The explosion was heard and echoed through out the area. Lyra cringed away as the rubble flew past her. A small piece ended up scrapping the side of her cheek. Lyra quickly brought her hand up to her cheek. It was sticky… She was bleeding now. She then blinked looking around. It was dark and cloudy. She could barely see what was going on.

"Brother! Where are you?" she called out follow by a cough. She ended up inhaling some of the dust and it cause her to choke.

"Lyra!" she heard a voice call out. "Lyra where are you?" he called out again.

Lyra looked around trying to see where the voice was coming from. Around her she could hear rumbling and explosions. She could also hear grunts and people crying out in pain. All these sounds were confusing her. "Brother!" she cried out.

Suddenly she felt someone appear behind her. Lyra tensed. She knew this was someone she didn't know. Mostly because of the amount of kei they were giving off. They were planning on striking. Slowly, Lyra turned her head and her prediction was correct. Behind her stood a figure in black with some sort of animal face. Lyra growled at the man. She pulled out a small white block from her back pocket. "Restoration."

She saw the figure react by moving his head towards her sword. Then the eyes started to glow. He then pointed at her and suddenly his sleeve was glowing and a large weapon appeared. Lyra managed to jump back in time as the weapon stretched out going passed the spot where her head had been seconds ago.

Lyra narrowed her eyes waiting for the man to move. Suddenly he disappeared. Lyra's eyes widened as she panicked. Where did he go? She then felt someone appear behind her. Lyra quickly spun around and found the same figure there. He was in the process of striking her and brought her dite up to block it.

Luckily she blocked but it didn't matter. He ended up knocking the sword down and then swung his Dite horizontally. Lyra brought her hands up in defense hoping to block, but she looked away at the last second, out of fear. This was it. She was done. Brother…

She could feel the gush of wind coming from all directions as the battle was going on. Suddenly she felt an arm wrap around her and pull her forwards followed by a clanging noise of two weapons making contact. Lyra's eyes shot open. Someone was holding her close. Her first thought was, it was her brother, but then she noticed the lock of red hair.

"Dixerio!" she gasped surprised.

"Now what are you doing, trying to take on these people." He started in a scolding manner. He then jumped forwards and landed behind a pillar and placed Lyra down. "Stay right here." Lyra just nodded not being able to speak. He was then off. Lyra peaked out from behind the pillar to see Dixerio charging at the man with electricity emanating from the blade. He then swung across and the small currents of electricity traveled though the air and struck the black hooded figure and then he finished him off.

Lyra was now standing in front of the pillar watching. Dixerio turned around and frowned seeing her on the other side. "You honestly can't sit still can you?"

Lyra just hurried over to him. "Brother? Where is he?" she demanded. Last time she had seen her brother, he was with Dixerio. Now Dixerio was here and he wasn't. That worried Lyra.

"Relax, he's here somewhere." Dixerio assured, looking around, "Stay close now, don't want you getting lost." He said as he wrapped an arm around her, pulling her away from rubble that fell. "This way." He ordered as he started heading towards the dock where the roaming buses were boarded. Lyra followed behind him. She couldn't help but stare at the rubble around her.
What was going on here? She thought. They arrived to the docking station where it was even more chaotic. People were lining up trying to get in the roaming. There weren't many left now.

Lyra was looking out trying to find her brother. "Brother!" Lyra called out looking for her brother.

"Yo Satoshi! Where are you?" Dixerio called out.

"Here!" They heard someone grunt as they responded. Both turned towards a small explosion and saw someone appearing from within the smoke. His uniformed was drenched in some sort of blood. "Sorry got caught up with a couple things." He explained as he hurried over. He then looked down at Lyra, "Come on you have to get on the last bus. It's about to leave!" He urged her towards the bus.

"What about you?" she asked stopping in the doorway.

"I have to stay back and protect the city." He replied.

"Then I want to stay back and help!" the young girl demanded, stubbornly, "I can fight! You know it!" She insisted, holding on to his arm

"There is no way I'm letting you stay back here when Filth monsters are destroying the city!" he answered sternly.

"But-" she started

"Don't worry… I'll be fine…" her brother gave her an assuring smiling.

Lyra sighed, turning towards Dixerio. "Are you staying as well?" she asked.

She saw Dixerio smirked, "You know I can't just leave your brother by himself now can I?" he shrugged. Lyra looked like she was about to protest, but just then the driver called out they were about to depart.

She got on to the bus, "promise you'll write whenever you can." She turned around facing Satoshi.

"I will, but you better write when you get there." He gave her a hug.

"I will. I'll write right when I get to the next city." She said returning the hug.

Dixerio then stepped forwards to pat her head, "Take care Lyra-Chan." He smiled. Lyra felt a little lightheaded afterwards.

Satoshi watched him step back then turned towards Lyra. "Make sure you write and tell me everything that's going on. I've given you money, don't…"

"Yo Satoshi, we don't have all day!" he heard Dixerio call out.
Satoshi glanced back at him and saw Dixerio standing there with a smirk, ready to stop his brother from going on another rant. "Alright!" he called out. Then to her, "bye." He said taking a step back.

"Good bye! I'll miss you!" she said getting tears in her eyes.

"Yeah… I'll miss you as well…" he said as the door closed. The bus started to depart and soon it was out of the station.

"Did you really have to do that?" Satoshi asked turning towards the red haired man next to him.

"Hey it was better this way," he shrugged, "Now she'll only worry about one person."

"But…you guys…"

"Hey it's done now, no turning back." Dixerio stopped him flatly, turning around. Satoshi sighed watching the bus drive off.

"Be safe…" he thought as it got farther and farther. He could see his sister's face out of the window staring at them. He wanted to scold her to go sit down in a seat and stop worrying. Just then they heard a rumble. Satoshi and Dixerio turned around as the ground beneath their feet shook. Then from bellow the floor, a huge Filth Monster came shooting up. It flew up into the air and let out a deafening roar.

Satoshi and Dixerio both raised their arm, covering themselves from the rubble. "Great now there're Filth Monsters?" he groaned as he looked up from behind his arm.

"Things just keep getting more interesting…" his red haired friend replied as his sword appeared getting it ready.

"Care to take it down?" Satoshi looked at him. Dixerio just smirked looking back at him.

"Fine…" Satoshi sighed understanding the look. He pulled his dite out twirling it in front of him. "Restoration." He called out as a silver light emerged and his dite appeared showing a lance. He looked at Dixerio and they both nodded charging at the creature.

They both charged at the creature going off in different directions. The creature went after Dixerio biting down towards him. Satoshi took the opportunity to slice down at him. Just then the ground started to shake. There was a bright light and next thing you know there was a huge explosion…

"Brother!" Lyra exclaimed sitting up in bed. She panted, looking around in panic and then froze realizing where she was. It was her room. Lyra then sighed, relaxing a little. Her heart was still racing and she could feel her body shivering.

Lyra sighed as she brought her covers around herself. 'That dream again…' she thought rubbing her head. She shuddered when thought of the Filth Monster from her dream. It was flashes of her last moments in that city with her brother. Lyra frowned as she remembered that. Her brother stayed back to protect the city while she escaped. The thought bothered her. Every time she thought of her brother she would scold herself for easily giving in and leaving. She should have stayed back and help, but what could she do? When she did get the opportunity to fight, she almost got killed, so of course her brother would send her off, but that was going to change. Now that she was at this school, she was going to get stronger. After the escape the roaming bus ended up in Grendan. Because of her age, Lyra had an escort and she was taken to some small orphanage and where she pretty much restarted her life. She wrote back to her brother, but there was never a reply. That worried her. Lyra then decided that she was going to major in Military Art and then once she was strong, she would go back and find her brother and the two would then continue on doing what they promised their parents. But Grendan refused. Instead, she was told to enroll in a smaller Academy thus how she ended up here in Zuellini, her new school.

New school… It was her first day. Lyra felt her stomach turn at the thought. Things were going to be difficult, especially since she was arriving half way through the first semester. She slowly got out of the warmth of her bed and headed to the bathroom to wash up. Looking at herself in the mirror, she frowned at how her hair was messy. It always got tangled up. No matter what she did. That and then she noticed the small line running along her cheek. Lyra leaned in to get a better look. It was back again. It wasn't very noticeable, but it still bothered Lyra. It always reminded her of that day… After giving up on that, Lyra washed up, dressed herself, wearing her military arts uniform. her military uniform, and then sat down to comb her hair.

As she did, Lyra looked at herself in her She didn't have a platoon badge yet. Since it was her first day, she really didn't know where she was going, but one thing was clear. She was joining Military Arts.

That was her goal at least. Hopefully they would allow her unlike the Queen. For some reason, she wouldn't let Lyra enroll in the Military Arts programs in Grendan.

Once she was ready, Lyra headed down the hall of her dorm, and headed out to go to school. She let out a sigh as the morning breeze welcomed her. The city was beautiful, students walking around, minding their own business. It reminded her of home back in Grendan. She felt pang of guilt in her chest thinking of her best friend Leerin whom she left back home.

"Are you seriously going to leave Lyra?" Leerin asked the two were standing at the station, waiting for a train to come to take her to the boarding dock.

Lyra bit her lip and nodded. "Yes Leerin… I can't stay here…" She replied.

"But why? First Layfon and now you." Leerin protested. Lyra felt a pang of guilt. This was the same station Layfon used and this was the second time she had to say farewell to a good friend.

"I'm sorry Leerin but I can't stay here…" Lyra replied uneasy.

"What do you mean you can't? Don't tell me the queen is forcing you to leave too!" Leerin replied shocked.

Lyra just smiled shaking her head, "No… but she did say that if I can't get stronger here and I should leave if I want to find him."

Leerin stared her trying to find a way to convince her. Then she sighed looking down, "There's no way I can convince you is there?"

"Well you know me… once I want something, I get it." Lyra replied rubbing the back of her neck.

"If you see Layfon… will you tell him I said hi?" she asked shyly.

Lyra looked up at the sky, "I don't know I'll be going to the same place as him… but sure I will." Lyra said hugging her friend.

Leerin returned the hug. After that the trolley arrived. They pulled away. Lyra took a deep breath watching it pull up.

"Well, bye Leerin." Lyra smiled sadly at her friend getting on the trolley.

"Promise you'll write whenever you can." Leerin said.

"I'll will but you better write as well." Lyra replied. The door to the trolley closed and she was off for the roaming bus.

Lyra arrived to the Academy now. She looked up at the large building before her. It was big for an Academy though Grendan's was bigger.

Lyra looked around uncertain of where to go. Supposedly someone was supposed to come for her and take her to the President, but she couldn't see anyone around. Was she supposed to go inside?

"Excuse me but are you Lyra Tekeshi?" she turned around and saw a woman standing there.

Lyra blinked. Where did she come from? "Um… yea that's me." she replied.

The woman smiled nodding, "Come this way. The President would like to speak with you." She said turning around and she started walking.

"Ok…" Lyra replied following.

The woman led her up to a room. She opened the door and inside the President sat at his desk. She knew he was the president since she met with him the other day to talk about what she wanted to do. He had long silver hair and he sat at his desk with his hands crossed in front of him and his chin and his eyes hidden by the light reflecting off of his glasses. He smiled lifting his head as they entered. Lyra then heard shifting and that's when she noticed another girl sitting on the couch. She turned her head to look at them. Both Lyra and the girl's eyes met and they smiled to each other. She had short blonde hair wearing and was wearing a military arts uniform as well.

"Ah here she is." The president announced standing up, "Nina I want you to meet Lyra Tekeshi. Lyra this is Nina Antalk." He introduced.

"Hi there." They both said to each other in unison followed by a wave.

"Nina is the captain of the 17th Platoon. Which is the Platoon I'm assigning you to." The president went on explaining. Lyra blinked. So it was already decided? But she never even got a chance to say anything.

"It's nice to meet you." Nina greeted her standing up to shake her hand, "I'm sure you'll be a great help to the Platoon."

"Nice to meet you…" she started awkwardly, but quickly fixed herself, "I hope I'll be of some help." Lyra replied the same way.

"Now that that's done with, why don't you go ahead back and introduce her to the other. Lyra we'll talk about the Scholar ships afterwards" He said signaling them out. Lyra blinked in surprise. These people like to get to the point…

"Of course." Nina said as they left.

It was quiet as they walked out of the office. Lyra was looking around at the different buildings. Students were walking around heading to different

"I'm so glad that you'll be join our platoon. We were a little short on members." Nina suddenly spoke. It made Lyra jump and she turned back to her now captain.

"Short?" Lyra asked.
Nina nodded her head. "Most people tend to say that the 17 platoon is made up of left over's." Nina explained.
Lyra smirked hearing that. "Leftovers huh?" she remembered hearing people saying things like that while she was on her way to talk with the president. "Why do they say that?" she asked.

"I don't know. They think they're all better." Nina said making a scowling face. "That and in a way… we do have a random group that could be considered leftovers…" she replied realizing.

Lyra frowned at that. "What do you think?" she asked Nina.

Nina looked at her before looking up at the sky. "I think that if we can just work together and be serious then we could be the best platoon possible." Nina said looking up at the sky.

Lyra nodded her head with her eyes closed. "Good think that. Who cares what others have to say. If you think your team is capable of it then that's all that matters right?" she asked.

Nina smirked nodding, "I can tell that we're going to get along great." She remarked.

Lyra just looked up at her with a grin "I hope we do. Or else things will just be awkward.


It was a quiet day in the dojo. Not much was going on. Layfon stood there with his dite out. There were a couple wires connected to the blue sword and they were leading back to a computer where Harley sat looking at. He kept squinting, reading something, and then writing it down. Layfon just sighed as he went off in thoughts. Little did he realize that he had broken his concentration in the amount of Kei flowing into the sword. That is until, he heard Harley starting to protest.

"Too much Layfon! Too much!"

Layfon jumped and quickly brought his control on his kei back. "Sorry about that Harley." He apologized with a nervous chuckle.

Harley just shook his head and mumbled something about how they didn't care for their dites. Layfon just smiled nervously. He had recently over worked his dite again. Harley kept yelling at him about it and now here he was checking to see how much damage had actually been done.

Harley sighed as he got up, "Well luckily there isn't anything too serious. Though you really should be careful with it. Any more unnecessary things and it'll probably break.

"Right…" Layfon nodded.

They then heard the door open followed by loud yawn. "Yooo." Layfon and Harley both looked up at the door and saw Sharnid walking in. As usual he was late. It was actually a miracle that he came today. "Morning." They both nodded to him.

Sharnid stopped in the hall, looking around. "Where's Nina?"
Harley and Layfon both shrugged.

"My brother said he needed to talk to her." A monotone voice spoke up. Sharnid blinked and then moved out of the way and Felli came in.

"Ah Felli, so you showed up as well huh?" he smirked.
Felli didn't say anything but just walked in and sat down along one of the benches, against the wall.

Sharnid then frowned, "Seriously, the day she tells us all to be early and to actually be here is the day she comes in late."

"Like I said, my brother needed to talk with her." Felli replied, looking up at them.

Sharnid shook his head, "She's probably slacking off."

"Eh… I don't think captain would be the one to slack." Layfon started nervously. They then heard the door open.

"Oh look who finally showed up." Sharnid remarked as they all turned around and saw Nina standing in the doorway.

Nina frowned looking at him. "So you actually came." She growled, but then her face instantly brightened as she looked at everyone. "Sorry I'm late, guys. I was talking with the president and a new recruit." She explained.

"Recruit?" they all repeated. Well. Layfon, Harley, and Sharnid did. Felli just narrowed her eyes.

Nina nodded stepping away to reveal another girl, with black hair. She was tucking it out of her face at the time and blinked looking around the dojo.

"Wow… this place is huge!" she remarked.

Before Nina could say more, Layfon took a couple steps forwards, dropping his dite. In the back Harley could be heard freaking out and trying to catch it. "Be careful!" he said.

Layfon ignored it. He stared at the girl. She looked so familiar, but why? That's when it hit him. It him at the same time Nina had started speaking again.

"Let me introduce you to—"

"Lyra!" Layfon suddenly blurted out. That caused everyone to jump. The girl turned towards him blinking as she heard her name being called out and suddenly her eyes widened.

"L-Layfon?" she took a step back.

Layfon nodded his head taking a couple steps forwards. "What are you doing here? Why did you come here?" he stared asking, excitedly but was stopped by a cough.

Nina looked between the two of them, not expecting this reunion. "You two know each other?" Nina asked looking back and forth between the two.

Layfon blinked, remembering where he was. "Well… Um… Yeah. I mean we're both good friends and from the same city." Layfon explained.

Nina nodded her head, her eyes still narrowed slightly annoyed but then her face brightened and she was smiling. "Well good then. You won't feel as awkward. Anyways for everyone else, this is Lyra Tekeshi. She is a new student to Zuellini and will be joining our platoon." Then to Lyra she pointed them all introducing each. They all smiled saying their hellos except Felli who just nodded her head again. She didn't seem that interested, but she was still part of it.

Lyra smiled nodding to everyone. "Nice to meet you all." She smiled, bowing a little.

Nina nodded her head, "Alright now on with the examination." She decided getting straight to the point.

Lyra blinked. "E-examinations?" she asked, obviously confused and suddenly fearful. She didn't know there was another exam she had to take. She thought she was done everything.

"Don't worry." Layfon stepped in. It's just to see what type of fighter you are so we can organize our training around that." He explained.

"Oh!" Lyra nodded her head, relaxing.

Nina nodded her head. "You obviously know about platoon matches and based on your style of fighting, I can see where you would fit in with our strategies."

Lyra nodded her head understanding. "Um… but I don't have a dite…" she explained. The dite she had in Grendan was a borrowed one, which had turned was given to her by a friend, but Lyra decided to give it back to her friend when she was leaving. She told her friend to keep it safe for her in case she ever needed it or to just use it herself, but her friend said that she's keep it safe.

"That's okay!" Harley came over with a box. "These are some dites that don't have any memory stored in them. You can use one right now and then later we'll actually work on making a custom made dite for you." He explained.

Lyra nodded her head. "Thanks!" she said as she reached into the box and pulled out a green one. Lyra looked at it, before restoring it.

"Restoration." She said and out emerged a small sword. Lyra twirled it around. It was light. A little lighter than the one she used to have.

"Remember these have no memory in it so be a little careful with these." He said.

Lyra nodded her head and swung it once to get the kei flowing through it. She then turned towards Nina. "Okay I'm ready." She said.

"All right lets go. Restoration!" Nina announced with a dual pair of black swords emerging. She charged at Lyra barely giving her time to get ready. Nina and jumped in the air and came slamming down. Lyra quickly stuck her dite up at the last minute to parry the attack. She then ran forwards along her whips and focusing the kei in her hand she aimed for Nina's stomach.

Nina's eyes widened as she saw the move and barely dodged it. "Hmph, that's pretty good there. I'm impressed." She remarked. Lyra didn't say anything but just focused, preparing herself for the next move.

Everyone else had moved back now along the wall of the dojo now.

"Jeez couldn't they give us some sort of warning before starting?" Harley sighed.

Sharnid just laughed, "This is Nina remember that." He replied as he watched the two girls run at one another. At the last second, Lyra went slashing out and Nina jumped over her and then went slashing out at her back.

Lyra quickly spun around, her sword ward glowing a strange green color. As soon as it made contact with one of Nina's whip. Nina froze. Her arm suddenly went limp and then Lyra took the opportunity to push Nina back. She could have easily defeated Nina right there, but at the last second Nina took her other whip and aimed right at Lyra's head, causing her to move back.

Nina looked at her. "So you have a lightning affinity don't you?" Nina noted as she rubbed her arm. "That's interesting…" she thought to herself. Then she charged at Lyra again.

Off on the bench, Layfon was still standing watching the fight, while Sharnid had sat down leaning against the wall with his arms crosses and Harley was seated on the ground wrapping up the wires to his computer while watching.

Sharnid then whistled, impressed by the fight. "Wow she's doing way better than you when you first fought Nina." Sharnid noted.

Layfon just shrugged, "Well I didn't really want to fight then remember?" He felt Felli glaring at him. Layfon just bit his lip. When he first came he didn't even want to be part of the military arts. Lyra on the other hand came here prepared to go into the military arts. But if she was here then that means something happened. Layfon was confidant that it wasn't anything bad, but why was she here.

They watched as the two continued to fight, dodging each other's moves.

"Heh Nina actually seems to be enjoying this." Sharnid noted. Layfon looked at Nina's expression. She was actually smiling. For once she didn't have that angered frustrated look.

"I feel like having Lyra on the team is going to help Nina a lot." Harley remarked. Layfon nodded in agreement. Nina would always be frustrated after practice because of the out comes like Layfon only working, Felli doing what she feels like, Sharnid making excuses.

Suddenly they heard an explosion. Layfon jumped out of his thoughts looking up. There was smoke in the area.

"What… just happened?" he asked.

Sharnid sighed, "Nina did something…" he explained sitting up. The smoke started to clear and then they saw two figures lying there. Lyra was against one wall and Nina was against the other.

"Whoa…" They all stared comprehending what just happened.

"Ands that's what happens when Nina gets too excited." Sharnid clapped his hands.

"We better take them to the hospital." Felli stated.

They all sighed and nodded getting up.