(And this chapter's where the Breaking Dawn spoilers come in. So if you haven't read it yet, don't blame me. And if you don't plan to, hopefully I've explained everything enough that you can still understand what's going on.)

Months Later

Bella stared across the table to Jacob with a slightly worried expression. She knew there was nothing she could really do about the situation. Either they'd understand or they wouldn't. She looked down as she felt Renesmee burying her little head in Bella's hair.(Yes my minority of Mike fans, the very existence of Resnesmee means Bella did indeed choose Edward in the end. Go fig, but bare with me. There's always a method behind my madness.)

Since Renesmee had the unfortunate situation of being born resembling one of the immortal children, the Volturi would be descending upon them in a few short weeks and they needed as much help as they could get.

The first and simultaneously the most and least likely to help them were the Denali clan, Eleazar, Carmen, Kate and Tanya who, according to Edward, would be there in a minute. Bella turned as she heard the car turning into the Cullens' driveway. She cocked her head to the side as she realized she was hearing 5 sets of footprints instead of 4. Had Irina come back? She didn't know if that would have been a good thing or a bad one, especially since one of the werewolves who killed Laurent was sitting right across from her. In fact, Jacob seemed to be just as confused.

"What the hell!?" Edward exclaimed as he swung the door open. "Have you lost your MIND!?" Both Bella and Jacob traded glances at Edward's reaction to whatever he saw. They knew they were supposed to stay in the back until Edward explained the situation but his fury made that very difficult. Even Renesmee was trying to peek out the door to see what was wrong.

"Quite possibly. It wasn't my idea." A male voice said, which Bella could only assume was Eleazar.

"Overreact much?" Another male voice said. Something erupted in Bella and she had to see what was happening.

Poking her head out of the door, Bella peeked, hearing Jacob walking behind her to do the same thing. Her eyes shot open when she saw what was causing the commotion. "MIKE!?" Bella exclaimed as she saw her old friend. At least she was pretty sure it was him. It could have been another vampire that slightly resembled him, but the dazzling smile he flashed her when he saw her was oddly familiar.

"Hey Bella. Does Valium work on vampires because I think Edward needs one. Or maybe a couple." Mike said with a little chuckle, as Edward growled back at him. An odd sense of nostalgia washed over Bella. Sure it seemed really obvious, but as Bella stared at him she couldn't think of a time she'd seem him looking better. But there was nothing to compare that to besides him looking human, right?

"M-mike? How did-?...You're a-…Wha-?" Bella couldn't figure out how exactly to word the question. Mike let out a little laugh as he got her meaning anyway.

"Now that…is a long story. Well…I guess it's not technically that long, but-"

A few months back at Bella and Edward's wedding

Mike smiled as he watched Angela and Ben dancing. They were having a great time but it still looked slightly awkward with the height difference between the two. But it wasn't like he could talk, he'd decided to go alone. Sure he could have asked Jessica but…he didn't want her reading more into it.

"You okay, Mike?" Angela asked as the pair stopped in front of him. There was an odd sense of déjà vu from that question.

"Um…" Mike glanced at Bella and Edward. "Yeah…I am actually." He knew he'd done everything he could. It just…wasn't meant to be. He was fine with that.

"Ben, could you get me a drink? I'll give Mike a chance to dance and not just stand there stuffing his face." Angela offered.

Mike laughed and shook his head. "No no. Don't stop on my account. I'll get both of you something. Be right back." Mike said as he went over to the refreshment table. Nobody seemed to believe him when he said he was okay with everything. It was fairly simple when he really thought about it. Either he could mope and let the depression have him or he could just force himself to move on. Sure that was easier said than done, but it was possible. Though Mike was pondering so hard he wasn't completely paying attention to where he was going and walked into someone. "Oh! Sorry." Mike apologized, rubbing his shoulder. Whoever it was, was really built. It felt like walking into a wall.

"Don't mention it. I should have been paying attention. Are you alright?" The girl he walked into asked.

Mike found himself speechless as he saw who it was. He didn't recognize them, but they were obviously an acquaintance of Edward, possibly a relative, and drop dead gorgeous to boot. "Uh…yeah…I'm fine." Mike was able to get out, trying to force himself from staring. At that moment something did indeed distract his attention as he looked to see Bella and Edward dancing in the center of the dance floor. A smile crossed his face as he saw the smile on Bella's. He let out a sigh. "As long as she's happy…"

Mike then abruptly turned to the girl he'd bumped into, just as she looked back at him. She'd said the exact same thing at the same time, with just the change of a pronoun. As the two looked at each other, they laughed. "Mike." He introduced himself.

"Tanya." She said back, flashing Mike a smile.

"So…would you like a drink or something?" Mike asked.

Tanya suddenly let out a musical giggle. "You know…I already drank before I came here. I think if I had another one I'd cause a bit of a scene." She said, laughing as if there were an inside joke behind her words.

"I know the feeling." Mike said with a sigh.

Tanya grinned back. "Do you, now?" The two of them smiled at each other. Mike wondering how he could possibly be so lucky that this amazon of a woman was actually talking to him, while also feeling slightly hypocritical at his reaction to her, though he couldn't place why, just as Tanya realized she might have found another 'conquest' unaware that she'd found something much more.

"Hmm…Ben, I think you're going to have to get me that drink after all. Mike seems to be a bit…preoccupied." Angela said with a smile, looking over in Mike's direction.

"Preoccupied with wh-..Holy Crap!" Ben exclaimed as he saw the beauty Mike was talking to. Angela raised an eyebrow as she gave Ben a look. "Uhhh…I mean…how despicable. Leave it to Mike to try to pick up a girl at a friend's wedding. A girl whose beauty pales in comparison to yours, of course." Ben recovered.

Angela just grinned back. "Uh huh. Why don't you make sure you get a drink for yourself as well. Might help wash that foot out of your mouth."

"Good plan." Ben said, flashing Angela a smile, as he leant up to kiss her on the cheek.

As Ben went over, Angela smiled as she looked at Mike and Tanya who were laughing over something. She could no longer read Mike's mind. He'd soon have everything he wanted and more. So would Edward and Bella for that matter, though their route would be a little more treacherous. Even Bella's werewolf friend, currently being dragged away would have his happy ending. Angela turned back to Tanya and Mike as her eyes flashed white. "Oh Mike, what's 8 years…when you have an eternity?"

(And that's that. Hope those of you that read this enjoy it. Had this story in my head for awhile now. Kind of have a thing for side characters that not much happened with. Anyway, let me know if you liked it, hated it, whatever.)