It used to be so easy. When they first met, their own complicated lives did not seem so complicated when put together. It was as if they thought that fate would make allowances, simply because it felt meant to be.

This, obviously, is soon proven not to be the case. Their relationship, their painful attachment to one another, it hurts everyone around them. It dampens the course of events, and leaves everyone else rather far behind. It is too late; by the time they notice that it's no longer easy.

Things never are, when it comes to Judai. He warns Johan, at one point. After it is over, past when it would have mattered. His timing is the slightest bit selfish, but he is still so nervous that Johan will agree with his advisement. Clearly, he underestimates Johan's perception of their bond. His unending confidence in the world does not extend to his own being, especially after all he's done. Johan kisses him anyway, telling him that he will never leave his side again.

The onlookers wince, knowing that this couldn't possibly be a good sign. At least they are graduating soon, though. Then the couple's decisions won't spin their futures into mayhem.

Judai does realize what it has done to his friends. He has alienated them, for other reasons too, he supposes. But they resent Johan for it, as he probably should have expected. Johan is the only thing that is different from two years ago; they only common denominator for what could have gone wrong. No one is the same, and Judai blames himself. After all, it is not Johan who put everyone in danger.

Sometimes, it's hard for them too. They love each other, and they care about one another. It should be much simpler than it is. But they were friends first, enemies second. Lovers is furthest down the list of way to define them. It is as if their boundaries are already crossed, and there is nothing else to give to each other. They have betrayed everything and everyone for one another, and their devotion has been undeniably displayed.

But they are just too big for the universe. It is stifled, under the combination of their weight. It cannot support them; at least not while they are together. The inevitable outcome waits to dawn, as if it has its own personal goals.

Surely, they will destroy the universe. Their undying devotion for each other, it knows no limits. They will destroy and kill and sacrifice, if only not too watch the other suffer. Without each other, they are incomplete, but with each other they do not realize the damage they cause.

And so they remain answerless. Miserable when on their own, miserable at the cause of their joined forces. Endlessly aged because of the past, and they still do not know of a solution. It was apocalypse waiting to happen, once they knew of each other's existence.

A/N: I know it's kind of short. But I wrote it because I love Spiritshipping and everything, but I really disagree with the fact that it would be fluffy. Reviews are appreciated.