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"Hey Mike! Wait up." Angela called after Mike, who turned back a little too slowly. Mike had seemed a bit bummed lately. Especially for Mike, between him and Jessica they were supposed to be the two bubbly ones of the group. And it wasn't Mike and Jessica's break up either. He'd gotten over that awhile ago. Angela and Ben had even tried to go out somewhere to cheer him up but it did very little. With Ben going to work, Angela was just going to have to try to get to the heart of the matter herself.

"Yeah?" Mike asked, trying to put on his best polite face.

"Sit." Angela ordered, pointing to the couch and more importantly, motioning for Mike to get back in her house. You could see the mental debate, but it wasn't often that Angela got stubborn about anything and this seemed to be one of those times. He reluctantly went back into the house and sat on the couch. "Okay Mike, it's just us. What's wrong?" She asked, sitting down next to him. Mike rolled his eyes.

"Nothing's wrong. There's no rule against me not being all happy all the time isn't there?" He snapped, almost immediately feeling bad about. "Sorry sorry. You didn't deserve that." Angela put a sympathetic hand on his shoulder.

"Honestly Mike. You know you can trust me. I won't tell anyone. I just want to help." Mike was doing his best not to make eye contact which was getting a little irritating but Angela was after all, the patient type.

To get anything out of him, she was going to have to guess. "Um…is this about Bella?" Even she wasn't prepared for the reaction that followed.

"I can't believe she's marrying that…that…HIM! Sure he's rich and good looking but he's creepy as Hell! He left her! Turned her in to…well…you saw her!" Angela just nodded and let Mike rant. He seemed to have been holding this in for awhile and it was best to just let him get it out. "And she just lets him waltz back in and everything's all nice and dandy. 'Oh look, we're getting married. Look at the size of the rocks on my hand. Have you ever seen so many one one ring'?"

Angela began to bite her lip to keep from saying that his quote was actually more of what Jessica and Lauren had said, not Bella but she kept her mouth shut. "They've known each other for all of two years! And worst of all he….he…" Angela chose this point to finally say something.

"He isn't you?" She added, quietly.

"No. He isn't. It's just not fair! I'm not that bad of a guy am I? But she just treats me like I'm some chump. If I'm lucky she'll actually acknowledge me, but she never really listens to what I say. I can tell. She just goes through the motions. Hell! Even when Cullen wasn't there, she had that…Jacob…guy there and she obviously preferred him to me. I'm always nice to her. I'm always there for her. I'm even her partner in Gym, even though it's hazardous to my health! And for what!? To her I'm just…."

Once again Angela calmly finished the thought outloud. "Normal."

Mike slumped back into the couch with a sigh, seemingly shouted out. "Not used to rejection, huh?" Angela asked, weakly. Sure she had a nagging feeling that this was the source of Mike's depression but she hadn't expected him to be so…loudly vocal about it.

"It's…not just that Ang. She never even gave me a chance. It's not like with Jessica. We actually dated and it didn't work. With Bella…she won't even give me a chance. It's driving me insane. She deserves better than him." Whereas before Mike had been yelling at the top of his lungs, now he was extremely hard to hear.

"Mike…I'm saying this as a friend. You've got to let her go. You two just…aren't meant to be. You've tried and you've tried but she just doesn't see you that way." Angela tried to keep her voice even but honestly she was slightly worried about Mike's reaction to her words. Her caution seemed to have merit.

"I wouldn't know! If she'd just give me the time of day then just maybe she'd see what I really have to offer. I'm not rich or Mr. Giant Hardcore Guy On A Motorcycle but I l-…she deserves better…" Once again Mike's voice trailed off near the end of his rant and had he actually been looking at Angela he'd have noticed the change in her expression. Instead of the cool and collected way she usually looked, her eyes were practically wide in shock.

"Mike…what were you about to say?" She asked very carefully.

"Nothing. It doesn't matter now anyway…" He grumbled back, folding his arms over his chest.

"Mike…please…please listen to me when I say…mentally speaking…falling in love with Bella is not the healthiest thing you could do."

While Mike wasn't completely sure what Angela had meant by that, he still felt slightly offended as well as surprised that she'd actually said something bad about Bella. "I can't help how I feel. She just…does something to me. And I tried to write it off as 'forbidden fruit' or 'You always want what you can't have.' and all that but…I just know in my heart it's more than that. Seeing her with Cullen's literally driving me insane. But I know there's no point in me saying anything. I could get on my knees and beg and all it'd do is make her feel guiltier about saying no."

At this point, Angela let out a surprisingly exasperated sigh. "Dammit Mike…Bella's just not attracted to normal people. She literally found the 2 weirdest guys…the 2 most dangerous guys in all of Forks to be attracted to. Especially simultaneously. That can't be a coincidence. Going after Bella is literally not a healthy move." As soon as the words fell from Angela's lips she had an expression like she'd just told too much. But as much as Mike was intrigued by her sudden outburst one part of her rant in particular caught his attention.

"Dangerous? As in Bella's in danger with them around? What do you know?" Mike asked, his voice laced with accusation.

Angela grumbled something under her breath that Mike couldn't understand. "If anything they're in danger of what she attracts…" Angela's voice now sounded unusually exhausted. Once more, it was like the more Angela talked like this, the more questions Mike had.

"Angela? You're my friend, right?" He asked, noting that Angela was now giving him skeptical look.

"Of course…" She answered cautiously.

"What do you know about them that you're not telling me?" His piercing gaze didn't seem to affect Angela all that much as a slight smirk began to form on her lips.

"The more pertinent question would be…why I know it…" Everything from Angela's expression to her voice now seemed to change drastically. It was almost as if she went from shy, friendly girl to…dangerous.

"Why do you know it?" Mike finally asked, taking the bait.

"I know a lot of things. Unfortunately for you they're things normal people shouldn't know. Things that normal people can't know." As Angela spoke, Mike could feel the hairs on the back of his neck standing. It was similar to how he felt around Cullen. Like something just wasn't right. He had a feeling to get the information he wanted, he'd have to go the indirect route.

"Wouldn't that imply that you aren't normal?" He asked, hoping this line of questioning would lead him in the right direction.

"I'm not. As I said, Bella's not attracted to normal people. Even if it's not a romantic attraction in my case…" She grumbled.

"So…why aren't you normal?" Mike asked, trying not to let his impatience leak though his words.

"Because of what I am." Mike was just about to ask the obvious follow up question when Angela held up her finger. "Mike…knowledge is not always a good thing. In this case it can be as dangerous to you as your insistent wishes. In equal measure in fact."

There was a long pause between the two teens before Mike finally nodded. "I don't care. I want to know."

Once again that odd grin crossed Angela's face. "There is a price to such knowledge, Mike. Bella's had a very long two years because of it that you are unaware of. Are you sure?"

Mike was glaring now. It was taking so long to get to the point that he wanted to know that he was beginning to lose track of it. "Yes." He said gruffly.

"I could tell you what I am, but…it would just be a word to you. The closest equivalent would be…a witch."