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Chapter four

That night Hermione couldn't sleep. Her thoughts turned to the fantasy of having a ménage a tois with the twins. Earlier she had written some of her fantasies out so they would hopefully stop but upon completion she immediately threw them away as to not be embarrassed if she were to be caught with them. Now instead of attempting to lie in bed for hours to get a restless shut eye she decided to make good use of the time and went to study in the library secretly so she could redirect her thoughts to something more constructive.

Hermione constantly checked over her shoulder to see if anyone was following her to the library and let out a sigh of relief when she thought she was in the clear. As Hermione slumped over the moon lit desk she felt herself get hit by a stupefy charm.

Surprise clearly showed on Hermione's face as she felt two pairs of strong calloused hands blind fold her and tie her hands behind her back, all the while the hands caressed her body causing her to shiver. Finally when she was securely tied and in her attackers power they released the charm causing her to slump down against the table leg.

When Hermione composed herself she said in a begging voice. "Please tell me who you are please! I'm sorry if I did something wrong but please let me go!"

In response all Hermione heard was two identical chuckles as her clothes were magically removed. Hermione knew where this was going and tears started to fall down her face until she felt two hands, one belonging to each attacker, on her large and soft breasts causing her nipples to harden. The hands felt exactly the same in every way and she only knew of two people who would fit this profile.

"Fred? George? What are you doing to me? Aren't I your friend?" Hermione asked solemnly.

"Oh, we're your friends. We're your friends-" one started.

"...who are going to make your fantasies-" the other continued.

"become reality!" They finished in unison while simultaneously pulled apart Hermione's legs and stuck a finger in either her vagina or ass. Hermione screamed at the unexpected invasion. She didn't notice at first that she couldn't close her legs and were stuck open, exposing her pink swollen pussy and puckered little ass hole to the world.

Hermione trashed around as each finger began to move around, trying to prepare her for what was to come. Eventually more fingers were added and Hermione's juices started flowing, trickling down her thighs only to be caught by one of the twin's hand and added to lubricate her virgin hole.

Hermione was pleading for them to stop the entire time. Finally after the third finger was added to each entrance the twins responded to her when the twin in front of her finally said harshly, "Shut up whore. We're doing exactly as you wanted."

"Didn't your little slut fantasy have us fucking your brains out while you were unable to fight back?"

"Didn't you write that you wanted us to talk dirty to you while using you any way we pleased?"

"To come so deep inside you and so much that no matter how hard you tried you couldn't possibly be filled any more." With each jibe the twin behind her thrust his fingers in deeper and more harshly.

The twin in front of her pulled his fingers out and was doing something she so wished she could see but it wasn't necessary as the twin behind her said, "George, what's taking so long with that dildo-" Now identified as Fred was cut off when a ten inch bumpy dildo was harshly thrust into her waiting cavern and George began to pump it at a fast rate. Hermione screamed from both extreme pain and pleasure as it was thrust all the way in and drawn slowly back out to the tip only to be rammed back in.

"You like that, don't you our little cunt? You're just getting off on us fucking you when you're tied and blind folded," Fred said with a happy smirk. Glad he and his brother were able to fulfill a friend's desire along with their own.

As George put a spell on the toy to move without him, Fred aligned his sizeable cock with the still tight hole and thrust in hilt deep. Hermione saw red as pain overwhelmed her and let out a whimper. Fred started to move after a minute so that he was in rhythm with the dildo. "You're little whore hole is so tight. It's just sucking me in! Ah- ah-oooo... yeah... such a warm, tight little slut."

Meanwhile George was helping them maneuver to their knees so that Hermione was at ninety degree angle, her face an inch away from George's throbbing erect member, begging to be swallowed.

Unexpected to Hermione, George forced her lips apart and stuck his swollen penis in her mouth, making her almost gag. "Yeah you like that? Well suck it you little cock sucking slut." Hermione started to tear up but followed his demands and bobbed her head up and down, swallowing the tip and sucked George's head, afraid to take anymore. Secretly Hermione was enjoying it.

Unsatisfied with this George gathered a handful of hair and forced Hermione to swallow the entirety of his cock. He moved her head faster and faster. Fred tried to keep up making Hermione to moan in pleasure as Fred found a pleasure spot the same time as the dildo. With a few well placed thrusts and strokes Hermione came in a screaming orgasm. Her body tightened around the dildo and Fred.

Hermione's orgasm was too much and Fred emptied his seed deep within Hermione with a loud moan of his own. Seamen dribbled down from Hermione's battered hole as Fred pulled out.

Hearing his twin cum George came as well yelling out, "Swallow it bitch, swallow all of it down your dirty fucking throat!" Satisfied with seeing Hermione trying to swallow it all he pulled out, getting partly erect once more when he saw a trail of sperm dribbling out of the side of her mouth and down her chin.

Taking the initiative George pulled out the dildo, lay on his back and guided Hermione onto his now fully re-awakened member so that his brother had full access to her tits. George thrust upwards causing Hermione to let out a moan of pleasure. She was so wet that it spilled out of her and down her thighs making them glisten in the moon's light.

Fred stood over his brother and Hermione and grabbed her bouncing breasts, placed his hard cock between them and then squeezed it between the two soft mounds with pert nipples. Everyone's thrusts were synchronized and soon Hermione tightened around George's cock with a scream of ecstasy causing him to violently release his seed deep in her womb. Fred grunted and then came all over Hermione's chest, leaving her with a pearl necklace.

After everyone caught their breath Fred and George took off the blind fold and restraints on Hermione and preformed scorgify on everyone.

Hermione just smiled when she could finally see both twins and said, "Thank you… I-I've been wanting that for awhile now… h-how'd you know? And how'd you know where I was? I thought no one was following me."

"That's easy!"

"We read your stories…"

"…And saw your looks of longing…"

"So we thought we'd help you out!"

"We're glad you liked it!"

"Plus you may have been looking behind you but…"

"You never looked above you!"

"We met an interesting block who claimed to be some sorta ninja from somewhere in Japan…"

"Though he had blond hair and blue eyes…"

"And wore orange... cheery mate though with freakish amounts of stamina." Both got a lustful glint in their eyes thinking about him.

"But anyways he taught us to walk on walls and ceilings using magic!" The lustful glint turned mischevious.

"That is why we're so good at not getting caught even without the map!"

Hermione looked a tad confused but fascinated at the same time but said, "Well let's go back to our common room and if you ever want to do that again just let me know next time… 'kay?"

"Deal!" both twins exclaimed.

Needless to say Hermione had an easy time sleeping when she got to her room.

The next day the entire Great Hall was surprised to see Harry and Ron walk in together, hands intertwined and giving each other loving looks. They were shocked however when they walked out of the Great Hall to see Hermione in a grope session between none other than the infamous Weasley twins.

The End

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