Murdoc is laying quietly on his bed, in the candle lit Winnie, drinking a bottle of Scotch. He slips the bottle between his thighs, and reaches beside the bed for a cigarette, eventually finding one and lighting it, he leans back on the pillow and slowly blows out a long smokey sigh. He wasn't quite sure how long he'd been stuck in the windowless, wagon now. But given that Jamie had at least been nice enough to leave him a fully stocked supply of booze, and had refreshed his porn stash, the old man hadn't been found it to be too bad. He did know he needed to replace the light bulbs, so the experience had actually taught him something. And decided that, that was possibly one of the first few things he'd do once he was released, getting Jamie and Damon back had top priority though, but he didn't want to think about that just yet.

"That's a thought fer later. Ain't it Miss Shakes-a-lot!" he calls down to the zombie lady. She looks up at him and grimaces, not sure if she's suppose to smile or not, but finds the bassist isn't even looking at her. She turns back to her doll and continues washing it, as Murdoc adjusts the pillow he's propped on the wall and leans back.

So far things had gone as he'd expected. Until this bit had jumped up and bitten him anyway. But he knew even the greatest minds couldn't possibly predict everything, and wasn't too bothered by it. As long as it wasn't interfering with any of his more important schemes, the bassist could afford to ignore it. He'd known 'Bananaz' would get a lot of attention, but felt it needed a Niccals touch. He'd done that by letting people think he hated it, starting a petition to have it banned, and eventually 'hijacking' Ceri's 'Facebook' page, and arguing with the man about the films content. Making sure that people continued to believe he hated it, he'd gotten a lot of attention not just for himself, but the film as well. But that wasn't the only reason for that outburst, he had the whole thing planned from the first moment 'Bananaz' was advertised. He wanted money, and Ceri was the man he'd targeted to give it to him. All he needed was to set the mood, and give him something to focus on. Eventually he would have had to look like he'd caved in, but didn't want to let it look like he'd done that easily. The answering machine message was a work of pure genius.

"Just a pity no one realized, or would ever know that." he sighs, slipping the bottle from between his thighs and taking another swig. He smacks his lips loudly and looks at the cigarette in his hand, taking one last drag before butting it out in the overfull ashtray. "Pure fuckin' genius."

The fact that Ceri thought what he had about that answering machine message, proved to Murdoc the guy could not of possibly been paying any attention to anyone but Jamie and Damon, throughout the whole time he'd been filming. 'My fans reacted more or less how I expected. They loved me, and urged me to get that idiot. Heh, heh. Silly producer, they were my fans after all, ya moron.' Of course Murdoc had to make it look just right again, when he hit the guy up for the money. The 'sex tape' was the next phase of his plan. He licks his lips with the tip of his long snake-like tongue, and almost seems to purr. Once again Ceri thinks he has one over on him.

"Foolish little man." he chuckles, and downs the last trickle of Scotch from the bottle. "Oi! Toss me a beer Shakey." he calls to the zombie lady. She snaps her head around to look in his direction, catching the empty Scotch bottle as he throws it to her, and setting it next to the other empty bottles beside the sink. She opens the refrigerator and takes out a beer, standing up and tossing it back to the old man's waiting hands. He cracks it open and gulps down almost half of the beverage, then slides the bottle between his thighs and leans back again, scratching at the stubble on his chin with a long talon. Murdoc knew what he was doing, and Ceri was just another puppet on a string to the old man, moving and reacting exactly how he'd expected him to. 'Oh if only people knew how masterful this whole plan was. I am. I'm a bloody genius.'

Suddenly the large back window beside Murdoc's bed, reappears. The old man squints and shades his eyes for a moment, a little dazzled by the bright light. He and the zombie lady watch as the rest of the windows, the hatch, and finally the doors, appear back in their proper places. Murdoc quietly finishing his beer as they do so, while the zombie lady seems to become even more nervous with every items sudden materialization. He watches her jerky movements for a moment, before turning his attention to the side table, and watching a fresh packet of cigarettes appear out of thin air. He slightly tips his head to one side and turns his eyes to the ceiling, with a sneering half smile, and mouths the silent words 'thank you.' Then slides a cigarette out of the pack and lights it. Although he was happy his enforced holiday was over, he had no intention of going to any lengths to show Jamie or Damon any gratitude. The simple mouthed 'thank you' was already more than enough than they deserved. At least in the bassist's opinion. And of course now that he was free, he had every intention of making sure they didn't forget his true feelings for them.

Slowly the old man slides his legs around to the side of the bed, and places his feet on the floor, thinking quietly and deliberately about the many things he could do to them. Damon he had no real concerns about. Apart from being 2D's singing voice, Murdoc felt he had no real need for him. It was Jamie that made the bassist cringe. He did have a need for the cartoonist, at least for now. So anything he did to the man had to be planned and executed, with as much emphasis on consideration as tolerable. The last couple of days stood as testament to why. He had no intention of backing down, but he did have to tread carefully.

Sliding on his trousers and Cubans, he heads to the toilet and hums quietly to himself as he empties his bladder, going over one plan after another. But nothing really seems to stand out as the right one. 'Need a bit more time for this I think?' He sighs and does up his zipper, stepping quickly to the side door, and with a grand flourish, opening it and jumping out into the car park with a huge grin. He quickly looks around to be sure he's alone, and chuckles to himself. Dropping straight back into the more familiar Murdoc Niccals mode, as he shuts the Winnie's door. Although people knew Murdoc was a nasty minded individual, the bassist reveled in the idea, that they had no clue as to how evil he truly was. Predominantly because they tended to go by the attitude he put forward to them. Only once had he lost control and showed them his true self. That had resulted in Russel knocking him out, and the band splitting up for a while. But the 'Demon Days' album had come out of it in the end, so it wasn't all bad. And no one seemed to of clued in on Murdoc, so he took that as a good omen, and made sure to keep his anger in check around 2D from that moment on. He clears his throat and plunges his hands into his pockets, sloping off for a long walk and a think.

On the way he bumps into 2D, who shocked in his sudden reappearance, talks excitedly about the disappearance of the Winnie's doors and windows. Murdoc rolls his eyes and presses on, trying to ignore the younger man, almost seeming to bounce around him like an excited puppy. He certainly didn't need 2D's ramblings right now, and wished the keyboardist would go away. But he knew it was to be expected, 2D just wasn't kind of person who had the mind to know when Murdoc didn't need his attention. He turns his head slightly to the young man and clicks his tongue.

"I ehhh, have no idea what yer yappin' about. Vanished? Ridiculous. You've been hallucinating again, haven't you?" he grumbles. He had no intention of admitting to anyone, that Jamie had any kind of power over him, it was bad enough that he knew it. But 2D could never know. And if anyone ever found out and tried to tell the keyboardist, Murdoc would make sure that was a meeting the person wouldn't keep. His status with the younger man was to be maintained at all cost. 'All cost!' He watches the keyboardist tapping his finger against his bottom lip, as he tries to think about what the old man had said, waiting for him to just give up and take him at his word. Finally 2D looks up at him.

"Oh. Sorry." Murdoc sighs and watches the young man for a moment, hoping this would be the last he hears of it. "I woz real sure though. Coz I..." the keyboardist suddenly adds, furrowing his brow as he's thinking about it. The bassist feels the rage explode in him, and rounds on him aggressively, grabbing him by the front of his shirt and pulling his fist back as if to punch him.

"Look you! I'm tired and annoyed, so I don't need yer idiotic ramblings. I told you, eh, you hallucinated it. So kindly shut the fuck up, and leave me alone. Okaaaaaay?" he screeches, fighting to keep himself from beating the younger man to death there and then. 2D stares wide eyed at the savage bassist, nodding rapidly. Murdoc hisses and lets him go again, hoping that 2D would be smart and stay quiet about the 'vanishing windows.' The old man storms off and away from the cringing young man. Fortune strikes, if only for 2D, and he changes the subject, not mentioning the Winnie again. 'Now if only he'd shut up about everything else.' Murdoc groans silently, staring ahead as he walks along, listening to the babbling keyboardist next to him, and wishing he was temporarily deaf.

The next morning, Murdoc rises early and loads a briefcase into a car. A plan had finally fallen into place, and he felt it was more than enough to get the message across. Keeping things in check of course, and remembering to 'do it with a smile', he knew it was not so bad, as to anger Jamie enough to punish him any further. He pulls the car into the car park at ZFE, and quietly sneaks into the almost empty building. Listening to the cleaning lady and keeping out of sight, as he watches and waits for her to leave Jamie's office, so he can get in there and do what he'd come to do. Finally she does, and the bassist makes his move. Twenty minutes later he re-emerges, taping a hand written notice to his door, and leaving again before everyone else begins to arrive. The hand written note reads, 'Out of Order.'

Just before 10:00am, Murdoc receives a phone call from a slightly annoyed Jamie.

"Well, I guess I should of expected it. Shouldn't I?" he snarls. Murdoc chuckles and nods, although Jamie can't see him. Keeping things aggressive but light, so the cartoonist doesn't become too angry with him.

"Yeaaaaah." he drawls. "Has err, Wotsisface seen it yet?" Murdoc asks with a cold evil grin, sliding his snaky tongue over his shark-like teeth.

"No. And I'm not going to indulge you in it either. By the time Damon gets here, it'll be all cleaned up. By the way Muds, I think your drawing skills are improving?" Jamie replies. The smile drops from Murdoc's face, and he slits his eyes angrily.

"Don't patronize me with yer gratulatory arse kissing, you ponce. I don't need yer approval." he snarls viciously, forgetting who he was speaking to for the moment. Suddenly it hits him and he catches his breath. "Buuuut I'm sure Damon would love it. It was a present you know? My way of thanking you both, ehhh, for my holiday. Take a photo at least, I'd really like to know what he thinks of my artistic flair." he tries to maintain his lighter mood, but Jamie's words had more bite than he'd expected, and he can't help but add that little extra punch. "As fer the rest, go fuck yerself Hewlett! It's gunna take more than that to impress me." Murdoc hisses, almost to himself.

"One thing though, I just have to know?" Jamie asks, snapping Murdoc out of mentally kicking himself for letting Jamie affect him like that. "Along the back wall, that huge picture you spray painted?" Murdoc grins, hearing that the tone of Jamie's voice was still calm annoyance. He had read him right after all, and didn't need to check himself for this. Jamie was going to let it slide.

"Heh, heh. I do have to admit that was my favorite. Though I did think the one on the back of yer door had more prominence,.... Should of swapped them really." he smiles with a slight yawn and begins studying his talons, suddenly quite bored with the conversation.

"Yeahhh." Jamie slurs with irritation. "But back to the other picture. It was a bit hard to tell who was who? Was it a picture of me mounting Damon, or the other way around?" Murdoc suddenly brightens up again and laughs, irritating Jamie further.

"Who cares. I think either way you get the picture. Riiight?" Murdoc hisses.

"Right, right. Oh! And thank you for shitting in my paper draw. That was a lovely touch." Jamie snarls. Murdoc chuckles softly again, and hitches up his trousers.

"Impressive hey? I can do that on cue you know? Takes real talent that. Anyway, I have stuff I gotta do, and although talking to you is one of the highlights of my day, (sarcastic cough) I have to gooooooo. Have fun clearing up, won't you?" Murdoc sneers and hangs up. He's about to open the door of the Winnie and step inside, when he's struck by an after thought, and smiles evilly at it.

"I wonder how long it will be, before he realizes I pissed in the water cooler as well? Heh, heh."