, Shannaro!"Inner Sakura suggested.

"He-hey wait Sakura-cha-"


"This isn't what it look-"


"Please! I didn't do any-"


"SHUT UP!!!" Jiraiya angrily shouted as he slammed his hands against the desk in front of him.

The whole class jumped at his outburst, and all looked at their temporary sensei.

"Are all of you a bunch of babies!? This isn't preschool anymore!? So get your heads out of your asses and back into your seats, and shut up, or I'll put you back in preschool where you belong!"

Everyone did as they were told, and quietly looked forward at the front to show they were paying attention. The only person who hadn't moved was Naruto who still had Hinata leaning against him.

Jiraiya's anger calmed down a little bit when everyone did as he said, but when he looked at Naruto it really seemed to calm him down. "So that's his son huh... Not even in puberty, and he's already a lady killer. They were all jealous at that girl that was on him. Maybe this will be a little more interesting than I thought." Jiraiya mistakenly assumed, as he looked at the chibi Yondaime with a girl on him. "And it's a Hyuuga to boot, the boy's got skills."

"Good... now Naruto was it? Put that girl on the empty bench over there, and then get in a seat like everyone else." Jiraiya ordered as he kept a serious look on his face.

Naruto nodded his head up and down, and gave a quick "Hai sensei" to show he heard the command. Gently, Naruto picked Hinata up bridal style, and then was going to lay her down on the bench.

However when Hinata's head was going to touch the bench, he frowned slightly and began to look around the class for something. Not really seeing anything, he put Hinata in a sitting position, unzipped his orange jacket, folded it, and then placed it on the end of the bench for Hinata's head to rest on.

A small smile appeared on Hinata's face when her head touched the jacket but it went unnoticed by Naruto.

Turning around, Naruto began to search for an open seat. His eyes lit up when he noticed an empty seat next to Sakura, and began to walk there.

A shiver went down said pink haired girl's spine, and she instantly looked over her shoulder. When she saw Naruto looking at her, she instantly gave a glare to the blonde that said "Come here and you die."

"No way in hell you are sitting next to me you pervert!"Inner Sakura said as the real Sakura snapped the pencil that she had in her hand in half.

Naruto gulped, and began to look elsewhere until he noticed that Sakura's pencil snap set off a warning to everyone, and now anyone with an empty seat next to them was glaring at the blond.

His face didn't show it, but his eyes showed the pain he was feeling from all the glares, which is why he masked it with a smile and a laugh. "Ahahah, I know I don't look as cool without my orange jacket right?" Naruto jokingly said as he pinched his black t-shirt.

Everyone rolled their eyes at Naruto, and then turned back to face the class ignoring him.

When everyone stopped glaring at him, Naruto sat down on the empty bench that was bellow Hinata's all by himself. Well at least that's what he thought until he saw a boy at the other end of the bench who he had missed when he made his sweep around the class for a seat.

"Wow he's so quiet I almost didn't notice him. I think his name is Shino, right?" Naruto thought until the boy turned his head to look at Naruto. "Um, hi."

Shino only nodded to reply, and then pushed his sunglasses back up on his nose.

"He's REALLY quiet." Naruto thought as he sweat dropped.

Jiraiya during this time was turned to the board, and writing down 'his' name with chalk. When he finished writing it down, he turned around to see Naruto being glared at earlier, and then sit down by himself near what he presumed to be an Aburame. "Almost all the kids are glaring at him now... they all don't like him? I know most adults hate him, but the kids shouldn't know about why." Jiraiya contemplated as he looked at the class. "I think I'll surveillance this for a little while."

"Alright everyone, due to your teacher's sudden absence because of a mission, I'll be here in his place until he comes back." Jiraiya announced, and then slapped his hand against the blackboard next to 'his' name. "My name is Sarugaku Tsuzumi, but just call me Tsuzumi."

"Ohayo Tsuzumi sensei!" The class said in unison.

"Well then, I'll start with the roll call." Jiraiya said as grabbed a list he had noticed before.

"Aburame Shino."

"Present." Shino said in a monotone voice.

"Akimichi Chouji."


Going down the list Jiraiya noticed that a lot of the children from Konoha's major clans were in this one class. "Small clans like the Nara, Inuzuka, and the rare Kurama clan (although she's not present). Even all four founding clans have a member here..." Jiraiya realized as he was coming down to the end of the list.

"Tsubaki Kasumi."


Suddenly the room got really silent, and Jiraiya saw almost every girl lean ever so slightly towards the right of the class.

"Uchiha Sasuke."

"What the hell's going on?" Jiraiya thought as he looked at the girls who had anxious looks on their faces. "No... don't tell me."

"Here." Sasuke said in his usual uncaring voice.

"Kiaaaa! He spoke! Sasuke-kun spoke!" A giddy girl with an orange haired afro said from the other side of the room.

Other girls were having similar reactions, and some sighed in satisfaction from hearing their black haired heart throb speak.

"Urgh, you got to be kidding me. The last of his kind and it's still a chick magnet that doesn't appreciate the attention. At least Minato put Fugaku in his place, but Naruto doesn't seem to be even a challenge." The sannin disappointedly thought, and then continued on with the roll call.

"Uzumaki Naruto."

"Here." Naruto said in an unenthusiastic voice which surprised a couple of people.

Jiraiya could see the disappointed look in Naruto's eyes as he stared at the desk in front of him. "Poor kid, I know how you feel. All the girls attention on the Uchiha isn't right, but don't worry, I'm gonna teach you how to get all the girls to chase you." The Hermit assumed, and made a perverted giggle in his head as he finished the roll call by calling out the Yamanaka.

Naruto at the time though was thinking, "Why didn't Iruka-sensei tell me he was going on a mission... I guess I'll ask jijii after school."

"Alright now that that's over, let's get on with today's lesson." Jiraiya informed everyone, but just sort of stood there for a good minute. "... uhh, what lessons are you guys learning again?"

Almost everyone sweat dropped from that.

"Ano sensei, Iruka-sensei keeps a schedule, so I'm sure if you find that you'll be able to know where we are in our lessons." A platinum blonde haired girl said with a happy tone.

"Ino, why did you tell him that? We could have spent the whole day doing nothing but sleeping." A boy lazily inquired from his resting spot on top of the desk.

"What are you talking about Shikamaru, we're here to learn, not just sit on our lazy asses to waste time!" The girl shouted at the boy next to her with his hair done up like a pineapple. Her eyes then left the boy to look at the Uchiha down bellow not too far away.

"Hmph, she just wants to see Sasuke do something." Shikamaru thought as he looked at the dreamy look in Ino's eyes as she watched her 'prey.' "Cheh woman... troublesome."

"What did you say deer boy!?" Ino yelled into Shikamaru's ears in a threatening tone.

Shikamaru gave a pained expression, and covered his ears with a hand and the arm he was resting on. "Nothing."

"It better be nothing." Ino said as she crossed her arms and glared at the back of Shikamaru's head which was now facing her.

Jiraiya was ignoring the little squabble the two were having as he rummaged throw the desk in front of him for the so called schedule that would save his ass. Luckily it didn't take long, and he quickly began to read it over. "Looks like they were working on the henge no jutsu, chakra theory, the history of the dorei (slave) tradition, and then near the end of class the boys and girls are split into two classes on how to act like a civilian."

"Alright!" Jiraiya exclaimed as he closed the booklet he had in his hand with a loud clap gaining the classes attention. "I see you were all given the homework to practice the henge no jutsu yesterday, so let's see just how good you kids are!"

At this, many of the children groaned, Naruto included.

"Now now, get off your lazy asses and show 'sensei' what you got." Jiraiya said as he put a mocking tone on sensei since what he was doing now didn't fell like his usual teaching methods. "Everyone get into a line, and use the jutsu to the best of your ability. You can transform into anyone you want, but make it an actual person."

When Jiraiya gave his command, the students got up from their desks, and began to line up on the same level as Jiraiya. However one blond didn't go right away.

"Neh, neh? Hinata-san, wake up. Wake up Hinata-san." Naruto said as he placed a hand on Hinata's shoulder and began to shake her gently.

"Mhmm, please don't bother me right now... Naruto-kun was holding me so tightly." Hinata dreamed as she was slowly coming back to the land of the conscious, but didn't really want to as she tried burying her head in her pillow (Naruto's jacket). "Hmmm, what a nice smell... it's like a mixture of the forest, ramen, and something else."

Seeing Hinata resist waking up, Naruto got a mischievous grin on his face. "If you don't want to wake up, I'll make you wake up, dattebayo." Naruto playfully thought as he leaned forward, and placed the tips of his fingers on Hinata's ribcage.

"Eep!" Was the only sound Hinata made as her eyes shot open, and she instantly tried to get in a sitting position as soon as she felt the tickling sensation on her ribs. However when her body shot up, the back of her head hit something hard.

Hinata's eyes shut closed as tears began to well up, her hands quickly reached back to comfort her head, and she bit her lip slightly to stop from calling out in pain. "H-h-hanabi, how m-many times have I told you n-not to wake me up lik-" Hinata whimpered until she heard a voice that wasn't her sister's.

"Ah ta ta ta, man that really smarts." Naruto groaned as he rubbed his forehead continuously.

"N-N-N-Naruto-kun?" Hinata asked in surprise as she recognized the voice, and saw his faint image as her eyes began to adjust.

"Haha yeah, sorry about that but you wouldn't wake up." Naruto apologized as he gave his foxy grin. "Man my head is throbbing."

The blush on Hinata's face didn't even slow down at yellow as it became instantly red. "N-Naruto-kun isn't wearing his jacket." Hinata excitedly thought but at the same time tried to control her emotions.

"Wha-what h-ha-happened?" Hinata questioned as she looked down to overt her eyes away from the pleasant sight in front of her before she fainted once more.

"Well after you fainted, sensei told me to put you on this bench for you to sleep on, and then after a while he wanted the whole class to use the henge jutsu. That's why I woke you up so you can do it too, but if you're still not feeling to good you don't have to Hinata." Naruto answered in a worried tone as he got a bit closer.

"I-I-I'm fine N-Naruto-kun. I-I'll be th-there shortly, th-thank you." Hinata stuttered as she bowed slightly towards Naruto in her sitting position.

"No problem, they're almost done, but I'll go stall a bit to give you some more time." Naruto assured as he rushed off down to the bottom of the class where the line up was before Hinata could protest.

"Naruto-kun was thinking of me, he was worried for me... and he carried me." Hinata reviewed, and her blush increased slightly from the last thought. Making her way to the end of the bench to follow after Naruto, Hinata noticed the folded orange jacked and stared at it with wide eyes. "That's N-N-Naruto-kun's jacket, and, and, I was using it as a pillow!"

Memories of before she woke up flooded back as she blushed a little deeper, and a thought came into her head. "Smell it."

"No, I couldn't do that. It's not right." Hinata thought turning down the idea.

"No one is watching."

"But... but..." Hinata thought trying to come up with an argument as she looked at the jacket, then down at the class all looking at the teacher, and then back at the jacket once more.

With trembling hands, Hinata reached down, picked up the jacket, and pressed it up against her nose as she took in the scent. A sigh of satisfaction left her lips until her eyes opened wide, and she dropped the jacket back on the bench.

"What am I doing!? What if Naruto-kun saw me!? He'd think I'm a dirty girl, or disgusting! Bad Hinata, bad!" The heiress scolded herself as she got up, and went down towards the line up.

Jiraiya during this time may have been judging the students on their transformation jutsu, but was also taking glances at the interaction between Naruto and the Hyuuga, and the little stunt Hinata pulled with Naruto's jacket when the boy left didn't go unnoticed by him. "This is gold, pure unfiltered gold!" Jiraiya thought as he began to write notes in a booklet while holding back a perverted giggle. "At least not everyone hates the kid."

"Aww man, he's grading us isn't he." Naruto thought as he continued to rub the sore spot on his head to get rid of the throbbing.

When Hinata was at the back of the line, it was Sasuke's turn to perform.

Whispers among the girl populace began to float around as their fantasy boy stepped up to the plate, some even cheered "Good luck Sasuke-kun!"

Ignoring the girls, Sasuke placed his hands in the seal and completed the jutsu flawlessly in the shape of their actual sensei Iruka.

"Not bad, it's a perfect transformation." 'Tsuzumi' said in a bored tone now that there was nothing else going on. "A perfect transformation, but so were the other half of the class when they transformed into Iruka... didn't I say they could do anyone?"

"Kiaaaaa! Sasuke-kun is so cool!" A pink haired girl squealed which caused the other girls to follow in with more compliments.

"Oh come on." Jiraiya thought as he rolled his eyes in annoyance. "Can the next one come up?"

A large boy with a bag of chips stepped up, but while this was happening Naruto was preparing himself for his turn soon. "Alright, concentrate, concentrate! I've been practicing this jutsu a lot over the past couple of months, so if I show up the teme, Sakura-chan will think I'm cool!" Naruto murmured to himself as he slapped his cheeks lightly to wake himself up.

Not too far away behind him, Hinata heard what Naruto said causing a sad smile to appear on her face after hearing the name 'Sakura'. "Good luck Naruto-kun... I know you can do it."

After another successful Iruka transformation had been performed, it was now Naruto's turn to step on stage.

"Hey Sakura-chan, if I do good will you go out on a date with me!?" Naruto asked much to the embarrassment of said pink haired girl.

"Who would go out on a date with you BAKA!" Sakura flat out denied with her fist balled up in anger.

"Sasuke-kun is the only one I would date, not you loser!"Inner Sakura thought supporting Sakura.

Hinata had grabbed a fist full of her jacket over her heart as she looked at the ground depressed. "I wish I could go on a date with him."

"Oh Kami this boy's an idiot." Jiraiya thought as he palmed his forehead when he saw the little interaction between the boy and the pinky. "Alright kid, show me what you got."

Naruto's headache was now at full force after getting rejected by Sakura, and then hearing the constant laughs of the other children in the background. "Argh focus, show her you're better than that Sasuke." Naruto thought as he placed his hand in the proper seal and began to mold his chakra. The look of concentration was plastered on his face as he tried to work through the pain, and after a while he activated the jutsu. "Henge!"

A puff of smoke enveloped Naruto, and once it cleared, the sight caused Jiraiya to fall to the floor in laughter.

Naruto had tried to transform into the shape of the Hokage, but the height was the same as his own, the eyes seemed droopy, the nose was huge, and the lips were rivalling them.

"Bwahaha, is that suppo... supposed to be Ho... Hokage-sama!?... I love it!" Jiraiya said threw fits of laughter.

Everyone sweat dropped from their substitute sensei's reaction, except for Naruto who looked excited. "Really!? Really!? You think my transformation is that great!?" Naruto asked thrilled since he couldn't see himself.

"Oh hell no, the transformation was awful, but that's why it's great. You still need a lot of practice since you have no skill at all." Jiraiya stated as he was now more in control of his laughter. "But something is a little off with that transformation. It looks a little too solid... like it's real."

Naruto dispelled the jutsu showing an irritated Naruto. The headache he had was now almost gone, but Naruto didn't even notice now since he was too preoccupied with directing his anger towards his 'sensei'. "Hey, I would have been able to do that jutsu perfectly if my head wasn't hurting at the time."

"Stop making excuses and wasting our time dobe." Sasuke coolly stated not even looking in Naruto's direction when he said it.

"Shut it teme, I wasn't talking to you, and I can do it!" Naruto barked back.

"Sure you can Naruto, we saw your skills first hand." Jiraiya said as he tried to hold back a snicker remembering chibikage.

"Oh yeah, I'll prove it!" Naruto retorted as he placed his hands in the seal once more. "Henge!"

The smoke soon cleared and what was left was a knock out blond with clouds covering her most private areas.

Jiraiya's eyes widened and his mouth hung as he saw the body of a young adult blond woman. A jet of blood shot out of both nostrils, sending Jiraiya flying and down to the ground.

Still in his transformed state, Naruto giggled as he pointed to the man on the ground. "That's what you get sensei for not believing in the great Naruto-sama, future Hokage!"

However Naruto's victory was short lived as the knocked out sensei had come back up and started lifelessly walking toward Naruto with his arms hanging at his sides, and his torso leaning forward slightly. A trail of blood had followed the 'sensei' as he made his way to Naruto, as his nose was still bleeding.

Naruto backed up in fear when his sensei got a little too close, and when he did Jiraiya stayed in place.

Then suddenly in one motion, Jiraiya's body stood straight with one hand on his hip, and the other one giving a thumps up to Naruto as he smiled. "That was perfect, pure genius! A+ all the way!" Jiraiya exclaimed still bleeding from his nose, and then his smile shined in the light and finished with a twinkle.


[In a training ground near the walls of Konoha]

Maito Gai had a shiver go up his spine.

"Gai-sensei, what's wrong!?" A miniature version of the jounin asked.

"Somewhere the Flames of Youth are burning brightly Lee." Gai said in a serious tone.

"What do you mean Gai-sensei!?" Lee asked as he took out a notebook and got ready to write.

"It means... there's a new rival out there to test my Flames of Youth against!"

"Amazing, someone to test Gai-sensei's Flames of Youth... Yosh! I too will test my Flames against this person!" Lee said as fire burned in his eyes.

"Then Lee, come and do 200 laps around Konoha backwards on one foot!"

"Hai Gai-sensei!"





The two then hugged and water appeared out of nowhere to splash against a rock they were now somehow standing on as the sun set in the distance even though it was still morning.


[Back at the academy]

Jiraiya's smile was now replaced by a hungry look, and his hands were now slowly inching towards Naruto as the fingers wiggled like worms.

"Hey, hey, get back hentai!" Naruto shouted as he jumped back and dispelled the henge. A shiver went down his spine. "Man that's the first time that jutsu ever backfired on me like that. Damn that ero-sensei."

"Now why did you go and do that? Couldn't you just keep it on for a little bit longer?" Jiraiya asked in a fake sad tone.

"Get away from me ero-sens-" Naruto didn't get to finish his statement as he heard the sound of knuckles cracking behind him.

"NAAA-RUUU-TOOO!!!" An angered voice shouted from behind him.

Slowly, Naruto turned his head over his shoulder in fear to see who said his name. "H-hey Sa-Sakura-chan." Naruto said as he saw the pink haired girl with her fist in her hand, and the majority of the other girls standing behind her glaring in his direction.

"Get him!" Sakura ordered, and soon Naruto was being pummelled by almost all of his female classmates.

Jiraiya at this time was slowly stepping back not wanting to be noticed in fear of getting beaten up for what he said earlier. "Sorry kid, you're on your own for this one."

After a good minute of pounding, Naruto was left bruised all over until the class bully Ibara Ami decided to give him a swift kick between the legs. "That's what you get Hentai no Baka!"

"Aww man right in the stones." A boy with two red fang marks on his face said as he covered the eyes of the whimpering puppy in front of him. "Don't look Akamaru, it's too painful."

The air seemed to have escaped Naruto's lungs as soon as he felt the crushing blow, and his hands instantly went over the place that was wounded. Shakily he began to walk backwards, but his legs could no longer support him. Naruto fell backwards, and the back of his head hit the edge of the first row of desks knocking him out.

The girls started to back up as they noticed they had taken it a little too far. The only girl still close by was Ami as she looked over the unconscious form of Naruto with a smile. When Ami took a step forward with a mischievous look in her eyes, a hand reached out and grabbed her shoulder stopping her from moving.

"Don't you think you've done enough?" 'Tsuzumi' posed as he looked down at the girl. "I got beat up by the girls back in my day too, but hitting between the legs is just crossing the line."

A flash of irritation flashed through Ami's face before she turned around towards Jiraiya with a smile. "Ok sensei." She said as she backed off and went to her seat.

Jiraiya let out a sigh as he pinched the bridge of his nose. "That one's trouble."

"Alright class, let's continue on with the exercise." Jiraiya stated, and then looked towards the boy with the bag of potato chips. "Ano... Akimichi-san, could you take Naruto to the nurse's office please since you have already done your transformation?"

"Hai sensei." Chouji replied as walked towards Naruto's body, picked it up over his shoulder, and walked out of class.

"Naruto should be ok now, Akimichi family in general is too nice to do anything harmful without reason." Jiraiya thought feeling at easy that Chouji was taking Naruto.

"Please be ok Naruto-kun." Hinata worriedly prayed as she saw Naruto's body exit the classroom.

The rest of the class finished performing their transformations, and Jiraiya commented on what the major problems were, how to fix them and what they were doing write. Chouji had already come back to class before Jiraiya even started speaking.

Hinata though wasn't even paying attention as she sat in her seat fiddling with Naruto's jacket on her lap with a saddened look on her face. "Naruto-kun..." Hinata worriedly thought as a tear weld up in her eyes, but she whipped it before it could fall.


Next Chapter: Saving Naruto

A/N: Hello and thanks for reading the first chapter, I hope you enjoyed it ^^ This story will be a NarutoxHarem story, BUT it's gonna be a harem similar to Ichigo 100% where the guy has a choice between different girls and can only pick one... while the girls try to get his attention of course. (Well that's how I want to have it but I don't mind writing it as a full blown harem if that's what people prefer)

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The panty exam will be in the last lesson of the class where Jiraiya is just with the boys. The other lessons like Chakra theory, and the history of the slave tradition is basically going to get you into this slightly alternate Naruto world. (just the slave tradition one really, the chakra theory one is just going to explain some things from the manga that I think most people have forgotten when they wrote their stories.)

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Japanese words: Words you might not see often in a fanfic. (hopefully most of you already know them)

Yaro = bastard

Dorei = Slave (you'll understand more about it when I write that lesson)

Gama = frog

Jutsu: Jutsu I've made up =P

Fuuinjutsu: Ningen Kogoeru: (Frozen Human)
Rank: B
Description: A high level fuuin jutsu requiring a specific formula that allows the user to seal a captive human within the scroll. The sealed human continues to age, but is placed into an induced coma for the duration of time that they are inside of it. The blood sacrifice is only meant for security purposes so that only the user is able to unseal its contents.

^in other words just seals a human body away

Fuuinjutsu: Shishou Henge: (Four Image Transformation)
Rank: B+
Description: A four point fuuin jutsu that allows the user to transform into anything that is in the blank area of formula before the actual sealing. The seal uses four elements within yin and yang (earth and heaven respectively) to make the transformation almost undetectable to even those with enhanced senses. Ka (fire) makes all the light that reflects off the user bend so that whoever looks at the user will see the new shape that they have taken. Sui (water) manipulates the user's shape into the body that they have copied. Do (earth) makes the transformation solid, giving the same texture and feel as the body they have copied. Lastly Fuu (wind) makes the user sound and smell like the copied body. These four points transfer through the body of the object that the user wishes to copy and onto the users hand in a square tattoo which represents the four elements. The only major noticeable difference between the original object and the copied one is the square tattoo that is still visible.

^in other words it can trick a doujutsu that can see chakra, and can fool a dogs nose. Only way to tell it's a fake is by the tattoo, if someone notices that the person is acting out of character, or someone notices that the user has abilities that the copied person doesn't.

Note: No I did not take these from an RP site... but I did write in that format =P (there's a reason for it later. If anyone likes my jutsu or future jutsu you can take it ^^)

Characters: Characters that you don't normally recognize. (Go to type leafninja on google and click on biographies on the left side. Then you can just find these names and see their picture.)

Sarugaku Tsuzumi: The Chuunin that Jiraiya transformed into.

Suzume Namida: The teacher with the glasses that dragged 'Tsuzumi' back to the academy

Ibara Ami: The bully that kicked Naruto in the balls. note: I gave her a last name.

Tsubaki Kasumi: The orange afro girl. note: I gave her a last name.