Hermione Granger: probably the smartest witch in history. However, even the most intelligent person in the world can make mistakes. In Hermione's case, it was when she was eighteen years old, believing that the man she loved, Draco Malfoy, actually loved her back, only to have him admit the day she was going to tell him she was pregnant, that he hated her and that he still considered her to be a mudblood. Then, he upped and left, and she never saw him again. Out of her love for him and the motherly instincts that held her, she carried the pregnancy through, giving birth to a healthy baby girl that she named Jaiden Brooke Malfoy.

Ron stopped speaking to her the day he found out about the pregnancy, and they still don't speak, even if they are in the same room, Ron still ignores both Hermione and Jaiden, and because of that, Jaiden has grown up to hate him for treating her mother so badly when he was supposedly one of her two best male friends.

As for Harry, at first he was angry, but then he saw the love between Draco and Hermione, and when Draco left, Harry vowed to support Hermione through her pregnancy, which he did. He became Jaiden's godfather and 'uncle' and Jaiden loves him to pieces.

Ginny wasn't at all surprised when Hermione told her that she was in love with Draco, and when she found out about the pregnancy, she again, wasn't surprised. What did surprise her though was the fact that Draco left, leaving Hermione broken. Ginny was there right from the start, and she became Jaiden's godmother.

The only surprise that Hermione had with everyone once Jaiden was born was that at the christening, instead of choosing two godmothers and one godfather, Hermione chose to have Ginny as the godmother and then chose two godfathers. The first being Harry, the second originally being Ron but after he cut Hermione out, the honour went to Blaise Zabini, something that completely shocked everyone. Again, apart from Ginny, who had already guessed that was what Hermione was planning. During Draco and Hermione's relationship, Blaise had formed a fondness for Hermione that developed into a friendship, and when Draco left Hermione, Blaise had been the only Slytherin to take Hermione's side, betraying his name as a pure-blooded wizard, and putting him on the target list for those hardcore death eaters who were determined to destroy all who had abandoned them after the fall of the dark lord.

Jaiden grew up living a relatively normal life. Hermione after five years, had married a muggle man named Jason Reed, and they had two children: thirteen year old James and eleven year old Claudine. Jason knew all about the wizarding world, especially as Hermione worked at the ministry of magic and all three children had been accepted at Hogwarts. Jaiden had declined the offer, stating to her mother that she adored the muggle world and though magic was fascinating, she wasn't ready to give up her whole life for it. The other two however, jumped at the chance to go. James had just started his third year, and Claudine was in her first year. Hermione was sure the pair would end up in Gryffindor, and Jaiden couldn't help but laugh when both children wrote home to say they had been placed in Hufflepuff.

As for Jaiden, she attended regular school, finally completing senior school at sixteen with A* in all twelve subjects, then two years later completed her A levels with three A's in biology, English and geography, and one B in French. Her family all lived in London, whereas she was wanting to go to Nottingham for university, and so had moved away to live with Blaise in order to be closer to her education.

Jaiden knew about her real father, and knew he lived near Nottingham, and dearly wanted to go and see him, but she knew that he had no idea of her existence, and this stopped her from going. Blaise lived in Nottingham and had invited her to move in with him. Hermione was worried that Jaiden would accidentally see Draco, but Blaise reminded her that Draco hated him now and wouldn't be seen dead in a muggle area, and she eventually agreed to it. Jaiden had been at the university now for a month, and had settled in well, studying zoology combined with geography. To look at her, you would think that she lived a happy and content life, however, inside of her; she had a yearning to meet her real family. Knowing that it would never happen, she settled for being near where they lived in the hope that maybe one day, she might actually have the chance to meet her dad face to faceā€¦