The Drunken kiss

Everyone had gone their separate ways. Zoe went home, Jayne found a whore to "hang out" with, and Simon and Kaylee went off to do what couples do. He was left with River and she was just as drunk as he was.

He couldn't believe that the bartender would have given her anything seeing how young she was and all. But then he got the reminder that she wasn't as young as he thought she was. She was the legal age to drink…the legal age to do a lot of things…

After a few more glasses of wine he decided that they should try to make it home. The streets were harder to navigate than he thought. He didn't remember that they spun so much when they walked there in the first place.

She grabbed his arm in an attempt to steady him. Instead it just tripped him up worse and he fell into the grass beside the street, laughing the entire way. She was pulled down with him, also laughing her ass off. She landed on top of him, hands on his shoulders, face hovering above his with that smile and laughter bubbling out of her throat.

"You are real pretty," he slurred as he reached up to put a hand on her face. He missed and accidentally poked her in the eye. They both wound up laughing again. He corrected his mistake, cupping her cheek with his rough hand.

"You aren't half bad lookin' either Cappy-tannn," she replied, just as drunkenly.

He wasn't sure if she did it on purpose or if she missed his cheek, but somehow her lips landed on his. He kissed back with force, tangling his hands in her hair. She tasted like the red wine they had both been guzzling down all night.

Oh he wanted to stay right like that, but they were out in the open. He pulled away and convinced her that they had to get home. They staggered there together, arm in arm, laughing and stumbling in unison.

The second their feet hit the ramp they fell against the bulkhead engulfed in each other's mouths once again. The word, "Bedroom" was muffled somewhere in the back of his throat. He didn't argue and they tumbled towards her room.

She pushed him towards her bed and then stepped back suddenly looking rather green.

"I'm going to be sick," she muttered before diving towards the sink.

He stood—more like swayed—beside her with a hand on her back. "Not one for gettin' drunk oftennn are ya?"

She shook her head no. He pawed at the space beside her head, attempting to brush back her hair. He managed to on his fourth try. He helped her towards the bathroom, not feeling so great himself either.

They both passed out on the bathroom floor wrapped around each other in a hung-over haze. Simon and Kaylee found them like that next morning. Simon kicked Mal's leg. His eyes opened reluctantly.

"You've got something on your mouth," Simon told him angrily.

"Wha…?" Mal yawned.

"Why do you have my sister's lipstick smeared all over your face?"

The events of the night rushed back to him. "How'd that get there?" he asked innocently before Simon's fist met his face.

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