Hello everyone! Okay, this is the story of Brady and Alyssa. It won't make much sense unless you've read my story Never Too Young For Love. But if you haven't read it, then don't till this is finished, because then the ending will be a surprise! So without further ado, here's the story!

Summary – Alyssa's life isn't perfect. It hasn't been for a long time. But when she meets Brady, everything changes. Will he be the one to make her eternally happy, or will he crush every hope she's managed to create?

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Chapter One – My Life

So my life isn't perfect, I've learned to suck it up and put on a brave smile. That's how I deal when I'm not particularly happy. I haven't been in a bright mood ever since the accident, the thing that changed my life forever. I remember the lights flashing and a loud screeching noise before everything went black. I remembered my mother screaming with pain as she tried desperately to shield her bulging stomach and me at the same time. My father had tried to stop the car, but that damned ice had us sliding and slipping right into that car. My brother Matt, my father, and I survived without as much as a cut. My mother was completely different. She had gone into labor seven and a half months pregnant, they managed to save the baby, we had named him Todd. Mom had died holding Todd in her arms, her face and body a bloody mess. I also remembered her last words, though it had been so long ago.

"I love you. Todd, your father and siblings are wonderful. You'll take care of each other." The light had left her eyes as she murmured the last words. I had been eleven then. Now I'm fifteen and Matt, my annoying twin brother is fifteen too, of course. Todd is four, almost five, as we're almost sixteen. And to make our lives even worse, our father wants to escape the horrors of the past. Escape right to La Push, Washington. The place I've never heard of and whished that I never would hear of. We couldn't even fly there; the nearest airport was in some place called Port Angeles and Dad didn't want to go through all that baggage claim shit. He hated to fly places and if there was another possibility, he would look eagerly into it. I sighed as our car zoomed down the highway, our cat Zoe was sleeping soundly on my lap; I was a major cat person, that was for sure. Matt had gotten shotgun so I had to ride in the back with Todd and a million bags stuffed between our legs. Finally we pulled onto the road leading to La Push. I sighed with relief at the prospect of this long journey being over. I combed my fingers trough my rat's nest of a hair and leaned my head against the headrest. I wished that my life could be better. I wished my mother hadn't died. I wished we wouldn't have to move to middle of La Nowhere.

---------------------------------------------------One Hour Later--------------------------------------------------------

I opened the car door and set Zoe on her feet carefully before getting up and stretching. Everything was so green and lush. It would have been pretty if it had been sunny, but it was grey. Grey and green were the only two colors I would see until college. Oh great, at least if my parents had gotten a divorce I would have been able to visit…. M-mom…. In sunny Virginia. But no, she was dead and never coming back. And I was never coming back to Virginia. A tear fell down my cheek and splattered on the ground. I walked quickly into my new home to see where the shower was, my blond hair was horridly dirty and I needed to wash it. I kicked off my flimsy flip-flops and explored the new place. It was small with only three bedrooms, Matt and Todd had to share. They had the downstairs bathroom and Dad and I had the upstairs one. I went into my new room and gasped with shock. The walls were a lime green and the floor was a light shade of wood. I absolutely loved it. I danced in circles around it and swung my arms out, loving the feeling of it. I knew this was one of the times when my blue and gray eyes were sparkling. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad. I pried my body away from my glorious room. Before I could get in my Dad approached me.

"Alyssa, I'm sorry, really I am. But I had to get away from there. Away from all the painful memories. I need to look at Todd without feeling sadness. I'm sorry but this'll be good for everyone. Maybe you'll find a boyfriend to get your mind off of your mother for once." He said gently. My eyes blazed. Sometimes, I just hated his pep talks. Actually, I always hated his pep talks. I kept my face and body soft and calm, I had never shown anger. I nodded, keeping my eyes trained on the floor and pushed past him to the bathroom. I doubt I would ever find someone to be with, after all, I was nothing special.

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