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Summary (for those who skipped the relief chapters): After a lot of naughty and traumatic things, Naruto fell unconscious, and Hinata dragged him back to class surprisingly without fainting. See how those events will now effect Naruto and Hinata...

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XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX – This can be skipped.

[Omake, out in the playground of the academy, back during lunch time]

"Kawaii!" A girl gushed out.

"He's so cute!"

"I could touch him all day."

"Look at his face."

"His fur's so soft!"

"What's his name?"

"His name's Akamaru. My mom said she would let me bring him to school now that I've trained him enough, but girls please, give the boy some space, you'll all get a chance to pet him." Kiba said as he held his dog in his arms, and had a group of girls surrounding him and the pup. "Till then, just hang around me."

Kiba wasn't the only one enjoying the attention it seemed, as Akamaru was wagging his tail in pleasure from being petted by so many people. The two Inuzuka would have basked in this for a little bit longer if it wasn't for the next sound they heard.

"I think Sasuke-kun went over that way!" A girl shouted quite some distance away, and soon a small stampede was seen following her.

"Did she say Sasuke-kun?" One of the girls asked who was petting Akamaru.

"Sasuke-sama!? Where, where!?" Another asked.

"Over there!" And all girls looked in the direction of the pointed finger of the girl behind Kiba.

"We're coming Sasuke-SAMAAAA!" All the girls said in unison as they rushed off towards the Uchiha's supposed location.

Akamaru whimpered in disappointment from the sudden loss in affection, and Kiba had a small twitch in his left eye as he watched the girls leave. "Sasuke-kun, Sasuke-kun.What's so great about a guy with a stick shoved so far up his ass, not even Akamaru can smell it." Kiba ranted as he looked at his dog. "Why don't we show everyone that he's not mister perfect, and put him in his place, neh Akamaru?"

The pup didn't say anything as it just looked down and away from his master, but the Inuzuka child pressed on as he made his way towards the horde of gathered fan girls.

"... They took a nice place like that, and ruined it with their constant noise... Troublesome..." Shikamaru said as he walked along side Chouji away from the tree that the mob was surrounding. The lazy genius noticed the fuming canine in a human body speed walking towards the tree. The Nara closed his eyes and sighed gaining his friend's attention. "Looks like we're gonna have to go somewhere really quiet now... it's going to get noisy soon."

"SASUKE-KUN! PLEASE GO OUT ON A DATE WITH ME!" A girl asked from the ground as she looked up at brooding crush who was sitting up high in the tree looking towards the horizon. Many girls were doing the same, but the raven haired boy continued to ignore them.


"How much longer do I have to stay in this foolish school... I shouldn't be wasting my time here, I should be training to hunt and kill him..." Sasuke contemplated as he thought of his brother.

The next thing though did surprise him as he felt the tree start to shake lightly.

"Yeah Sasuke-kun, why don't you come down... so I can kick your ass! You girl stealing prick!" Kiba barked as he gave another hard kick to the tree.

Sasuke just looked down at the boy with the heavy coat, and had no emotion on his face until a small smirk appeared. "Guess it's always good to get in some practice." The avenger decided as he complied, and jumped down the tree, but slowed down his landing by grabbing a branch with one arm for a short bit so that he wouldn't absorb all the impact at once. "Hn, you're more than welcomed to try mutt, just no biting... your clan is so dirty I wouldn't want to get rabies."

A bulging vein appeared on Kiba's head as he started to go into a mild rage. "Akamaru, sit and watch this one. Mom would get pissed if she found out you were in a fight." Kiba said trying to control his anger, and the dog complied as it jumped away from its master. "I'm gonna enjoy smashing your face into the dirt."

Noticing the fight that would soon be coming, everyone started making a really large circle around the two combatants, enough so that a decent fight between ninja could happen.

Sasuke didn't say a thing as he just stood there relaxed, causing the Inuzuka to get angrier. Without even thinking, the spiky haired kid ran towards the Uchiha with a fist cocked back. Using the least amount of effort, the raven haired boy just side stepped the punch, before putting his hand under the elbow of Kiba's extended arm, and then turned around so that he could flip the boy over his shoulder.

Kiba was taken by surprise as he sailed through the air and landed on his back. He looked up at his opponent from the ground, and when he saw the kunai flying towards his head, he acted on reflex and quickly sat up to dodge the weapon. As soon as he was on his feet, the boy took out a kunai of his own to defend against the second kunai that was coming towards his heart.

As he expected the kunai was knocked away by the 'mutt's' own kunai, Sasuke quickly jumped back dodging the weapon that was now coming for him. "Hn... is that all you got? I was expecting a little more of a challenge." The Uchiha said as he continued to get on the Inuzuka's nerves.

"You think you're so quick don't you. I'll show you what true speed is." Kiba stated as he put his hands into a tiger seal, and chakra began to wisp out of his body slowly as he went down on all fours. "Shikyaku no jutsu!" (Four-Legged Technique)

"What's he planning now?" Sasuke thought, and before he could do something, Kiba was on him. "Fast!"

With elongated nails, Kiba swiped at his opponent's chest, arm, leg, and head, each time with Sasuke just barely missing it, causing even a few strands of hair to be cut short when the claws went for his head. "What's the matter Uchiha? Is the mutt to strong for the mighty Uchiha to handle?"

For his part, Sasuke actually frowned with a glare when he heard this 'mutt' mock him and his family's name. "... but what can I do. He's too fast for me to make a decent counter." Sasuke thought before he noticed the ground they were standing on. "This should do."

In one quick motion, the avenger placed his foot on the dry dirt patch, and kicked the dust up to temporarily blind his challenger.

Kiba started coughing from the powder going in his nose and partially his mouth. He was able to block his eyes for the most part thankfully. "Ah, yo-cough dirty..."

The sentence couldn't be completely because Sasuke had jumped back as he ran through a couple of hand-seals and ended with the tiger seal before putting his hand to his mouth. "Katon: Goukakyuu no jutsu!" (Great Fireball jutsu)

Through the pain and discomfort of his mouth and nose, Kiba managed to run out of the way of the large fireball that was coming towards him. After a while when the pain started to clear, another kunai came flying at him towards his feet, which he dodged once again. He then glared at Sasuke with his fist clenched at his sides. "Is this how you Uchiha fight? With dirty tricks? Fight me one on one!"

At that, the Inuzuka raced forward towards Sasuke before he could even react, and pulled back his arm before swinging it at the boy's side. As soon as the nails dug into the raven haired boy's rib cage, and blood began to poor out, every girl's eyes widened and their hearts dropped when they saw the scene. "Sasuke-kun!!!"

That is until the Uchiha's body was covered in a shroud of smoke before dispersing to show Kiba's nails stuck inside of a log. "What the hell!? When did he-mph" The spiky haired boy asked before the middle part of one steel wire came over his head, and tied around his arms and the log, as Sasuke crossed his arms which were holding the end of the wires.

What was strange was that the wires felt like they were pulling him down, and when Kiba fell backwards to the ground and was soon dragged against it towards Sasuke who gave a strong pull, he noticed two kunai deep in the ground next to him. He looked at the loops of the weapons and saw that the wires went through them, and around back towards his foe. "When did he..."

"When I threw the kunai to your head and the other towards your foot... I knew you could dodge them, but I put some extra force in them to get stuck in the dirt." Sasuke explained as he now knotted the wires so that his opponent would be stuck to the ground.

"But how did you..."

"The Kawarimi was simple, I distracted your eyes with my fireball so that I would have enough time to make the seals without you noticing it. Then I had enough time to loop the wires through the kunai." Sasuke informed as he walked to the side of Kiba and just looked down at him like he was nothing.

"Did he plan this ever since he threw that first kunai?" the 'mutt' wondered from his position on the ground.

"Cheh, what a waste of my time... I hope you realize what it means now to pick a fight with someone from an elite clan." Sasuke said in his cool uncaring voice causing all the girls in the area to be hypnotised by it.

Kiba looked on with an irritated scowl before he looked down at the Uchiha's feet and noticed something that gave him a smile. "For an elite clan member... you sure aren't aware of your surroundings." The Inuzuka said with a smug look on his face.

Confused, Sasuke followed Kiba's eyes to see Akamaru standing next to the raven haired boy, and taking a quick little tinkle on his shoe. The Uchiha's eye twitched once before he came in control of himself, and just rubbed the side of his foot with Kiba's pants. "If your dog ever does that again, I'll neuter you myself mutt." Sasuke threatened referring to Kiba.

The bell for class to start soon rang, and everyone began to make their way back to class.

"Heh, I still get the last laugh do, right Akamaru?" Kiba asked getting a bark in agreement from his dog before he started pulling out the kunai from the ground to free his master.

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX – beginning of chapter.

[Back in the classroom, a couple minutes before the end of lunch]

Jiraiya just sat there at the teacher's desk glaring at the top of the class where a blond mop of hair was resting comfortably on its nice new cushion as he grumbled. "I can't believe my notes are missing such a crucial piece of data."

--Flashback right to the beginning of lunch--

Being careful not to be detected, the author of the famous hardcover orange book stalked the village outcast who was carrying the Hyuuga heiress towards the nurse's office.

"Ohoho, my ero-senses are tingling." Jiraiya thought as he grabbed his balls. "I just know that hot little nurse is going to try something."

Without warning though, the 49 year old was yanked by the collar backwards, choking him a bit as he fell to the ground. "A Tsuzumi-kun, glad I was able to find you. The other teachers are all going to eat lunch in the teachers' lounge, why don't you come and join us."

Looking up from his position on the floor, the sannin saw the same curly black haired woman that had dragged him to this hell hole in the first place. "Ah no that's-cough... alright. I wouldn't want to-cough... impose on the rest of you Namida-san."

"Oh no, don't be silly Tsuzumi-kun, you won't be a problem at all. Now come, I insist." The horned rim glasses woman said as she dragged 'Tuzumi' away.

"B-but my research!" Jiraiya mentally cried as rivers of tears flowed from his eyes.

It didn't take long to reach the room, but before the two could enter, Jiraiya could hear a couple of the teachers speaking inside.

"Can you believe what that little demon shit did to three of my students today? He coloured their hair hot pink!"

"That bakemono, argh I can't believe they haven't kicked that thing out yet."

"I can't believe they haven't killed it yet."

"Well he was gonna fail last year and drop out, but Iruka somehow taught that blockhead enough to pass the summer make up course."

"Really? I just thought the Hokage wanted it to stay in school like those other years it failed. How did he teach that kid 5 years worth in just one summer?"

"Fuck I don't know and I don't really give a two shits worth about that demon lover and the ass he likes to fuck." One of the men said and then spat on the floor.

By this time Namida and 'Tsuzumi were already inside, and Jiraiya just stood there listening intently while the woman went to sit down.

"Now now, aren't we going a little too extreme on the name calling?" Mizuki asked trying to interrupt the conversation.

"Cheh, just like always, sticking up for Iruka, eh Mizuki?"

"Well we've been friends since our academy days." Mizuki countered with his normal happy tone that he spoke in to everyone, but his right hand balled up into a fist at his side which didn't go unnoticed by Jiraiya.

"Then what's with the anger you're showing right now?" Jiraiya contemplated trying to figure out what this man was thinking.

"Yeah... friends that like to take it from behind." One of the teachers vulgarly joked.

Namida at this pointed shouted in protest. "Mizuki-kun isn't gay!" A blush appeared on her face after realizing what she had done, and she instantly tried to cover it up. "H-he has a fiancé remember?"

"Hah! A fiancé who doesn't even want to touch him, I hear she's still a virgin isn't that right Mizuki?"

"She's just saving herself for after the wedding, Mizuki-kun is just being a gentleman you pervs." Namida retorted as she crossed her arms, and the room went silent for a bit before she was reminded of something. "Oh that's right; I brought Tsuzumi-kun over. He's the new substitute."

Jiraiya stepped forward and introduced himself, but just sat down somewhere and stayed quiet so as not to blow his cover, and just listened to the different conversations in the room. The entire time though he was waiting for an opportunity to escape and continue his research.

It lasted for the majority of lunch, but eventually Jiraiya was able to make it out, and he instantly ran towards the nurse's office. "Maybe I'm not too late! If I just go a littl-"

That's when sannin and his thoughts stopped dead in their tracks as he saw Hinata dragging the blond backwards towards the classroom.

"Why Kami! Why!" Jiraiya mentally screamed as he fell to his knees and looked up at the ceiling. A part of him felt like he knew the answer after being in the teacher's lounge for so long, but he grumbled as he just thought of the idea. "Fine... I'll do it, but I better get something good out of this!"

--End of flashback--

Hinata never noticed the glare from her 'sensei' who had quickly reverted back to looking over the notes Iruka had left behind for the class, because she was too busy having thoughts of her crush who was now resting his head on her shoulder. "H-he's sleeping so peacefully..."

When she had entered the classroom earlier, she placed Naruto on the middle of the top left bench sitting up, but when she sat down next to him, he swayed and leaned against her with his head resting on her shoulder. A light blush was on her face along with a small smile, when she could feel the warmth of his body again. "I-I'm lucky he's asleep, or I would have fainted before I could... enjoy this."

"I-I wonder if I can..." Hinata thought and then looked around the class to see if there was anyone looking. There were only a few students in the class at the moment, the majority of them being boys, but none were paying attention to the top of the class. With the coast cleared, the heiress's blush deepened a little and she ever so slowly tilted her head towards Naruto's.

The tips of his golden locks caressed her cheek, causing her to close her eyes in embarrassment but that didn't stop her from continuing. That is until a certain dark haired heartthrob walked in through the doors.


The doors to the classroom quickly slid open, after Sasuke's entrance, with such force one could hear the sound of wood cracking when it hit the bumper to stop.

"Get out of my way Ino pig! Your fat pig butt is taking up so much space I can't even walk through the door!" Sakura shouted as she tried squeezing her way through the door.

"Me!? Look who's talking forehead girl! That thing is so big it was hard enough walking through the halls, and now you're trying to fit it through the door!?" Ino retorted as she tried turning sideways to fit in, but another girl just squeezed in beside her, making her stuck once more.

"Better having a big forehead then a pig face able to scare your moth-"

"Will you two just shut up, and let us get to SASUKE-SAMA!" The army of girls shouted from behind the two in unison as they all pushed them forward. A dog pile was soon created as the majority of girls lost balance and just toppled over each other with Ino and Sakura at the bottom of the pile near the edge with their lower half covered.

"Look what you did now forehead girl, Sasuke-kun is getting away now!"

"Stop complaining Ino pig! At least you had one foot of fat protecting your entire body."

The two soon began pulling themselves out from under the mountain of girls, and stood up to quickly make their way to the boy that they desired.

"Eat my dust slow pokes! Sasuke-kun is all mine, Shannaro!"

Meanwhile however, Naruto's face was contorting in pain from all the loud noises he was hearing. "Agh, Iruka-sensei you're too loud. Can't we just skip the lesson today?" Naruto mumbled in his sleep, and then cuddled his head closer to Hinata to try and block his ears.

Said girl let out an "Eep!" and jumped a little which alerted almost everyone to her whereabouts, but surprisingly even though her blush had increased significantly she did not pass out.

"Naruto... what do you think you're doing." Sakura asked in annoyance as her left eye twitched.

"No... don't take my ramen away Iruka-sensei..." Naruto said after Hinata jumped, and then wrapped his arms around his 'ramen' to keep it in place.

"Naruto, let go of Hinata!" Ino shouted just as irritated as Sakura and soon the other girls began to assemble behind them.

"hrmm... I don't want to Iruka-sensei, this ramen's smells really tasty..." Naruto sleep talked and held on tighter as his head slid down to comfortably rest on one of the soft mounds on Hinata's chest.

Every girl and a couple of guys just stared at the scene with wide eyes before veins of anger or blushes of embarrassment surfaced on the female populace of the classroom.

"Iie, he really is a pervert!" One of the girls screamed out in fear as she covered herself in protection.

Jiraiya during this time was too busy jotting everything down from what was going on to step in. "That's it, keep on going! I can just fill in the blanks later, but for now I'm gonna get every single juicy thing down. Thank you Kami, I'll be sure to keep that promise if you keep on sending me material like this!"

"Naruto-hentai, let go of Hinata right now!" Sakura exclaimed as she grabbed two handfuls of his jacket, and began to pull.

Ino soon followed, but they couldn't move Naruto an inch as his hold was too strong. "... please sensei, not this time... Teuchi-oyaji added extra meat..."

"Naruto let her go before I beat you off her." Sakura threatened as she was getting frustrated.

"That's right, show that baka the consequences for touching a woman!"

"P-please d-don't hurt N-Naruto-kun, h-he doesn't know wh-what he's d-doing. He's j-just a-asleep." Hinata tried to protest but her voice went unheard. "I-I have to h-help Naruto-kun." Hinata thought as she also held onto her crush but pulled in the opposite direction as the other two girls.

When the other girls noticed that the 'pervert' wasn't letting go any time soon, more of the girls moved in to try and help out.

More fistfuls of Naruto's clothes were grasped, and soon both he and Hinata were being slowly pulled along the bench until a couple of girls went down to grab his legs.

"Eeeeyaaa!" two girls screamed as they looked at their hands and began to shake them. "Bugs! Bugs! Eww, get them off!"

The other girls soon felt them as well, and at once they all let go of the now bug infested boy causing Hinata to fall backwards with Naruto still holding on. His body felt uncomfortable, but he soon fixed that as he repositioned himself so that he was lying on top of her and his head turned to rest on the other ball of flesh.

"Q-quite tickling me Iruka-sensei... I won't let go of my ramen..." Naruto murmured from the tickly feeling of the small kikaichu crawling over his body.

"It would be ill advised to attempt Uzumaki-san's separation from Hyuuga-san so forcibly. If it had continued Uzumaki-san or a portion of the ones closest to him might have fallen to the floor and hurt themselves significantly..." Shino stated in a monotone voice as he rose from his seat just below Hinata's. The bugs on Naruto soon began to crawl out, and make their way back to the Aburame.

Most of the girls didn't know what he was talking about, but Sakura understood what he meant. "I was pulling so hard I didn't even notice. If we did rip him off her, a lot of us would have lost balance and become seriously hurt from falling."

"Th-thank y-you Sh-Shino-san." Hinata somehow managed to say even though a large blush as red as the flame on the Hyuuga symbol covered her face. Shino only nodded back in response to Hinata's gratitude, and began to sit back down while still paying attention to the situation behind him.

"Why the hell are you all standing around doing nothing just from listening to a few words from bug boy over there? We have a little yellow haired pervert to punish!" A voice said and soon girls were being pushed aside to reveal Ami making her way to the front of the crowd with a large mischievous grin. Before anyone could protest, her hands ran through three quick hand-seals. "Ninpou: Shibaruhea!" (Ninja Art: Binding Hair)

The long lock of hair framing the one side of Ami's face began to rapidly grow as she started to quickly rotate her head clockwise causing the hair to spin. When it reached the length she wanted, she whipped her head to the sleeping boy, causing the hair to be flung towards him and soon tie him up like a snake squeezing a large pray.

With her hair still connected to her head, Ami pulled on it to test its strength, and then wrapped her arm around it to get a better hold. "Now grab on and help me get him off so I can give the little baka what he deserves."

After hearing the threat to her crush's well being, images of what Ami had done to Naruto before soon entered Hinata's head, and she instantly held on to Naruto as if her life depended on it. "N-no, not again!"

Most of the girls were hesitant, but a few grabbed the tress and began to pull along with Ami.

"... Iruka-sensei stop it... I promise to pay attention, but just let me eat my ramen first..." Naruto mumbled as he buried his head in Hinata's chest.

"No, you can't take Naruto-kun!" Hinata mentally shouted as she felt like she was going to lose this battle of tug o' war. "I-I will protect Naruto-kun!"

In an act of desperation, because she didn't want to let go of the blond, chakra began to build up around her eyes, and soon the veins around them started to bulge as Hinata activated her Byakugan without any hand-seals. The vision only gifted to her clansmen came into view as she could see 360 degrees around herself.

Almost without thinking, Hinata grasped a part of the hair that was wrapped around Naruto with her hand, and began to concentrate her chakra in her hand. "J-just do it like Outo-san did." The heiress told herself, and then expelled chakra into the purple lock.

She could see her own chakra sharpen to cut through the chakra already in the hair, like lightning striking earth. This caused the chakra already in the hair to be pushed out from the sides as the Hyuuga's chakra ran up the length, and a painful tingly sensation, like electricity, was felt on the other hands holding the hair when they came in contact with the bully's expelled chakra. In no time, the protective girl's chakra entered Ami's head through her own jutsu. The bully's eyes widened before they closed and her face contorted in pain as she held her skull and screamed out. "ARGH, My HEAD!"

The effect was similar to the Hyuuga curse seal being activated but not as strong since the majority of Hinata's chakra had been eroded when it pushed against Ami's, but the heiress cut the flow none the less to stop the pain.

"Oh no, were we pulling too hard?" One of the girls said in a panic when they looked at the screaming girl.

"I think all that pressure on her hair was pulling it out of her scalp." Another misdiagnosed making no one suspect Hinata since her attack was invisible to the naked eye.

Ami fell to her knees, and took a couple of shallow breaths until she collapsed. She would have hit the floor if it wasn't for Jiraiya appearing right beside the girl, and used one hand to stop her descent. "Alright, that's enough, everyone in their seats now!"

"B-but Naruto is sti-"

"What part of 'in your seats now' do you not get!?" Jiraiya quickly cut off as he looked towards the girl who spoke.

Feeling the small bit of killing intent, the class gulped and swiftly complied as they ran towards any open seat.

When they all sat down obediently, Jiraiya turned towards Hinata, and bent his knees as he looked at her. "How much damage did you do to her?"

"H-how did you kn-know?" Hinata whispered in surprise.

Jiraiya just tapped the skin between his eyes and temple, and the Hyuuga instantly knew what he meant as she deactivated her doujutsu. "I understand you did it to protect him, but I need to know how much damage there is."

"B-barely any... i-it only g-grazed a chakra p-pathway, b-but there a-are only a f-few destroyed c-cells. Th-there sh-shouldn't b-be any br-brain damage." Hinata quietly said as she looked down and away a bit ashamed of herself. "... but it was for Naruto-kun... so I don't regret it..."

"Well she's not bleeding from any pores so she's probably fine. Don't worry so much about it; I'll take her to the nurse. I'm just surprised you stopped when you did, I would have done a lot more if I was in your shoes." Jiraiya jokingly said trying to cheer up the girl, and then ruffled the blond's head.

"... Thanks for paying for the ramen... sensei..." Naruto said still unconscious as his hold relaxed along with the rest of his body.

Hinata only nodded, and Jiraiya got up with a smile before he made his way out of the classroom with the unconscious girl.

Carefully pulling out her arms from Naruto's hug, the shy girl began to right herself into a sitting position, and with his loose hold, Naruto started to slide down the heiress until his head was on her lap and his face against her stomach with only the jacket being the main thing separating them.

"O-oh god, Naruto-kun is so close to... there, but he's sleeping so soundly... I have to move him..." Hinata thought as her face instantly became a dark pink once more, and she could feel the heat from Naruto's head on her lap. She didn't know where to put her hands, but ended up placing one in his unruly hair and the other on his shoulder so that she could push him further down her lap.

However it seems the blond's body had other plans as his eyebrows furrowed, and his hold, which was now around her waist, tightened again. "... I didn't have enough ramen yet Ayame-chan..." Naruto mumbled as he turned his head so that his face was between the spot where her legs and torso bent at a right angle. His face dug in closer when the unconscious boy's hands grabbed the thigh and one cheek of his 'ramen's' bottom so that he could be as close as possible to the food he loved so much.

For her part, Hinata muffled an 'eep' by biting her lip so that she wouldn't gather the attention of the class once more, while her face went from sakura pink to cherry red. "N-N-N-Naruto-kun is touching my denbu!" The shy girl thought, and was a bit surprised when she didn't pass out. "This is so embarrassing. Everyone is here! If someone turns around and sees this... I could just die!"

With eyes closed to block her view of her classmates, her body was slightly trembling, and her hands came close together to fiddle with each other in an act to try and comfort herself. That's when she felt something. It was warm, soft and stringy like fur. "What's... This is..." Hinata contemplated before her eyes hesitantly opened and looked down at what was between her fingers that she was playing with. "I-It's Naruto-kun's hair!"

"Hmmmm." The blond softly hummed in appreciation to the ministrations to his head, and gave a small smile.

"H-he likes it? He even smiled... w-was it really for something I did to him..." Hinata thought taking up the majority of her attention away from the hand on her rear causing her blush to die down.

At that moment, the door at the bottom of the class slammed open grabbing everyone's attention, and Jiraiya soon came in jumping on one foot like a kabuki performance as he shouted out. "Now! Get ready for a great lesson from the infamous Jy-uh-Tsuzumi-sensei!"

Many of the kids laughed at the strange performance, while a couple sweat dropped, but none the less it had dispersed the serious and quiet feeling the class had before.

Being distracted by the sudden noise, the heiress's hands stopped their light playing for a moment until a quiet whine came from her crush because the pleasurable sensation had stopped.

"N-Naruto-kun?..." The girl mentally asked, but when she looked down she saw the small pout on his face and quickly started running her hands through his hair again. "Does it really feel that good to him?"

When the small smile was back on his face, warmth filled her chest, and a smile of her own soon appeared on her face. "W-why does it feel this good to just see him smile..."

Her thoughts were soon interrupted though by the sound of Jiraiya's lesson. "Alright, I'm sure you all know about the slave tradition within the elemental nations, otherwise you wouldn't have joined the academy in the first place, but today I'm going to be talking about the history of it and how it's changed over time."

"What do you mean by 'changed over time' sensei? Hasn't the tradition always been the same?" Ino asked not really sure what her 'sensei' was talking about.

"Hmmm, well tell me first what you think the tradition in Konoha is like." Jiraiya somewhat ordered the Yamanaka.

"Um well, once we graduate from the academy each guy is given a girl as a slave to train. It's supposed to make the girl stronger, and once they get strong enough they don't have to be a slave anymore right?" Ino answered before a small frown appeared on her face when she thought about it a little. "... but I don't know how they make them stronger exactly."

"Hehe, I wouldn't mind getting my hands on a nice little Hyuuga slave. Having one of those stuck up pricks always calling my clan dirty and gross to wait on me hand and foot would be nice." Kiba said to himself in a low voice as he turned his head around from his position at the front of the class to eye Hinata at the back, which was why he couldn't see the Uzumaki on her lap hidden by the desk.

However the sound of his dog's whimpers and whines caused the Inuzuka to look back around. "What do you mean she's Naruto's, Akamaru?" Kiba asked as his mother said he was too young to start training his nose, and the white puppy soon answered him. "Smell? I don't know what kind of smell you're talking about? She probably only smells like him because he was holding on to her before remember?"

Akamaru just rolled his eyes to his master and gave up, as he went back to sleeping.

While that went on though, the class continued. "Well that's the basic idea, but there are a couple of exceptions. Sometimes a girl can have a guy as a slave, or the person who wants a slave can choose someone... of the same sex." Jiraiya informed and then gave a small giggle. "Hehehe... yuri slaves."

At this everyone was paying attention, as the boys were worried of not having a slave or becoming one themselves, and the majority of the girls were thinking of the possibility of having a boy as a slave and then looked towards the last remaining Uchiha.

Not much fazed Sasuke but when an entire class of girls hungrily stared at him like that, it caused a shiver to go up his spine and a small look of fear that lasted for a microsecond before he controlled his emotions. "Cheh... don't even think it. I'd kill every one of you before I let myself become a slave..."

"Sensei, how can a girl get a boy as a slave?" Sakura asked as she looked towards the front but would take sneak glances at her crush every now and then.

"Well, first you'll have to look at the reason of why a girl becomes a slave before I can answer that, and before I can tell you that, I should really get on with the real lesson first so just be patient for a bit." Jiraiya explained before he took a deep breath in to ready himself for the long speech.

"Now... before you were born, before there were the five great elemental nations, before there were even shinobi villages, the world was in a somewhat constant war as you all know from your history lessons. Feudal lords owned small pockets of land every which way, and shinobi clans were being hired to defend or attain more land for their employers. Many people thought of it as an almost lawless time, and because there was nothing to stop people, human trafficking became common, creating a large amount of profit."

"They would take people from anywhere and turn them into slaves that would be mistreated, abused, killed, or make them wish they were. It was such a common thing that even clans started taking in slaves just thinking of them as property. However when Konoha was formed and the other villages formed soon after, the boarders of countries soon stabilized allowing for the feudal lords to actually police their land and give out punishments to anyone that went against their laws."

"Of course this didn't stop the slave industry totally, but there are at least laws now to govern how they operate, causing the majority of the trade to dwindle down significantly. However this at least gave slaves more rights and protections than what they had before."

"If there are not that many slaves anymore, why do shinobi villages still use them?" One of the girls asked.

"Well the thing about that is, the majority of the clans noticed something about the slaves that had stayed with them for some time." Jiraiya educated and when he saw the confused looks of the class he decided to continue. "Well you see, clans originally got slaves for a couple of reasons, like increasing the man power of the clan, getting back at a rival clan by enslaving one of theirs, gaining a new power from their slave like jutsu or bloodline, and other things similar to those. However what they noticed most of the time was that the amount of chakra their slave had before joining them increased after a certain amount of time."

"So that's what they mean by gets stronger? But I thought you said we're all born with a certain amount of chakra and can't train it... how can you increase it?" Chouji this time asked being a little curious.

"That's right you can't train your chakra, but there are outside sources one can use to increase the amount. However, those methods are usually clan or individual secrets, and the only one that is the most well known and is actually the most effective is the one that every village performs with the slave tradition. I won't get into detail on how it's done now though, that information will be given to you once you've become genin, making you an adult of the village."

"Sensei didn't you say it doesn't matter how much chakra you have, you can still become a strong shinobi? Why do certain people have to be slaves if it doesn't matter?" Sakura asked becoming a little confused at the contradictions 'Tsuzumi' said.

"That's also true; however remember what I said about the properties of people with low chakra?" Jiraiya posed and Sakura nodded before answering.

"You said that the ones with low chakra specialized in assassination type jutsu and have good chakra control."

"Good, but I also mentioned that because of their low reserves they generally specialize in one on one fights. Now if they could increase those reserves while still keeping those properties, the ninja becomes more versatile and can better help the village."

"This is why women are usually the slaves since their reserves are generally low." Jiraiya stated causing the class to whisper amongst each other, but the sannin held back a frown that wished to come out. "... That's just a piss poor excuse though... I can't tell them it's because of the shitty politics of it all. That same question pinky asked almost caused a civil war..."

"So if their chakra levels are too low, a guy can become a slave to a girl?" Sakura asked trying to answer her older question, and almost every girl was hanging on the edge of her seat.

Shikamaru just sighed as he saw all the eager expressions on the female populace. "... troublesome."

"Yes and no." Jiraiya answered getting a lot of confused looks before he continued. "See the thing is, the odds of a girl having a large amount of chakra is low... and it's even lower that a girl would have the most chakra out of an entire group of boys. If a situation like that ever happen then yes it's possible, but there hasn't been one case I've ever heard of with an outcome like that."

"That's not fair! Then how can a girl get a slave!?" One of the girls protested almost demanding an answer.

"There are certain loopholes that can be done. The main one is if you're from one of the 5 founding clans. If a girl is from one of those clans they can buy a boy as a slave before they graduate and be considered a slave owner rather than a slave. Lower prestigious clans can do the same thing, but the girl has to have the same amount of chakra as an average boy. However none of these procedures can allow one to get a boy from one of the main 5 families."

At that many of the girls' heads dropped, and as the room went silent in that one moment a small satisfied "Hn" could be heard throughout the class.

"Although..." Jiraiya started off, and every girl once more shot up in rapt attention. "If a girl were to acquire her freedom later on in life, and have an official match with a boy, it's possible for them to have that boy as their slave if they win, even if they are from one of the main clans."

Almost every girl started squealing in hope at the prospect of owning their cool silent lone wolf.

"Cheh, like any of those half brained girls even have a chance against me." Sasuke mentally argued as he looked out the window away from the class.

"However you all must keep in mind of the rules when it comes to owning, and acquiring a slave. Who can tell me the main laws of slave tradin-..."

The rest of Jiraiya's question went unheard by the small Hyuuga who was now looking down at the face of the parentless boy on her lap ever since her 'sensei' mentioned the special privilege of the main clans. "Th-that means I could have Naruto-kun as my own..." Hinata thought with hope and a small bit of happiness as she imagined a life with her Naruto-kun by her side... until it was soon replaced with a saddened look with a hint of shame. "But that isn't fair to Naruto-kun... he'd probably be happier with someone prettier like Haruno-san as his master instead of someone like me..."

A squeeze from the hand that was cupping one of her lower cheeks startled the girl out of her train of thought, but she managed to keep herself from verbally expressing it. "My ramen..." Naruto mumbled only loud enough for Hinata to hear.

Predictably, Hinata's face had reverted to the same colour as a red tomato, but the indirect suggestion from the blond had shoved an interesting concept into her indigo covered head without her noticing. "What if Naruto-kun owned me... I could be with him, and I wouldn't be taking away any of his freedoms..." Hinata contemplated, and then her face went a slight tinge redder as both her hands came up and the index from each finger tapped against each other. "Would that mean I'd have to live under the same r-roof as Naruto-kun?"

Her head started shaking at that as she tried getting rid of the thought. "No no no, Outo-san would never approve of someone in Naruto-kun's status as a master of a Hyuuga." The heiress told herself with a slight frown. "... and he wouldn't ever let me have him as my slave... he would just think it would be beneath a Hyuuga to have Naruto-kun as a slave."

A small grown of disappointment soon entered her ears, and Hinata looked down at the blond haired boy to see her hands missing from his head. With her blush now gone because of her previous thoughts, the girl once more began to comb his hair with her fingers getting a satisfied smile from the boy. "... I wish time would just freeze, and I could make him happy all day like this..."

Zoning everything else out, the look of content was on the heiress's face as she looked at the happy unconscious boy on her lap. Unknowingly her eyes became fixed on the horizontal birthmarks on his face, and one hand soon began to glide down against his skin towards it.

"These lines really do make him look cute... I remember when I was little all I wanted to do was touch them to see if they were really whiskers..." Hinata recalled as she started tracing the three lines gently with her finger, and then cup his cheek softly as she brushed over all three marks with her thumb repeatedly. "I think that's why I started noticing him..."

Feeling the soft smooth skin rubbing against his cheek while he slept, Naruto's head turned into the hand trying to touch as much of it as possible. This caused his face to be facing up towards Hinata a little bit more, and her line of sight, that was taken up my his birthmarks, was now being taken up by his slightly parted lips.

"... Naruto-kun... if I just..." The girl thought as she stared down at her crush as if she were hypnotised. Slowly, the hand that was caressing his cheek glided towards the corner of the unconscious boy's mouth, just shy of actually making contact.

"Touch it..." A voice whispered in her subconscious that she practically couldn't even hear, but soon her index and middle finger started tracing over Naruto's lips ever so slowly with their tips as she took in the feel of it. The smooth skin of his lips and the feeling of his warm soft breath against her digits sent a tingly sensation throughout her hand.

Without even noticing, the heiress began to bend her head closer and closer towards the blond, while the beat of her heart increased every inch there was less between the two, causing her chest and the rest of her body to feel warmth. "He's like the sun... so warm and bright... I feel like... my body will catch on fire just by touching him..."

Raising her knees up to push his head closer to her, she moved her hand to his cheek to help support it from falling down, and she was now almost touching noses with him. "If Naruto-kun was awake... I don't think I would be able to get this close to him like this..." Hinata thought as her blushed formed once more.

When her hand had left his lips, the sleeping boy licked the area she touch taking in a sample of the flavour. "... Best tasting ramen... ever... –tebayo..." Naruto mumbled, but Hinata was too caught up in the moment to even notice.

"Kiss him..." The voice whispered this time a little bit louder but still quite low.

Her mouth was quivering until she closed her eyes and started moving the rest of the way blind while she used every ounce of courage to stay awake. She could feel his hot breath tickle her lips and she knew soon they would be making contact while only one word went through her head. "Naruto-ku-"


Startled by the sound of the sleeping boy's grumbling stomach, Hinata jumped back to a proper sitting position as she was broken out of her trance, and realized where the noise had originated from. "W-what was I doing?... Did I almost just k-k-ki... Oh god I hope no one saw me." Hinata thought as her face went as red as the Hokage's hat that her crush wished to wear.

After the taste of the delicious 'ramen' the blond's stomach realized it was hungry, causing the boy to begin waking up, but when he felt the sudden movement of his 'pillow' his eyes started to groggily open. "Uhmm... I'll take another bowl Ayame-chan..." Naruto said as he sat up not even realizing what he was sleeping on.

Soon he started taking in his surroundings, and when he noticed everyone staring in his direction, he looked over his shoulder and then back at them. "What's everyone looking at?"

Some looked at him in irritation, some were holding back a giggle because of his stomach, and others looked like they wanted to rip his head off for what he did the beginning of class. However, before anyone could reply they were all interrupted by one now familiar sound.


The entire class broke out into laughter at that, and Naruto just scratched the back of his head, with a blush and goofy grin, as he looked towards 'Tsuzumi' "Ano sensei, you think we can end class early? I want to get to lunch already."

Jiraiya just cocked an eyebrow at the boys questioned, and just looked at him as if he were from Mars. "Naruto... lunch already passed a while ago. It's third period right now." 'Tsuzumi' answered causing the class to laugh once more.

"Dobe..." Sasuke mumbled as his elbow was on his desk and his head rested on his palm.

"What, really? I don't even remember falling asleep." Naruto said in surprise, and then looked to his side towards the door where the clock was above it. That's when he noticed a head of indigo hair looked down towards the floor and away from his eyes. "... What's Hinata doing sitting next to me?"

"Oh god, Naruto-kun is looking right at me! Does he know? Did he see me!?" Hinata frantically wondered after she took a quick glance of her crush.

"Neh Hina-" the blond didn't finish his sentence as he saw Hinata turn her head even more away then before. Naruto just scratched his head at her actions, and scrunched his eyebrows together as he thought about it. "... why do I feel like I'm forgetting something important?"

Before he could asked another question, the bell sounding the end of class rang, and everyone started getting out of their seats slowly while Hinata jump up and just ran away as fast as she could.

"... do I smell funny or something?" Naruto asked no one in particular and then smelled under his arm to get his answer. "... smells like I had a workout... but when did I do that? Ah forget it, I need to find something to eat right now."


[Ichiraku ramen stand, at the same time]

"Neh, Outo-san... why do you think Naruto-kun didn't come for lunch?" Ayame asked as she leaned over the counter bored now that the lunch rush hour was over with. "You think he got in trouble?"

Teuchi didn't even say a thing as he just stood next to his daughter and stared up at the sky.

"Otou-san are you listening?" Ayame questioned a little annoyed at her father who had now been staring off into space for quite some time.

"Otou-san LISTE-"

"It's quiet... a little too quiet." Teuchi stated in a calm voice. "Ayame go to the back and get as many noodles as you can..."

"Otou-san?" The daughter of the ramen shop owner asked in confusion to what her father requested.

"We need to be ready for when it comes." Teuchi replied as he went back to the pots and started cooking the broths.

"Ready for what?"

The old man just smirked as he stirred his ladle creating a small whirlpool. "For the storm..."


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