Summary: Bella, Alice and Rosalie leave Forks for the summer before their Freshmen year at University, to be camp counselors at Camp Cooper, a 2 in a half month overnight camp in California. Alice and Rosalie have been doing it for 3 years and already know everyone, including their boyfriends. What will happen during these next ten weeks?


I was just about done packing. Well, Rosalie and Alice were almost done packing my clothes for me.

This morning when I was just done packing my suitcase with about two weeks worth of clothes. I couldn't have needed more than that right?

Obviously Rose and Alice didn't think so.

"Bella! TWO WEEKS? We are gone for TEN weeks! TEN!" Alice screamed when she saw my luggage. She and Rosalie then dragged me upstairs and Alice and Rosalie stuffed my entire wardrobe into the suitcase.

Then Rose went to the car and came back with another suitcase. They put EVERYTHING I owned in them. And they also told me they bought me clothes, too.

"Seriously guys, what am I gonna need all my clothes for?" I asked. Seriously! Who was I trying to impress?

"Bella, there are A LOT of guy counselors at this camp. How do you think we met Jasper and Emmett?" Alice responded.

Jasper was Alice's boyfriend and Emmett was Rosalie's boyfriend. I haven't met them. Apparently, Rose and Alice started working here three years ago and fell in love with Jasper and Emmett. From what I heard, Camp Cooper was FUN!!!

We put all my luggage into the back of the car and started driving to the airport.

"And Emmett told me his brother joined this year, too! Maybe he'll be cute and you two will fall in love!" Rosalie giggled. It wasn't that bad to be single. It wasn't that bad to be 18 and never kissed yet. Was it?

"Omg, Rose! We NEED to hook them up!" Alice yelled, completely serious. She kept blabbing and I tuned her out to check out the scenery.

I probably would spend a lot of time with Emmett's brother. His brother was dating my best friend and Jasper was also Emmett's best friend, so I would be the six of us.

We got to the airport and got all of our luggage out…I don't know how since we had about three full sized suitcases for each of us. We got on our flight.

For some strange reason I felt like this summer was going to be fun, interesting and A LOT different.


This bus stinks! BAD!

It had been an hour on this piece of crap that was most likely going ot brake down in two miles, and it smelled like a public bathroom!

You'd think with the full hour we've been here, we would have gotten used to the smell…but NO!

"I hate you Emmett!" I snapped at him as I punched his shoulder. It was his fault!

"'Lets take a bus,' you said, 'it'll be fun,' you said. You didn't say that it would smell like ass!" I punched him again.

"What? I thought it would give us a better camp experience! This is our last year, and your first and this time I wanted to do it the good old poor people way." he finished with a smile. What the fuck? Idiot.

"Well we aren't poor Emmett! We grew up in a fucking mansion! We got $100 dollars a week for doing shit! We could have gotten a private jet!" I am not usually this rude. But this is my brother and I am pissed!

"Whatever little bro," Emmett laughed. I can't believe he's making a joke out of this.

Then I heard buzzing. I looked at my phone. Not mine. Must be Emmett's.

I was right. He picked it out of his pocket and looked at the ID. His face lit up into a huge smile. Rosalie.

I haven't met her. I've seen pictures and I have to say she is beautiful, but not my type. Besides her and Emmett are CRAZY in love. She had long blonde hair, natural looking tan, tall and skinny and blue eyes. I like brunettes better.

I could hear both sides of the conversation because Emmett had his volume so high.

"Hey baby! We just landed!" I heard Rosalie's voice on the other end.

"That's great!" Emmett.

"Yeah, we should be at camp in about an hour or so. Did you get there yet?"

"Well, umm…well funny thing…umm"

I couldn't hide my smile. Rosalie wore the pants in their relationship, and I'm pretty sure if she was at Camp Cooper alone waiting for Emmett she would be livid.

Emmett glared at me and I laughed.

"Well, babe we kind of took a bus. And it goes slow, we might be there about an hour or so after you do." He said cautiously.

"WHAT!?" I wasn't wrong about the pants or her being pissed. "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING ON A DAMN BUS!?" she screamed.

I listened as Emmett pathetically explained how he wanted to enjoy his last year, and he needed to take it slow and all that crap. I laughed because I thought Rose would flip out on him for making a lame ass excuse like that.

"Aww, Emmett that's so sweet! I'm sorry I got so mad it's just that I wanted to see you as soon as I can and all. But that's sweet!" she apologized. It shocked me. Emmett has told me all about Rose for the past 3 years so I thought I knew her pretty well. Guess I actually have to meet her to know her.

"Thanks babe! Tell Alice that Jasper decided to take a plane there and he texted me a while ago saying he was already there," lucky bastard, I thought.

"Alright baby. Is Edward with you?" she asked.

"Yup, dickwards right here." Emmett laughed. I glared at him and he stopped, but not before I punched his shoulder again.

"Great! I want to meet him. I want him and the whole gang to meet Bella, too," she said.

Bella? Who was that? Emmett never told me about her. Must be her friend or something. That was a nice name though. Bella. Beautiful.

"I can't wait to meet her! And make fun of her for being such a klutz." he laughed.

"Guess what!" I heard Rosalie's voice ask.


"Alice wants to hook Bella and Edward up!" She yelled.

My mouth dropped in shock. What?

Alice was Rosalie's friend and Jasper's girlfriend and I've seen pictures of her too. She was REALLY short, with spiky black hair and a small face with green eyes.

She was cute, but I didn't want her like that.

But what?

Why was she trying to hook me up with this Bella person? I haven't even met ANY of the girls yet and already their trying to hook me up.

I grabbed the phone from Emmett before he could answer.

"NO! I'M NOT INTERESTED!" I yelled, then realized this is the first time I talked to Rosalie directly and I was being rude. "I'll meet you later…I'm not usually a dick but…NO!" and I hung up.

"Dude! WTF?" I rolled my eyes at Emmett's acronym. This wasn't a text message!

"I'm not interested." I turned and looked out the window.

He sighed.

"Look, first of all you haven't even met her. I've heard a lot and she would be good for you. But if not, there's plenty of other hotties at camp." he said.

"I'm not hooking up with a random girl Emmett!" I was a virgin and he knew that. He made fun of me for it but I'm sorry. I am just waiting for the right girl. Is there something wrong with that?

"You will too! Trust me. And I bet it'll be Bella!" he said excitedly.

"Bet it won't" I whispered. Then I closed my eyes. Damn it! Why did I have to say anything about a bet. If there was one thing Emmett could not turn down, it was a bet.

"Really my brother! Well, what do you want to bet?" I knew this would be bad. I decided to humor him.

"Two thousand." I said.

He scoffed.

"Don't try that trick. How about fifty thousand dollars, that you and Bella have sex by the Camp Counselor Farewell Picnic." I could do that. Seriously, even if this Bella was a girl I could fall in love with, I wouldn't have sex with her until it was right. But whatever. Easy money.


And we were silent the rest of the way. But for some reason I had this weird feeling that something was going to go wrong. I had a feeling this was going to be one exciting summer!