When Kana finally found Tsubasa, the young woman was curled up in a ball of withdrawal in the back alley of an "escort club" for gentlemen. Tsubasa looked up with smeared mascara eyes at the figure invading her pit of despair, but dropped her head again at the sight of some stranger she'd never seen. The picture looked grim, but Kana wouldn't give up.

"Um, excuse me, are you Tsubasa?"

"What the hell do you want?" Eyes narrowed in suspicion, Tsubasa reached into her waistband for the knife she kept there. Kana didn't let that deter her now that she'd finally found the elusive girl.

"You were good friends with Moji when you were young, right?" The reaction to that question was much more violent then Kana had been hoping for. Tsubasa's eyes widened in fear and memory at the name "Moji" and her mouth opened in a loud cry of grief. In a flash the knife was out and pointed at Kana.

"Who are you? Why do you know that name?" Her voice was breaking and tears chocked her voice. "Oh God, Moji. . ." she broke down in tears, dropping the knife in favor of covering her face. Kana kept her distance from the howling woman and dug into her bag, pulling out a book. The binding was unprofessional and the pages were simple printing paper — and rightly so seeing as Kana had only made a very limited number of copies all by herself. Tsubasa looked at the thing being offered to her from Kana's hands and read the title. "'Zearth: The Pilots and their Stories'. What – why are you giving this to me?"

"Moji was one of the pilots that fought in Zearth. I was there with my brother and all the others. Before he died, Moji told us about you and Nagi; how you grew up together and wanted to stay together forever. And he told us about Nagi's heart. . . his final request was—"

"He gave his heart to Nagi. I know. . I know all about it thanks to that military guy," Sanity was returning to Tsubasa's eyes as she took the offered novel and flipped through the pages mindlessly.

Kana made an "ah" of surprise. "But, if you knew, then why are you. . ."

Tsubasa answered with a cold and bitter laugh. "Moji died to give Nagi life. Some noble sacrifice, huh? But Moji didn't realize that he was the glue that kept us together. Without him, we. . . and when Nagi found out who's heart was in his chest. . . How were we supposed to feel, knowing Moji was dead? He didn't even tell us! And then every time I looked at Nagi, all I could see was Moji." The tears had come back with a vengeance and Tsubasa sat down, cradling the book in her hands.

"Thank you, for the book. I'll read it. But right now, I need you to leave."

Seeing Moji's friend settling back in the dirty alley was not how Kana thought this meeting would go. She had thought Tsubasa and Nagi would be together in a little house somewhere, living out the lives they were given. Clutching her bag with the remaining books to her chest, Kana turned around and left Tsubasa to her grief. Though she knew life wasn't always fair, it still hurt to see the future Moji fought so hard for turned to trash in a gutter.