Whose Bed Are You Sleeping In




Letty sleeps in Dom's bed. Not all nights, just race nights. Race nights are different than other nights. Each Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights someone, whether it was Vince, Leon, Jesse or even Dom himself, would carry Letty and take her to his room. But it wasn't always like this! Not at all.

The first time it happened was a little weird. They're friends, good friends and that's how they would always stay but on race nights, Letty slept in Dom's bed and this is how it started...




From Monday to Thursday life was normal, simple and easy. Or at least as normal, simple and easy as it could be. Dominic Toretto ran a car garage and led a team. Vince was his best friend and he worked at the garage too. Leon and Jesse completed the testosterone component of the team, both in the garage and out. However, no team was complete without girls. Mia was Dominic's sister and Letty was, well, Letty. No one really knew when the team became the team or how. They all had their different stories.

Dominic says very little, he never lets his emotions show, unless he's angry. He thinks the team became a team when they all asked for jobs. Until then they were just his friends, acquaintances, comrades but nothing as deep as a team.

Vince and Dominic were friends since they were in grade three. If something was ok with Dominic then it was ok with Vince and vice versa. So Leon and Jesse were accepted without a hitch.

To Mia, they weren't a team they were family which she considered was deeper than a team.

To Letty, they were both; she was one of the boys so she thought of them as a team. But sometimes, only sometimes, the boys treated here differently. They treated her like she was a girl which was different because when you look at Letty you don't think you are looking at a girl, you're looking at one of the boys. And this is where we start. It was one of these rare times when the boys were treating her differently when Letty was put in Dom's bed.

It was Saturday. Saturday night was the big race night. Everyone was going. Hector and his boys came to the garage earlier to make sure that Dom and his team would be there. Was there any doubt? Dom and Vince were out back chatting to them for a while. Leon was installing a new sub into his car. Jesse was asleep and Letty was washing her car. In their own ways, they were all preparing for race night. Each had their own ritual that they needed to follow.

Letty was oblivious to the looks that one of Hectors boys were giving her as she washed her car, but Dom wasn't. She was dressed in clothes no different than usual. At least that's what she thought. She wore a pair of short denim shorts. A tight tank covered up her top half but as she was washing her car the top was made see through and you could see her black string bikini underneath.

[Letty POV]

"Yo mami you wanna rest and I'll do that for you."

Letty turned around and glared. She turned to Dominic and gave him a look which said are you kidding me. Dominic's eyes were on Letty's, he read her in a second.

"Letty, meet Juan he's one of my new boys we're testing him tonight. Don't worry Juan, Letty is a big girl, she can do it all herself" Hector cut in.

"What a pretty girl like this? No way, let big Juan help you baby," Juan moved towards Letty.

This boy don't quit Letty thought. "Thanks but no thanks, I don't let anybody touch my car so scram."

"Well that's not nice" He continued moving in closer again. By now he could reach out and touch her if he wished. "You telling me this is your car for real mami? You looked more like a racer chaser to me. Just in for another type of ride you know."

Oh he's a dead man, Letty was about to take a step forward when she heard Dom.

"Hector, you need to tell your boy to be extremely careful. He's treading on dangerous territory that not many people dare to cross. But I have an idea, you racing him tonite, brother". Dominic was only talking to Hector but he had everyone's attention.

"Uh yeah man that was the plan" Hector was slightly worried. Everything was sweet if you were on Toretto's side. If you weren't though, that was another thing altogether. He looked at Juan with steely eyes.

"Good, I think he'll see just what type of girl Letty is."

Dominic looked at Letty who looked amused. Not many people could have conversations with their eyes but Dom and Letty were experts, probably because they have known each other so long and the fact that their friendship so deep.

"You want me to race this slut. Why the fu" everybody who was standing close enough heard the crunch of Juan's nose as Vince's fist connected with it. Vince had appeared out of nowhere. Letty once again looked amused. Dominic looked mad. Hector looked worried.

Hector ordered his boys to get Juan up and take him out to the line up of Civics that were out the front. "Well he failed his test huh Dom" Hector looked uneasy he didn't want this to be the end of the friendly relationship between him and Dominic's team. Dominic was still watching Juan.

"Hector, I've known you a long time and man I've seen you recruit some dogs but I think he was the worst."

Hector relaxed he knew this was Dominic's was of letting him know that all was okay but his eyes were also relaying a warning.

"What the fuck was that huh" Letty was moving in on Vince

"Excuse me, did you not here him call you a slut," came Vince's surprised response.

Hector said bye to Dominic and left the garage cursing his new, but soon to be fired boy.

"Yeah I heard him but why do you get to hit him," Letty was getting fired up

"Why do I get to hit him, I get to hit him because I am the man."

Uh oh the second he finished the words he knew he was in trouble. It all went deathly quiet. Letty looked at Vince who looked like he was caught in headlights, she looked at Dominic who looked like he was going to crack up. She looked up at the house and saw Jesse and Leon watching her. She turned back to Vince and pulled the hose that was still in her hand from washing her car. Vince was too slow; he didn't see the hose which was wrapped around his leg. He didn't move quick enough to escape. Letty pulled the hose which such force that Vince fell to the wet ground which a thump. Delightfully for Letty his head landed in the muddy area where the water from washing her car was forming.

"You don't look much like a man now Vince," she spat and walked inside. When the door shut behind her Dominic, Leon and Vince were all nearly crying with laughter.

"Ah Fuck up" Vince said as he lifted himself up off the ground.

He walked inside to have a shower.




Later that night the team were getting ready for the races. Dominic was having a shower, Vince and Leon were ready to go, watching TV while they waited. Dominic came down the stairs as Letty walked through the door.

"We all good to go?" Vince asked.

"Where's Mia and Jesse," Letty countered.

"Mia's asleep she says she's not feeling well," Dominic answered. "Jesse's on his way".

"What's wrong with he,r" Vince questioned about Mia.

"How the hell should I know?" Dominic said.

"Well she's your sister," Vince started just as Letty tredged up the stairs to check on Mia.

She was out the door in a second followed by Mia who ran into the bathroom. "Ugh she's throwing up, musta been your cooking Vee," Letty teased.

Vince let it slide and smiled at Letty. It was their way of letting the other know they were cool.

"Everyone relax, I have arrived," Jesse announced as he let himself into the room.

"Alright let's go" Dominic deep voice commanded. And when it commanded, they followed.




They arrived at their usual spot. Racer Chasers flocked to Dominic.

Vince and Leon were eyeing them off and quietly taking bets on which skank would win Dom over, if only for one night.

Letty walked behind them. She was oblivious to the looks that most of the males were giving her. Wearing a tight black leather skirt and, red bra and a tight netted top with knee high boots, no heel of course, she didn't want to look like some racer chaser skank.

All the males watched her, they watched how she walked and how her eyes scanned all of the cars that were lined up. Jesse followed behind her. He saw everyone looking at her. He knew, just like Vince and Leon that none of them had the balls to talk to her and if they did they made sure it wasn't for long.

Dominic was aware of it too. But it never worried him. He knew Letty like he knew the back of his hand. He would always have her back, just like she had his.

Dominic and Hector were discussing what had happened that afternoon. Apparently after Hectors crew had left, Juan was given his marching orders but Hector wanted Dominic to know that he was here tonight. They saw his car and Hector remembered how upset Juan had been so he wanted to make sure everything was alright. Dom laughed; he didn't think that Juan was a threat to him or his boys. But he forgot Letty wasn't a boy.

Suddenly somebody pushed into to Vince and Leon

"Hey watch where you're going punk," Vince started following the guy.

"Oi we're talking to you" Leon followed Vince into the crowd. Dominic was surrounded by racer chasers, one in particular was standing in his line of vision.

He didn't see Juan. But Juan wasn't walking towards Dom, he was headed straight for Letty. Letty kept walking towards Dom but by now she was too far from Jesse for her to hear his warning and Dominic couldn't see her. Suddenly Juan broke into a jog and his fist connected with Letty's ribcage.

She fell to the ground instantly and he ran. Meanwhile Jesse was yelling for Dominic to look at Juan. Dominic saw some chick fall to the ground. He felt himself explode when he realised it wasn't just some chick. Only one chick wore see through shirts with bright bras, it was Letty. He felt like a volcano erupting as within seconds he knew what had happened. News travelled quickly and Vince and Leon were at Letty's side instantly. Juan was almost at his car. Dom met the boys.

"Get him" he ordered Vince and Leon dangerousely. His voice was so steely it was scary. They ran to their cars. Dom heard Hector and Edwin yelling to their crews to assist, which they did. Juan had a head start but not for long.

In minutes all the cars were gone except for Dom's, Jesse's and Letty's

"Ah girl I'm sorry, you ok. We gotta get outta here babe come on, huh," Jesse was stuttering and he tried to pull Letty off the ground.

"Ahggg" The look on Letty's face said it all. She was hit in her midsection and when Jesse tried to lift her up it hurt, it really hurt.

Dominic bent down and lifted Letty up as if she was as light as a feather. He couldn't believe that she was this light. She was holding her breath as the searing pain overwhelmed. When they reached Dom's car he placed her into the passenger seat.

"Show me" he grumbled. He was mad, in fact he was furious. He was mad that someone would dare to try and get one of his team and it made him sick that that gutless jerk Juan would go for Letty like that. Sure she was one of the boys but there were times when he and the guys realised that Letty was a girl as well and they should have been with her to protect her.

He hoped the boys found that punk and then, well he knew it wouldn't be pretty. "Show me now Letty" he repeated.

She looked up at him, managed to get out a small laugh however it was laced with unmentioned pain.

"You're dreaming Toretto."

"Well we're going to the hospital."

"The hell we are."

"Letty," it was more of a warning than a question.

Sirens could be heard in the distance, Letty began to panic. "Fuck it Dom, I just want to go home. Hurry up before they get here."

"Jesse, take her car," Dom barked. "Meet you back at the house."

"Yeah, ok yeah."




When they arrived at the house Leon and Vince were waiting outside. They were laughing joking around. Dom was not impressed. He got out of his car just as Letty opened her door. Before she could put her foot on the ground Dom was once again at her side. He lifted her again effortlessly and walked her into the house. He placed her on the couch. He walked back outside.

Letty could hear the boys talking, well, more like arguing. They were trying to keep it quiet but she basically heard that Hector and his boys wanted to go after Juan themselves. To make it up to Dom. Vince and Leon backed off but made it clear to Hector that Dom would want to know what happened.

All four of the boys came back inside, each looking at her.

Jesse looked worried, Leon looked tense, Vince looked angry, and Dom looked, well she couldn't pick what emotion was.

"What?" she said. They were standing there looking at her. "What are you looking at?" she tried again. Then they all started at once

"I'm sorry Letty."

"We didn't see him."

"Don't be mad."

"What can we do?"

"Do you want a drink?"

"Can I get you some food?"

Vince, Leon and Jesse suddenly turned from her boys, her teammates to those guys who think of her as fragile, breakable. She knew they felt bad, knew it wasn't their fault. This was one of those rare times where they treated her as a girl. There was no point in arguing she knew they would keep it up until they felt better. But she wasn't gonna milk it either.

"I'm fine," she said slowly.

"No you're not."

"We're really sorry"

"Don't be mad!"

"What can we do?"

She took a deep breath.

"I am fine" she said "I just need someone to tape me up, where's Mia"

"She's sick but we should take you to the doctors, he might have cracked a rib" It was the first time Dom had spoken to her since the car.

"If my rib was cracked it would hurt more" Letty was speaking slowly, not only because it hurt but because Dom was treating her like she was a wounded cat needing to be put down, and she didn't like it at all.

Everyone's ears picked up the sound of an incoming civic entourage. Dom headed outside as did Vince.

"Well I'm gonna head home," Letty started.

"No you're not; you're staying here where we can take care of you." Jesse countered. Besides you can't drive and you're not getting your keys." He dangled them in front of her.

There was no point in arguing. Letty tried to make herself more comfortable on the couch which was difficult. But finally found a position where the pain was not as fierce. She closed her eyes. The Leon and Jesse had started to play the playstation. Leon was sitting in the sofa chair beside her. Vince was still out with Dominic and Jesse was sitting on the floor at her feet.

When Dominic and Vince came back inside Dominic told the guys he was heading for the shower.

"Uh ah, Uh Dom," Jesse stuttered


"Uh ah, where we gonna put Letty, I mean she normally sleeps with Mia but Mia's sick and she doesn't look comfortable."

All eyes looked at Letty. She was asleep but her face was scrunched up in pain

"Well one of you need to give up your bed, don't ya? I'm having a shower."

"One of our beds," Vince asked

"Why one of our beds?" Leon finished.

"I know I mean he's the one with the kings sized bed if anyone should share it should be him." Jesse continued.

Vince looked at Leon, Leon looked at Vince. They both smiled and looked at Jesse.

"No no no, I wasn't, I didn't mean, no no no." Jesse read their minds

Before he could say more Leon had Letty in his arms and Vince was heading up the stairs to Dom's room. They placed her on his bed, trying to keep their laughter down. They ran down to the basement.

Dom came down stairs and no one was there. Where the hell did they go he thought? Oh well, he went to the fridge and grabbed a Corona.

He sat on the couch and thought about the events that took place that night. He was upset with himself; he should have taken Hector's warning more seriously, he should have been looking after his team.

After a couple more Corona's Dom decided he would talk to Letty the next day.

He trudged up the stairs, his bedroom door was closed which he felt was odd but it didn't matter. Everyone else in the house was asleep as it was deathly quiet and very dark. So Dom didn't bother turning on his light. He pulled his shirt over his head and moved towards the bed.

He didn't see the figure lying in his bed.

Dominic stretched and then practically fell into his bed.

"UGGHHHDG" Letty practically screamed out




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