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Before they left to party Hector commented that they – Dom, Letty, Vince, Leon and Jesse – really should celebrate after one of the best nights many had seen in a while. Dom agreed that there would definitely be celebrating his eyes locked on the brown eyes of one particular teammate.

Letty had considered for a few small minutes, not returning to the fort for the party. It hadn't gone so badly the night before but had then decided against it. Letty, Leon and Vince had not headed straight home, choosing the scenic route instead.

They pulled up together, laughing and joking. There were cars everywhere. But their spaces were free, no one game to take their spots. As they walked inside there were bodies all over the place. There was dancing and groping, grinding and grabbing. Everywhere they looked, there were masses of people. It was a big party!

Letty went upstairs. She was almost to the top when his door opened.

"Ah well well well, look who decided to show up" he said, leaning against the door frame.

"I miss one party," she held up a finger, "one party and you act like it's been years." She pushed her way past him through to his bed. He turned and followed her inside, closing the door with a click.

She heard the door close and couldn't help the small laugh escape, but she didn't turn around. Her foot was now resting on the edge of his bed. She unzipped her boot, from knee to ankle, and slowly pulled it off, tossing it on the floor, then repeated the action for the other boot. Her legs now bare, she turned and sat on the bed facing him.

"You gonna pick those up?" he asked.

"Mmm nah, not right now" Letty stood and walked towards the door "Come on big boy, it's party time."



Towards the end of the night or the beginning of the morning, however way you looked at it the party had died down considerably. However Dom, Vince, Leon and Jesse were in the kitchen, deciding on a way to make the party more exciting. They weren't ready to call it a night yet!

"Ok ok ok ok, the next girl who walks in that door," Leon said, "is the one we get to do body shots off yes? Agreed?"

"Agreed" Vince said quickly.

"Yes!" Jesse commented bouncing on the balls of his feet with excitement.

"Mmm" Dom confirmed.

"We gotta shut the door though, dawgs, make it fair," Leon shut the door to the kitchen leaving the 4 boys inside anticipating whoever would walk through those doors next.

"No peaking" Vince added seriously, his demeanour softened with his alcohol consumption.

"Dude what if it's a guy?" The look on Jesse's face clearly showing unease.

"The next girl, who walks in, shit for brains. Guys don't count" Leon explained again.

So they waited.

Suddenly the doors to the kitchen opened, "Dom why are these closed?" his sister asked pushing them wide open.

Instead of an answer to her question she was met with whistles and cheering. However that was put to a stop at the sound of Dom's voice.

"We are not doing body shots off of my sister" He spoke firmly and left no room for argument.


"Mia, it's so cool. We like, have this deal that we get to do, like, body shots off the next girl who walks through that door." The excitement in Jesse's voice was paramount. "But now we have to wait coz you walked in."

Jesse quickly ran to the doors and closed them again.

"I get to go first!" He called.

"Dude, it was my idea." Leon argued. "Fine, whatever I'm second".

"You're planning to do body shots?" Mia asked.

"Yep!" three of the four replied, Dom remaining silent.

"On a girl?"

Again the three confirmed.

"Any girl, she just needs to walk through those doors" Mia pointed to the kitchen doors.


"Really, well that's interesting? ... LETTY" she screamed.

Four sets of eyes widened.


"What what what ya doing Mi" Vince stuttered, his eyes mirrored those of a deer caught in headlights.

"What Mi? Where are you?"

"You said that you were going to do body shots off of the next girl who walked through that door," She said grinning. "I'm just testing that theory.

The doors were pushed open once again and there she stood! A white tank was tightly stretched over her top half, showing the black bra underneath. A very snug fitting leather skirt only covered to mid thigh. Her hair was still down, framing her face while her feet were bare. She wore a puzzled expression on her face.

"And what are all of you doing in here?" She asked huskily, her eyes focusing on Dom's a second more than was necessary.

"Uh, ah, well, um, you know, um, we were, uh, just talking," Jesse gulped. "What, um, are you doing in here?"

"Jess, man, are you alright" she asked taking a full step into the kitchen.

"Aaaaaagh" Vince and Leon yelled at her pointing at where her feet now stood. There was no denying it, their body shot girl was now Letty.

That's ok, it didn't matter. Maybe they just wouldn't tell her. Vince was looking at Leon and pointed to his own temple, then pointed his finger to Leon's head as if telepathically conveying the message don't tell her!

Mia began giggling. Letty was looking at them as if they had grown two heads.

"So, who wants to tell her?" Mia asked thoroughly enjoying herself.

No one moved.

"Tell me what?"

No one answered.

"Tell me what?" It was more firm this time.

"Vince?" She asked slowly moving towards one of the boys whom she trusted with her life. Vince looked away, literally biting his lip in order to stop himself from saying anything.

"Leon?" She said slowly and deliberately. "What you wanna tell me huh?"

"Nuffin Lett, nuffin! Nuffin going on, just nuffin at all. Not doing nuffin?" he blurted out before shaking his head in disgust at himself.

"Smoothe Le, real smoothe." Mia criticised.

"Jesse. Tell me what's going on?" Her suspicion intensified at Leon's poor cover.

"Nuffin's going on Letty," he gave a nervous laugh. "We certainly weren't waiting for a girl to do body shots off and now it's you and now we're scar.. ah fuck!"


"Nothing!" Vince, Leon and Jesse all but yelled at her.

Mia was now laughing out loud.

"Lett, they had this idea that, they were going to do body shots off the next girl who walked in here."

"Yeah and you ruined it Letty!" Jesse moaned.

"What?" She said again.

"How?" A deep voice rumbled for the first time.

"Huh" Leon asked Dom, looking thoroughly confused.

"How'd she ruin it?"

No one answered the question.

"How'd she ruin it?" He grumbled again. "She can only ruin it if she doesn't do it," he finished, a small smile playing on his lips.

Four pairs of male eyes now turned to her. One pair jumpy and apprehensive, another held the slightest bit of fear, the third were kind and were smiling however she could see that Vince didn't think she would go through with the task. The last pair were alive, there was something in those eyes alright, they appraised her knowingly. Uh oh.

Body shots. Four boys. 1 girl. Body shots. Her 4 boys. Her. Uh oh

She was shaking her head before she could verbally decline, but before she could speak another voice interrupted.

"Ah didn't think so?" To the others in seemed as though Dom was agreeing with Jesse but she read him differently. Chicken.

She took a deep breath. Don't fall for it.

He smirked at her. Chicken!

"What are the rules?" she asked, squeezing her eyes shut temporarily. Silently thanking the heavens that the party had almost ended. Only a very small number of people were left. None of who would dare enter the kitchen.

"Yeaaaaahh" Jesse yelled getting shot glasses out of the cupboard.

"No rules mama," Leon answered. "You sure about this though?" They were friends first and foremost.

"Yeah I'm sure!" What are you doing you idiot!

"I have a rule," Mia called sweetly.

They turned to her waiting. "I think a rule should be that you all have to take a shot in a uh new place. No doubling up"

"Thanks Mia," Letty gritted out through clenched teeth. "Why aren't you doing this again?"

"I'm Dom's sister!" she replied, for once thankful that it worked in her favour.

Letty went to the fridge pulling out a cold Corona. She'd need it. She pulled herself up on the middle kitchen bench and took quite a large gulp.

"Alright! I'm ready." She declared, thankful for being slightly intoxicated. There was no way this would happen if she weren't.

"Who's first?"

"Jesse" Vince cheered pushing him towards the Latina.

"No no no, thats ok, no. Leon it was you're idea brother, you should go first." His voice was shaky and desperate.

"Nah dawg, you called dibs. I'm next. Go on man, don't be scared."

Jesse was standing about four steps away from Letty. Vince pushed him again and he came closer. He took a deep breath.

And stood there.

The kitchen had not been this silent all night.

"Um oh, um, Letty please don't kill me." He begged.

"It's alright Jess, I won't kill ya." She could see the funny side of the situation.

"What are uh, the rules again?"

"The only rule is that we all have to take a shot in a uh new place. We can't double up. But pumpkin seeing as you're first you can go anywhere" Vince whispered in his ear. He leant back smirking.

"Anywhere?" Jesse squeaked and then cleared his throat.

"Anywhere, Jess, come on man, I ain't got all night" Letty said.

"Ok" he said.

"Ok!" he said again deepening his voice.

" I um," his eyes searched her body. "I um o, ah shit" He down his shot in one gulp not even body shotting it. That move was met by a chorus of boos.

"Ok, I'm good now, I'm good. That was just for the nerves. Ok. I'm gonna do it. Um gonna do it." His eyes were searching for a safe place, one that wouldn't get him killed, injured, maimed or dismembered.

"Ah ha. I'm gonna do it on your hand!"

"You're gonna do it on my hand" she repeated slowly.

"Not do it, I'm gonna take the uh, body shot off your hand, which is a part of your body which is where I am doing my body shot" he hurried. He poured his second drink and moved her hand out in front of her and placed the shot her palm.

"One, two, three" he downed the shot quickly off her hand and then moved away from her as fast as he could hiding behind Vince.

They all cheered half heartedly.

"Leon, you're up." Mia commentated.

"Yeah" he was given a slap on the back as he walked over to where Letty sat.


"Leon." She smiled.

He stood there.

Pressure so much pressure. He was laughing at Jesse but holy shit! One wrong move and she'd castrate him.

"I'm gonna do it on your other hand!" He announced loudly as if he was talking to a grandstand full of people.

"Hey hey hey, that's against the rules. Jesse picked her hand."

"Nah Vee, he picked her right hand. I'm takin her left." And before they could argue further he had his shot poured, her left hand out and then it was over.

Dom pushing Vince firmly towards Letty stated that his turn was next.

Vince silently appraised the situation.

"Hmmm where to go, where to go?" he asked, scratching his head. "Ah, there" he said pointing to her knee.

"Oh my god. This is the most boring game of body shots I have ever seen" Mia complained.

In less than a minute Vince had had his go and now it was Dom's go.

Dom's go!

Hmmm maybe she didn't think this through properly.

He moved towards her slowly. His eyes solely on hers while he finished off the drink in his hand.

He knew where he was going to go since the game had started.

"You ah, you're gonna hafta pull your shirt down a lil bit,' he managed to get out without grinning.

Her eyes widened but did not say anything. She did as he asked.

"Mmmm lil more."

Her eyebrows creased now but again, did as he asked but this time, a considerable amount of the top of her bra showed.

He felt all eyes on him. But ignored them. He poured himself his shot and the carefully, without touching too much, placed the shot between the two golden mounds that made up her glorious chest. He pulled back his hand admiring his work.

"D d d d Dom?"


"D d d Dom, she's she'll kill you. She'll kill you bad buddy" Jesse warned. Taking a step backward.

"Man I wouldn't, I seriously wouldn't." Vince cautioned. "

"Dawg, don't just don't, save yourself the pain" Leon added.

"Are we doing body shots?" He huffed.

"Yeah but d-" Leon was cut off.

"Is this not a part of her body" Dom countered, indicating to her chest"

"Yeah but that's like a danger zone. You should have alarm bells ringing in your hea-," this time Leon was interrupted.

"Then it's fine" he finished.

All three boys were anticipating the worst while Mia stood there grinning.

Dom placed his hands on her thighs, for leverage of course. To take the shot he would need to get close to her and therefore he needed to hold onto her. It had absolutely nothing to do with wanting to touch her.

He moved his face downwards.

"Ah Dom don't" Jesse shouted. "She'll go succubus on your ass if you do. Oh god, you're gonna die. Think of the children! It's your fault Leon. She'll kill him and it's all your fault," he was pointing his finger his friend.

Dom's thumbs had now moved to underneath the leather skirt. No one saw. But she felt them.

He moved to do it again.

"Naw man I can't watch" Vince piked out dragging Jesse with him, both acting as if it was his last few minutes on earth.

This left Mia and Leon however Mia, following Vince's lead dragged Leon out of the kitchen leaving only Letty and Dom together.

For the third time, he bent his head to take his shot. His hands moving from her skirt to her backside pulling her closer to him. He finished his drink and tossed the shot glass into the sink before pulling her mouth towards his in a brutal desperate kiss.

He managed to pull away for a few seconds breathing heavily, as was she.

"Whose bed you sleeping in?" he asked her, his hands roaming over her shoulders and down her back. He felt as if he hadn't, couldn't and wouldn't ever get enough of her.

She was running her lips under his ear when he asked her. Her husky laugh sent shocks to his core.

"Do you really need to ask anymore?" she countered, meeting her lips with his once more.



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