My sister and I realized that there needed to be more comic stories out there with the more obscure characters that no one appreciates as much, so we came up with this story.

It's kind of like our Comics Story, only a little bit more…mature, I guess.

There are more swear words, and lots of innuendo.

So here's a list of the characters and then the introduction.



Guinevere "Genie" Carlyle

Genie Carlyle is a 22 year-old girl who used to be part of the Weapon X Program. Before she was given adamantium spears that came out of her arms/wrists, she was much like Rogue. Her ability was that once she touched someone, she acquired their powers, and when she was very young, she once shook hands with James Howlett, and obtained his amazing regeneration abilities. Weapon X knew they wanted her in their program since she also has other powers, and she kept her sisters' powers from the world as best she could. Genie is unemployed, but regularly checks up on her younger sisters.

Gemima "Gemmie" Carlyle

Gemmie Carlyle is 20, and part of S.H.I.E.L.D. Because of her amazing Rogue-like powers as well, she quickly rose in the ranks to third in command, right under the Black Widow. Unlike Genie, Gemmie's Rogue Power can be fatal if she holds on long enough. She let her sister shield hers and her younger sister's powers so they wouldn't have to endure the Weapon X Program, and quite enjoys working for Nick Fury.

Virginia "Ginny" Carlyle

Ginny Carlyle is 17, and currently a student at Charles Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters. Her Rogue-like powers are incredibly fatal, and for the 'pure' one of the family, she drops the f-bomb like nobody's business in the presence of her family, or when she's in a particularly bad mood. After the accident that killed her parents, Ginny has always been a little bit harder in the feeling department, than her older sisters. Even so, Ginny is the Carlyle that makes true friends the easiest.

Logan Vernon

Logan, or Wolverine as he likes to call himself, met Genie when he was 8 and she was 6. He had no idea that just shaking her hand would give her his regeneration ability, and he had even less idea that he'd meet back up with her 10 years later in the Weapon X Program, and be inducted into her family as the unofficial big brother…who occasionally got groped. He currently teaches as a sub at Xavier's School, and is Ginny's favorite teacher.


Logan woke up first bright and early Monday morning. Xavier had called the night before and told him he was needed today, so he had to get up. Problem was, when Logan looked around at his surroundings, he was on the floor, on a shag rug, Genie and Gemmie curled up and cuddled with him. Normally Logan didn't mind the spooning, but he didn't want to be late, and the relationship between him and the Carlyles was platonic…except for the occasionally groping of him from their part.

"Wake up, Fuckers." Ginny said, poking her head into the room. "I'm gonna be late, and you know I hate that."

"Five more minutes." Genie grumbled, hiding her face in Logan's chest.

"Genie, I need to get up—I have to work today." Logan told her, kissing the top of her head.

Gemmie groaned too. "I am not a morning person!"

Logan started to move, but stopped when he felt a spear start to poke him. When Genie was mad, she tended to show off her adamantium spears, and Logan didn't feel like getting speared that particular morning.

"One more move and I'll gut you." Genie said through gritted teeth.

"No wonder you were a mercenary." Logan told her with a little laugh.

Logan tried to move again, and cringed when he felt the spear prick him.

"I'll hit you with a fireball, Logan—five more minutes." Gemmie said, and so Logan settled back down and ran his hands along their arms.

"Oh my fucking God!" Ginny exclaimed, and threw spikes out of her hands at her sisters, who were instantly up and complaining about the lack of sleep. "It's not my fault you guys watched a fucking movie instead of going to sleep. I need to get to school and so does Professor Vernon over there."

Gemmie sighed loudly. "I guess I do need to get to work today too."

"And what the Hell am I supposed to do all day alone?" Genie asked.

"I don't know…look for a job?" Gemmie suggested.

Genie flipped her sister off and then stormed up the stairs, Gemmie, Ginny and Logan laughing a bit as they watched her go. Logan and Gemmie quickly went to their rooms to get dressed, and by the time they got Ginny to school, she was five minutes late to Professor Xavier's lesson.

"I'm going to personally fuck each of you up." Ginny said angrily, and went into the classroom.

"I should probably go and start class." Logan told Gemmie, and then kissed the top of Gemmie's head and headed off.

Gemmie waved to him and then drove to work, smiling at Wyatt Wingfoot, who ushered her in. Gemmie headed to her desk, and looked up as her door opened.

"I can't believe I got left for like the third Monday in a row!" Genie exclaimed.

"Did you bring me coffee? Genie…you know I hate coffee." Gemmie said with a sigh.

Genie shook her head. "This one's for me and this is for Nick. Where is that dashing boss of yours anyways?"

Gemmie rolled her eyes. "Do you seriously have nothing better to do than to come to work and pretend to bring me coffee so you can hit on my boss?"

Genie pondered the question for dramatic effect. "I actually in fact have nothing better to do. I don't do that mercenary shit anymore, Gemmie. I mean I haven't even heard from Wade in like three weeks!"

"Maybe it's doing us all a bit of good to keep Deadpool out of our lives for a while." Gemmie said.

"I heard you came in." Nick Fury said, coming into her office. "Morning, Genie."

"Morning, Nick. I brought you some coffee—black with two sugars, just the way you like it." Genie told him with a wink.

Nick took the coffee and smiled at her. "Thank you, Genie."

Gemmie shook her head and buried her face in her hands for a moment as she watched her boss accept the flirting her sister was giving out. Genie had been incredibly bored for the last three years, but wasn't apparently bored enough to go out and find herself a job.

"It's about time for a meeting, Gemmie. It's always nice to see you, Genie." Nick told her, winking and then leaving the room.

"You think I could—?" Genie started asking.

"—No, Genie…you can not sleep with my boss." Gemmie told her, grabbing a folder and then starting to leave her office. "Why don't you go check on Ginny, okay?"


Genie left S.H.I.E.L.D. after checking out the man that was heading down the hallway with her sister. Nice build, good hair—maybe single. Genie sighed and then she headed to Xavier's School and luckily caught her sister heading to her second class.

"Gemmie kicked you out again?" Ginny asked her sister as she walked in step with her.

Genie shrugged. "She went into a meeting."

Ginny sighed. "Fine…you can sit in on Storm's class today—but please don't say or do anything embarrassing."

"I can't promise you anything, Kiddo." Genie told her sister, wrapping her arm around her.

"Oh my God, Genie!" Came a familiar voice.

Genie turned around happily and saw a mutant she hadn't seen in a while. She'd been pretty much out of touch with the world for three years since they all broke up to go their separate ways after Weapon X disbanded, so seeing a familiar face was nice.

"Remy!" Genie exclaimed happily.

"I knew I knew that ass." Remy told her.

Genie grinned and waved it off. "Still sexy as always."

"Remy? His name is Remy…for cereal?" Ginny asked.

"Ginny!" Genie scolded as Remy strode over to them.

"How have you been, Genie?" Remy asked.

Genie shrugged and they both went in for a hug. "I've been good, Remy—how has life been treating you?"

"Great—did you just grope my ass?" He asked her, the hug still going on.

"I wouldn't be in the least bit surprised." Ginny said, watching them.

"Go to class, Ginny." Genie told her, pulling away from Remy. "Don't worry…it's just another service that I offer."

Remy chuckled. "Same old Genie…though a little more forward, I think."

Genie shrugged. "Only more forward where the flirting is concerned. Life is short, Remy—you have to seize the day."

Remy nodded and they linked arms and followed Ginny into her next class. Genie's eyes lit up when she saw Logan, but when she started for him, he held up his hand.

"Don't you dare hug me in front of the children, Genie!" Logan told her.

Genie smirked. "See?"