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A strange new ally

Spyro glanced up at the blood red sky, streaked with jagged orange and red lines above him and sighed, glancing over at his friends. "I bet if Ignitus had known it was this bad, he wouldn't have made us go." The land scape in front of them was so.... hellish, there was lava instead of water, rocks instead of grass, strange unknown plants, and a crap load of enemies. He paused to let Cynder, Flame, and Ember catch up to him. None of them were doing very well, Flame had several oozing cuts on his chest, Ember had fractured her front left wrist, Cynder was doing about as well as Flame, and she also had several long bloody claw marks on her face. Several strange creatures spotted them and ran over. They had light tan skin on their top half and brown fur on the bottom half. They had long pointy ears, five sharp claws, and three toes.

They stopped about three feet away and started launching fireballs out of their hands. The four dragons dodge them with ease, sending their own fireballs at them. The creatures simply absorbed it and continued to fire back. After about ten seconds, they stop, close in and start slashing at the dragons. Spyro ducks under an incoming claw and bites down on its waist, cracking the bone. While it shrieked in pain he killed it with a slash to the neck. Letting the corpse drop, he charges at another one attempting to sneak up on Cynder. It sensed him coming and shoots him in the face with a fireball, sending him back into a rock. Cynder and Flame are protecting Ember when Spyro gets blasted, causing Ember and Cynder to scream in horror as he slumps to the ground unconscious. Ignoring Cynder and Flame's cries, Ember flies over to Spyro and attempts to revive him. She feels something hit the back of her neck and suddenly a warm liquid starts flowing down her back and onto the ground. Collapsing from the sudden blood loss she can only watch in horror as the creature starts it's death blow, and closing her eyes she waits for the inevitable. Suddenly a thump is heard and the creature falls over dead, a black and red arrow through its neck. Cynder and Flame look around cautiously as Cynder takes a step toward the others and nearly gets hit by another arrow. A voice that sounds a little like the person is growling at the same time calls out "Move and die."

Out of the shadows steps a human/cat looking thing that is wearing full fur armor that looked like it had ether been hastily made or had seen to much combat. He is holding a loaded bow with a color mixture of black and a crimson red and is walking very cautiously toward the two conscious dragons. The figure asks in a surprisingly calm tone "Please tell me why four dragons would be wander in around in Oblivion?" The two turn to each other and gulp as the figure continues on, "I will also be pleased to tell you that my hand might just "accidentally" slip if I don't get an answer. Get my drift?"

Flame turns pale and hides behind Cynder, who just rolls her eyes and replies back, "This weird upside-down U shaped portal opened up in the middle of our homeland and creatures started pouring out of it. The elders sent us four in to try to close it, but we haven't had any luck." The creature to Cynder and Flame's surprise, begins to laugh and lowers his bow. "Uhh... what's so funny?"

"I find it funny that I would find four helpless little dragons wandering around in hell, not knowing what their doing. I also find it funny that four dragons had trouble with a few scamps."


"That brown and tan creature."

Flame speaks up, startling Cynder. "Why the hell are they called scamps?"

"No freakin idea but if you can't handle even a few scamps then all of you are completely screwed."

"Are you saying that they're the weakest creature here?"


Flame and Cynder mumble at the same time, "Shit, we're screwed" They're quiet for a few more seconds before Cynder breaks the silence, and pointing at Spyro and Ember she asks,"Hey, creepy dude? Could you uhh.... heal them?"


"The two others."

"Can't even heal themselves? Interesting......" He walks over to them and kneels down. His back is turned, but a white glow is coming from his hand onto Spyro and Ember, making them glow. Finally he steps back as the two begin to stir. Ember looks up at the creature for a few seconds then screams causing Spyro to jump up and growl, "Get the hell away from her!!" He then collapses into Ember's claws from sudden fatigue. The figure sighs and mutters "Typical......".

Spyro asks "What are you then? Why should I trust you? You don't look like any animal I've ever seen."

"That is because I am not an animal" He replied, "I am one of the proud people of the province of Elsweyr"

Spyro, sounding confused replies "That still doesn't tell me who or what you are..."

"I am a Khajiit"

"A Khajiit? What the hell is that?"

He smacks his head and asks "Man, where the heck do you live? Are you new or something? I mean how else would you not know about Khajiits?" Spyro glances over at the others before speaking up.

"We live in the dragon realms of the Artistian home world."

"Artistian? Ever heard of Cyrodiil?"


"Ok then.... I'll tell you what is going on. Your home world was invaded by a species called dadera. They're ruled by sixteen "princes" of Oblivion. I can't remember them all, but the deadliest is Marunes Dadon. He is the Datric prince of natural disasters. He tried to take over once and was supposedly killed, but was found to be still alive, more dangerous than ever. They create realms for their dadera called Oblivion. You stand now in one of the many plains of Oblivion."

Flame, looking worried asks "So..... there could be more than one gate open in our world at a time?"

"Unfortunately for you, yes that is possible."

Spyro, obviously thinking hard on the subject finally says "Is there ANY way to close the gate? I don't care how crazy or dangerous it is, if there is a way tell me."

"There is one and ONLY one way to close a Oblivion gate, to remove the sigil stone at the top of the largest tower. Then we will be teleported out as the gate implodes on itself."

The four turn to leave and Spyro says "Thanks for the advice............ whats your name?"

"I have no name so you can just call me....... oh I'll go with Dart, and if you plan to close the gate you will probably need my help to do so."

Cynder replies, a grin on her face "Then hurry up and lets go!"

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