A new shift of nurses arrives in the ER. "You look exhausted," one notes to a nurse getting ready to end her shift.

"Yang was down here today," she replies. Some of the nurses nod knowingly.

"What does Hunt see in her?" another wonders.

Cristina comes home, slamming the door in frustration. Owen looks up, as he is chopping vegetables in the kitchen.

"Don't ask," she mutters, throwing her coat down and kicking off her shoes. She heads for the bathroom.

"Hunt? He's just as bad as she is some days. Though I don't think he's made an intern cry. Yet."

Cristina quickly strips and steps under the warm spray of the shower. She hears the bathroom door open behind her and smiles softly. She wets her hair slowly. As she hoped, a muscular arm reaches around her and grabs her shampoo bottle. She sighs and starts to relax, as Owen's strong hands work scented liquid through her hair.

"He's such an asshole sometimes, the way he yells at people. What do you expect, living with Queen Cristina? You should have seen her trying to order us around today."

"Thank you," Cristina murmurs, after Owen is done rinsing out her hair. She turns around, wrapping one arm around his waist and leaning against him. The other hand reaches down and starts stroking his erection. He inhales sharply.

"They must go home and yell at each other all night."

He loves it when she takes the lead, teasing and exciting him with just her hands and her mouth. "Cristina," he moans, leaning against a wall, signalling that he can't take much more. She smiles and gets up off of her knees. He picks her up, lifting her against the opposite wall, thrusting into her urgently.

"Seriously, what does she see in him? He's so grim."

She loves it when she can shake him out of his gentlemanly demeanour, when all he wants to do is fuck her hard and fast. They kiss, their tongues moving in time with the rhythm of his thrusts. She wraps her legs around his waist. Just to tease him further, she starts rubbing his nipples with her thumbs. He grins and starts to buck and spill inside of her, chanting her name.

"What is her problem?"

"She's got a huge stick up her butt."

She smiles as he finally collapses against her, spent. "Your turn," he whispers, helping her stand again, stroking her hair. He gets down on his knees, parts her with his fingers, and starts to suck on her clit. She grabs her breasts and screams.

"Those two were made for each other."

They clean each other up, and turn off the water in the shower. They step out, wrapped in towels. He picks her up in his arms, and carries her to their bedroom. She laughs, flinging her arms around his neck. He smiles, gently placing her on the bed and removing her towel.

"Love you."

"Love you too."