Time passes even when you are not thinking about it… approximately 1:30 pm

It is one day before my wedding and I am so scared, elated and shocked. Me, Bella Swan , is going to marry the unbelievable Edward Cullen. Alice and Rose have taken me to a very expensive and beautiful resort in Seattle to keep Edward and I separated for the next 24 hours, change that to 23 hours and 12 minutes. Alice has planned the entire wedding, I at least convinced her to make it only family, but I am looking forward to what she has planned for us.

Now 22 hours and 36 minutes until I walk down the aisle. WOW, I think I am a bit stressed , I wonder where Rose and Alice have disappeared to. I guess I will get out of this bed and go look for them.

"Alice - Rose, where are you guys?" No answer, maybe they went down to the dress shop that Alice was pointing out earlier. Well, I might as well order myself some lunch. I called the restaurant and ordered a turkey and cheese sandwich, some fresh fruit and a Coke.

As I am sitting at the desk in the sitting room reading Witherington Heights for the millionth time when Rose and Alice finally come back carrying about ten bags each. I do not think these girls ever get tired of shopping.

"Hey Bella, sorry we were gone so long but we found the cutest dresses and shoes ," Alice nearly shouted. I just smiled and shook my head.

Just as they were setting their bags down a knock came at the door, finally, my lunch has arrived. Rose answered the door and signed the receipt for the lady delivering my food. She brought the tray over to me and stated, "you need to hurry up and eat we have a lot planned for this afternoon and evening." I groaned.

I finished my lunch and was literally dragged out the door by the girls. Well this should be interesting… "Come on it won't be that bad Bella," Alice sang. Rose laughed at the expression on my face. We headed to a rather upscale spa and I was kindly informed that I would be receiving the "works," whatever that meant. I found out very quickly that the "works" included a message, facial, pedicure, manicure as well as waxing. I can not believe they are going to allow a woman in this place to inflict that kind of pain on me.

Alice and Rose are taking me to some club tonight to celebrate the end of my single days, don't they realize that I would rather go and read my book and then go to bed? Oh well, might as well enjoy it. Of course now I have to sit through Bella Barbie dress up for the next hour or so.

"Bella you are going to have fun tonight, don't worry about it," Rose informed me using the "don't bitch about it" tone of voice.

"I'm trying to convince myself of that fact Rose," I tell her. She smiled noticing I was not going to put up any fight.

While the girls have their fun dressing me up I drift off thinking of everything that has lead up to this point. I met Edward, we had a great time together for several months, he left me (I don't even want to think about that time of my life), I flew to Italy and saved him from the Volturi, Alice promised they would change me into a vampire, Victoria attacked us and was destroyed, I graduated high school and agreed to marry Edward. A lot can happen to a girl in the matter of two years.

And that is just the beginning of it, Charlie, my dad, died in the line of duty two days after I graduated. I never would have made it through that without Esme, Edward and the rest of the Cullens. My mom fly up for the funeral and I have not spoken to her since because she was so non-caring and distant. Edward told me that she just could not deal with the loss of her ex-husband but I think she just wanted to live her own life and no longer be concerned with me or what I was dealing with. I miss my father terribly but at least I know he is in a better place now and he knows that I am happy with Edward.

"Earth to Bella," Alice said bringing me out of my daydream. "Come on lets get you dressed so we can head out"

They dressed me in a really cute outfit, dark washed jeans and a tight fitting burgundy top that made my chest look larger than it was and some ballet flats. At least they did not force me to wear heals.

"I'm so excited, I have not been to a club in nearly two years," Rose stated as we were flying down the highway in Alice's Porsche. I had to smile at her enthusiasm.

Six hours later, we leave the club after I finally convinced them I had to get some rest if I was going to make it down the aisle without falling on my face. Of course they both laughed at the thought of that but agreed it was in fact time to go. We made it back to our suite and I fell into bed fully clothed. Alice woke me up around 10 in the morning and informed me it was time to get ready for the wedding. "HOLY CRAP," I shouted and jumped out of bed, "I'm getting married today."

Alice and Rose spent several hours getting my hair and make up perfect, and informed me that I would put on my dress when we got back home. The drive back to Forks was long, although with Alice's driving it took about half as long as it should have.

"Where is Edward at?" I asked them as we were walking into the house.

"Jasper, Emmett, Carlisle and Edward went hunting this morning, but don't worry they will be back and ready before you even have your dress on," Alice informed me with a smile. The house looked the same as we walked in, I wondered where we were conducting the wedding at. Alice must have noticed the confused look on my face as she stated, "the ceremony will be in the back gardens, don't worry though, I kept everything simple for you two."

"Thank you Alice for everything, I don't know what I would do without you." I replied.

Little did I know today would be my last day with her and almost all of the rest of the Cullens.