A tag to Legend part 2. Ziva lying in bed with Rivkin just caught hold of my imagination and would not leave me alone. I have a feeling it's going to be a long BAD summer for TIVA supporters.

I do not own NCIS or any part thereof.


She lay very still, not wanting to wake him. Her eyes burnt with tiredness but she couldn't sleep. Thoughts ran unchecked, tugged and splintered her mind and gave her no rest. She gave up trying to control them. Painful thoughts. Ugly thoughts. What her father wanted. What Michael demanded. What Gibbs was going to say when she saw him next. How Tony looked at her with disgust in his eyes. The same way he had looked at Michele Lee. The same way.

She jerked and Michael tightened his hold on her in his sleep. She lay very still. He would want to have sex again if he woke up and she hated him touching her but didn't have the words to make him stop. They were together. Her father wanted them together. Michael wanted them together. Tony didn't care if they were together. It didn't matter what Ziva wanted. There was no one to care what Ziva wanted.

A whimper tried to escape and she stuffed the sheet in her mouth. No crying. Michael would wake up. No crying. Ziva David doesn't cry. Ziva David doesn't cry even as her life ends while she still breaths. Soon Ziva will be gone and only an empty shell left. She wonders if any of them will notice.

She lay very still, not wanting to wake him.