The lunch bell rang.

Harry gathered his books so fast he was a blur and did a sort of run walk out of Umbridge's class. He, Ron and Hermione were all relieved when they were a good flight of stairs below their awful teacher who had decided today was the day she would be taking house points away if she saw anyone who looked like they might start trouble (Fred and George already had 50 points apiece taken away that day).

Ron and Hermione were getting back to their normal state and started to argue once again about S.P.E.W. and Harry was just not in the mood to hear it once again for the hundredth time so he stormed away without saying a word.

As Harry was stomping around the castle moodily, he remembered a place where he could have some alone time and relax. He was stunned he hadn't thought of it earlier but now it made so much sense! He ran all the way down to the room of requirement.

When he finally arrived at his destination he walked across a spot in front of the wall three times thinking, I need a place to relax and maybe have some fun that will take my mind off what's going on for a little while. As he thought it a door appeared out of no where and he walked in and closed the door behind him.

He couldn't comprehend what he saw at first but then all of a sudden he took it all in and was in shock. He saw two naked people who were making out and on the verge of having some serious looking sex and noticed that they were identical in everything and he did mean everything even the masks they were both wearing that looked like a perfect copy of his face.

Borrowing a line from Ron he said "What the bloody hell is going on?" Both of the people in the masks looked up and from what Harry could tell were shocked that some had gotten into the Room of Requirement with out their permission. They looked at each other and as though they were communicating they slowly took off their masks. Once he saw the red hair before he saw their faces he knew who they were, it was Fred and George Weasley.

"Hi, Harry, I bet this looks really weird." Fred murmured.

"Yeah, but we can explain." George said nervously.

"Go on then, explain yourselves." Harry said frantically as his heart was beating rapidly because he had been dreaming of doing what he saw happening, except without the masks, for months now.

"You see, well, umm –er—we kind of sorta…" George began.

"Have been dreaming of having some fun in bed with you for awhile now and decided that if we couldn't have you that we would do the next best thing, so that's what we hot I mean got here." Fred finished in a very shaky voice. Harry's heart soared but he must have had an odd look on his face because all of a sudden the twins were starting to blather out apologies but Harry stopped them half way through them by saying "It's okay guys because I've had a sort of crush on you both for months now but-" he stopped abruptly when he saw the utter joy upon the twins faces but he said " you guys we can discuss this later but I really need to relax because lately everything bad it seems have been dumped on my shoulders and I really can't take it so if you will, I need to relax." The twins suddenly look as if they had hatched a plan that he may or may not like.

"We can help you relax, mate," George said wickedly, moving closer to Harry.

"Yeah, we can help you really relax if you let us," Fred said in the same tone as his brother but unlike his brother moved behind him and put his arms around Harry's waist. George moved in front of him and put his eyes level with Harry's.

"All you have to do is say yes." George whispered onto Harry's soft lips. Harry gulped but at the same time shivered out of anticipation because he then whispered back the only that could came to mind and that was "yes."

Then George kissed Harry tenderly on the lips, while from behind Fred started taking off Harry's robes and then his shirt. George started to kiss Harry's cheek, then neck, then collar bone when he finally decided to work his way down to his nipple and play there for awhile and let Fred do what he was going to do.

Fred started to massage Harry's back while whispering sweet nothings in his ear. Fred was working lower and lower until he reached Harry's waistband, George seemed to have noticed his twins dilemma and started to unzip Harry's pants but was encountering some difficulties seeing as Harry had a large penis that was now fully erect and was pushing on the zipper making it hard to unzip. Finally George was able to pull Harry's pants down and off. He then started to stroke Harry's large hard dick. He traced his shaft for awhile and was playing with Harry's fore skin and testicles when he decided he wanted to do more.

"I'm going to have fun, may I?" George said as he put his mouth closer and closer to Harry's throbbing cock. Harry who could hardly keep himself from moaning from joy was biting his lip and could only nod. George then licked his lips lowered his head and began to suck Harry's. He was slowly but surely taking more and more of Harry and started to bite and lick gently as moved up and down on Harry's member. Harry let out a small moan as George started to move faster and faster. George could now reach the base of his penis and was deep throating Harry, it was the most wonderful thing he ever felt and was starting to thrust his pelvis into George's mouth so hard that George had to hold onto Harry's thighs which only seemed to turn Harry more on.

Harry thought it couldn't get any better but just then Fred had enough of just rubbing Harry's back with just his hands and started rubbing his erect penis on Harry's buttocks and around the rim of his tight little butt hole, making little circles around it with the tip of his very hard and ready cock. Then Harry gave a loud audible moan and started chanting, "Yes, yes, oh fuck, yes, I'm going to cum." Harry felt as if he were about to burst from sheer pleasure, he felt he was about to cum, he was so close.

Harry was about to peak when George and Fred stopped, leaving Harry with a dick that was throbbing so hard he thought he was going to die if someone didn't do something about so he was about to grab himself just to make it stop when the twins grabbed both his hands and said "We want to have some fun with you Harry, but for that one of us has to enter you and you one of us or else we'll stop, and make sure you can't finish yourself of either, so what do you say?" Harry didn't want this to ever stop and his need had become so great he just nodded vigorously hoping they would get back what they were doing. Fred said "Okay Harry, I'm going to enter you after you enter George, warning you though it might hurt at first when I do first get inside you."

"Whatever you say" Harry said in a thready voice, at this point his cock was throbbing so hard and the thought of losing his virginity at last with the men he had been having fantasies about for the last few months he could barely stand it anymore. So when George bent down on to his arms and legs and waggled his butt and said "come on Harry I'm ready for y-"He was cut off by Harry thrusting his long penis into George with all his might. He moved in and out so fast with long hard strokes that he shuddered with delight. It felt so good that George tried to reach his fully erect cock but Harry pushed his hand away seeming to deny George this pleasure but then Harry started to play with George's shaft with his hand, moving in time with his own thrusts that were becoming harder and faster if that were even possible. George let out a whimper because of how Harry had found his G-spot and was pounding into it with out relent so that a warm feeling was starting to build up inside him.

At this Fred with out warning plunged into Harry's ass and began pounding fiercely. Harry let out a cry at the unexpected pained but that cry soon turned into a moan of pleasure when Fred had found what seemed to a magic spot that he kept boring into. Fred could not remember the last time he fucked any one like this and yelled out "This is so fucking hot and feels so good, Harry I swear you're a natural at this." They were all pounding into each other very hard and quickly, each finding the others spot so that their breathing soon changed and became pants.

"I'm…..going ….to….cum….soon…keep….it…up…Harry."

"Me….to…..Fred a little harder"

"Oh my god….oh my god… ……more ….thrust."

They all came screaming and pouring their seed all over each other. Harry filling George's ass to the brim with his sperm, while Fred filling Harrys and George all over Harry's hand and his own chest. They all panted and looked at each other smiling, thinking about what they had just done.

"Thank you guys for everything." Harry said while cleaning himself with towels that the Room had provided.

"Our pleasure," replied Fred and George at the same time.

"Anytime you want to do this again, mate."

"Yeah, we'll be more than willing."

Harry being the first one clean left first and was feeling in such a good mood that when he would finally rejoin Ron and Hermione at their next lesson he wouldn't even mind if they would be doing their love hate arguing and he started to wonder when they'd finally get together. At that thought the one of the walls in the room seemed to dissolve. Harry's eyesight seemed to blur at what he saw but as Harry's vision cleared he couldn't believe his eyes. "What the bloody hell?" Ron then exclaimed.