Hello everyone! I'm yesimadramaqueen. I would love to start writing ten more drabbles all about ten separate kisses between Mal and River, but I got an idea. I'd like it if you suggested ideas for them and one by one I'll start adding the drabbles based on your ideas. They can be as innocent, weird, funny, serious, or naughty as you want ;) I'll give credit for the idea/suggestion at the bottom of each fic. You can send your ideas by review or message. Submit as many as you like! If there are a lot of really good ones that I can't fit into a ten drabble fic, I'll just make another one. (Make sure if you submit more than one to tell me which ones you'd rather me write!) I also accept any other requests/ideas/whatever for other fics if you want to send them. It might take awhile to post, but I'll do the best I can. Thanks for reading and reviewing, I love you all!