Jasper stared at me, clearly bothered by the house's range of emotion. I knew this, though I did not look at or acknowledge him. Instead, I stared at the wall. The only thing-- at the moment-- that was keeping me from screaming at Edward.

I grew more and more frustrated as days came and soon left again. I listened endlessly, looking for an advertised emotion. Jasper assured that they were there-- if anyone knew, it was him-- but I needed to know Edward felt them. Responded to them, even.

I begged in my mind. Yelled and sobbed and begged to Edward that he would feel something. Nevertheless, he sat there on the floor. Thinking, I supposed, though I decided I'd never know for sure. He ignored the couch-- it held too many memories, he'd claimed. He merely listened to his horribly depressing classical music.

"Oh, how I hate that music, Jasper," I snarled. "It pains me to my very core." I felt his hand creep across my back and rub the spot just above my belt. "It couldn't possibly be helping him... Only making it worse..." I trailed off quietly and close my eyes, enjoying the comfort of Jasper's hand. A smile pulled slowly at my lips, but my eyes snapped open, the feeling gone.

"Oh, that's it! I can't take it anymore, Jasper!" I stood with a huff and charged for the door. Jasper appeared, blocking my way, with a concerned look painted clearly on his face.

"I'm sorry! I know you hate when I effect your emotions. I don't know why I did it..." He looked down at the floor, ashamed. With a sigh, he spoke again. "Dear, don't you think he deserves some privacy? He's been through a lot. I think it's the least we could do." I felt his calm move over me again, and I pushed it away with a scowl. I pushed that feeling away too, and placed my hand softly on his cheek.

"Oh, come off it, Jasper, love. You're only suggesting that because you think this is your fault! Someone needs to talk some sense into him! And if that someone has to be me, then so be it!" He frowned and looked down to me carefully.

"Please, Jasper. I really do appreciate what you were trying to do. I know you only want me to feel better. But this is all so absurd! Someone-- an angel--" I smiled. "makes a little mistake and he's ready to set up a concentration camp? I think not. And anyway, he already knows I'm coming... why disappoint him?" I smiled and looked toward his room. I heard Edward's head turn slightly against the wall and then sink back down.

Jasper sighed and stepped to the side, out of the way of the door. I placed a quick peck on his cheek and danced to Edward's room. I knocked quietly and waited patiently. I heard Edward sigh and stand in one fluid motion. He pulled the door opened quickly and shot back to his spot on the floor. He was obviously exasperated, but I didn't think I could care any less if I'd tried.

"Hey, Edward." He lifted his head slightly, a poor response to how nice I was being. I sighed and bolted to him, sitting down on the floor in front of him. I grabbed him by the chin and pulled it upward. His eyes were black and looked very pained. I frowned and pushed his cheeks together, making him look like he was smiling... a little. I felt my brow furrow and I let his chin go. He kept his head elevated, which meant there was some hope in him. I smiled and began to speak.

"Is all of this really necessary? I mean, honestly! You're both going mad without each other. Four days and I'd swear it was like both of you died!" Edward winced and I frowned. "See? This is ridiculous! Can't we please go back to Forks? We're all happier there, and you know that. Bella included." He flinched again and snarled viciously at me. I flinched back a bit, not expecting that reaction.

"Don't you ever say her name. Ever. Do you hear me, little one? Don't. Do it." I frowned and scooted backward. Jasper appeared in the doorway, an angry look on his face. Edward ignored him, and Jasper grew angrier.

"Don't talk to her like that! She's not the one you're mad at! It's yourself! There's no one to blame but yourself! This is madness!" Edward charged him, knocking him down the stairs. I screamed and jumped on Edward, pulling him off of my Jasper.

"Edward, stop this! You can't do this! Do you see what leaving has done to you?" I screamed at him and he backed up into the wall, clearly ashamed.

"I... I'm sorry." He looked past me at Jasper, who was standing up from the floor and brushing himself off. Esme approached, ready to help but he raised a hand, calming her down. "Jasper, I'm sorry. You didn't deserve that. I apologize." Jasper shook his head.

"No, I probably did deserve it after what I did..." He twisted his head around, loosening out of his angry state and turned to go back upstairs. An idea struck me like a lightning bolt, and my brow twitched. I was glad now, that Edward had chosen to close out his mind.

"We're going back to Forks, Edward." He merely shook his head and tried to push past me. I grabbed him by the shoulder of his shirt and he turned to me.

"I don't care what you do, Edward. But Jasper and I, are going back to Forks. Jasper turned and stared at me, as did everyone else. I directed my conversation to Jasper.

"That is, if you'd like to come, Jasper." He wavered for a moment, but answered as I'd expected.

"Wherever you go, I do, my dear." He smiled and blew me a kiss. I nodded. "Right then. Edward, are you coming?" His eyes were wide, his mouth agape. I gave him no room to respond, for I knew the answer.

"Suit yourself. Jasper, pack your bags! We're going back to Forks. Back to Bella." I said this and felt bad immediately, mocking Edward. But I had to admit, it needed to be done. I let go of his shirt and he bolted upstairs, locking himself in his room.


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