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==============Chapter 1: Prologue===============

___New York, U.S.___

"I can't believe it! At the young age of 14 years old, Ryoma Echizen has conquered seven consecutive US tournaments! And now he has earned a Grand Slam under his belt. With the Wimbledon soon to come, will Ryoma be partic---"

Beep. The channel changed.

"On today's news, there is tennis prodigy among us. His name is Ryoma Echi---"

Beep. The channel was changed again.

"Can you believe that out of nowhere this youngster comes out and dominates the tennis field of both his age group and many adults? I mean. Sure his dad is the Nanjiro Echizen, but will Ryoma Echizen soon surpass his own fa---"

Zap. The T.V. was turned off and the announcer's voice grew silent.Inside the room were four people: Ryoga Echizen, Nanjiro Echizen, Rinko Echizen, and the aforementioned, Ryoma Echizen. The three males in the room looked very much alike with glossy green hair with black highlights. They also shared unique eyes of golden that were shaped much like a cat's were. The lone woman, Rinko Echizen, mother of Ryoga and Ryoma, had long, silky brown hair that was currently done up in a bun. Her normally glittering brown eyes filled with laughter were squinted in anger. Only Ryoma took heed of that lone warning sign that his mother was about to go on a warpath. He pulled down his trademark white hat and slowly started to edge away from his mother. However, Ryoga only moved closer to Ryoma and in turn, into his mother's range. The golden-eyed male in his late teens turned to his younger sibling with a growing smirk on his face. Nanjiro, too, moved closer, not wanting to miss the conversation.

"Oy, Ochibi. Looks like you're getting more popular these days. It's too bad that all you attract are girls," Ryoga said in a not-so-sympathetic voice. "Tsk. Tsk."

"Oh, why! Why must my child be into girls?! Not that I mind since all those nice figured girls are always around in those tiny sk---" Nanjiro's words were cut off by a loud feminine, I mean, masculine scream. Both Ryoga and Ryoma swiftly looked at their father lying on the ground with their mother's foot holding him in place there. Flames were shooting out of her eyes and an angry symbol was on her forehead, depicting her mood.

In a supppeeerrr sweet voice, Rinko asker her husband, "What was that dear? Did you say something? Important?" Nanjiro may have had much tolerance against much pain and was very dense in some situations, but even he recognized his love's tone of voice and quickly denied that he had said anything.

Angry Rinko disappeared and Mother Rinko appeared again as she turned to face her children.

The siblings quickly came to attention as experience told them to give their mother all due respect when she was in one of her moods.

"I am sick of Ryoma playing all these tennis matches. I don't mind that my child plays them, but I think Ryoma should also pursue other interests as well!!! And I can't believe that my beloved child is thought to be a boy!!!!!" She ended on a high pitch note and started to bawl her eyes out.

Ryoma sighed and took off her cap. Long green tresses flowed down her head and landed neatly against the middle of her back. She took off her extra two shirts; one that was her usually red cap-sleeved shirt and the other that had 20 Kg lead weights on it. The combined shirts help disguise her chest. Then she took off her 10 Kg weights off each of her wrists and ankles with a weary sigh. Ryoma now looked more feminine, albeit more tired, with her hair down and extra weight off.

"Kaa-san. I know how you feel, and I also want…I want a change in pace," Ryoma said hesitantly. It's now or never, she thought.

Her parents and brother looked at her. The waterworks dried up and Rinko's eyes started to sparkle as she suspected about what was to come. Her father and brother, however, looked panicked and slightly scared at her.

"I…I don't feel like tennis is fun anymore. I beat everyone there is out there. The only ones left are Aniki and Oyaji, but it's not enough anymore. Even though Kevin and the others are fun, I want to quit tennis," Ryoma decreed.

"But! What!! Don't you think you should reconsi---" Ryoga and Nanjiro started to talk simultaneously until Rinko smacked them both on the side of their heads. The golden-eyed girl waited until her family quieted down before talking again.

"I'm not giving up on tennis completely. I'll still play against you and aniki, dad. So don't worry about my skills rusting. I'll play against Kevin and the others as well in the spare time. They already know about my decision so don't even try to think about guilt tripping me," Ryoma said with a steely gaze at her male family members. "I'm going to focus on my culinary and musical talents for the next couple of years. But there are few things that I want done." Once again, Ryoma was interrupted. This time was by her mother though.

"EEEk!!!! Ryoma is going to be a real girl for now on. Oh, the shopping trips and dress-up dates. I can't believe this! I know. I just saw this adorable white dress that will…" Rinko started to ramble until her daughter yelled, "I'M NOT FINISHED YET!" Rinko had shut up quick.

"I have several conditions that I want done, oyaji. And I know you can get them done so don't even think about not doing them for me."

"Oy, ochibi. Why should I do that? Tennis is everything to us! To me! You were going to surpass me and Ryoga remember??!!! That had always been your dream!!!" Nanjiro said in a shout. Ryoga stayed quiet and Ryoma, too, was slightly unfazed by their father's words.

"Oyaji. Listen to me. I'll still be playing tennis, but not for a while. Plus you owe me for having to play as a boy instead of a girl. Do you know HOW ANNOYING IT IS TO HAVE GIRLS SCREAM "MARRY ME MARRY ME! WHEN I AM THE SAME SEX AS THEM!?" Ryoma said, finally losing her cool. Seriously, those girls were annoying! And I'm tired of playing as a boy, even though it was nice provoking my opponents.

"Made made Dane, oyaji. There's also one other thing I want to tell you. Even though the school year just started, I'm still going to attend St. Andrews this year. But I want to move to Japan after that."

"WHAT!" Nanjiro wasn't alone in his shout. Ryoga and Rink were also shocked. Ryoma smirked. Made made dane.

"It's reasonable. Next year Aniki is going to start college. Mom wanted to move back to her homeland and be closer to her sister. And dad, I know you miss the good old days. Plus, "Ryoma said, continuing in a soft voice, "I want to live in the land that you became the legendary Samurai. I want to live my own life."

Ryoma's soft words finally cracked her father's shell. Rinko's brown eyes shimmered with tears and she went to hug her daughter. Ryoga only asked one question: "Why can't you just do it here?"

"Because," Ryoma said in an agitated voice, "Everywhere I go, there are reporters following me. There is no moment of peace for me!" She strode to the window and pulled back the curtains. Flashes went off and there were multitudes of reporters on the front lawn waiting for the Prince of Tennis to come outside. "It's only a matter of time before everyone finds out that I'm a girl. Then there will be no peace for me. Old opponents will come back looking for a rematch to prove that no girl could beat them. I won't be able to relax at school. I won't be able to pursue my violin and piano skills. And I certainly won't be able to follow my goal of becoming a great chef like mom is. In Japan, I'll just be Ryoma Echizen, the girl. And not Ryoma, Echizen, Prince of Tennis. In Japan, I can be myself and finally be who I can be without all the hassle of being hounded by reporters and stalking fans! I can have actually friends who won't care that I'm better at tennis than them!"

The girl's speech stirred her family. They hadn't realized that she had felt that way. Nanjiro was used to the fame due to his long career in tennis and Rinko had her share of fame due to her success at high profile cases. Ryoga was popular with the ladies and a monster on the tennis scene, but never realized how hard his little sister had it. The three Echizens looked at each other and silently agreed that they only wanted Ryoma to be happy.

Nanjiro said, "If that's what you want brat, then its fine by me."

"I was getting tired of American girls already anyway. I need a new change of venue," Ryoga said with a wide grin.

"I do miss Japan. And a year is good amount of time to get all of our affairs ready as well." Rinko told her daughter. Ryoma looked at her family, small and silent tears trailed down her face. Everyone gathered for a hug. It's actually going to be happening. The Prince of Tennis will disappear and only Ryoma Echizen will in his place.

"So,um." Ryoma started, breaking the silence, "How are we going to tell the press?"

"WHAT!" The others shouted. Ryoga asked, "Oy, ochibi, you didn't think that far ahead?"

Nope was her only response. The others sweat dropped. This is going to be a pain Ryogathought. I raised such a talented and intelligent daughter, yet where did I go wrong. Must be Nanjiro's fault. Rinkothought. Hot Japanese girls here I come! (Noneedtotellwhowasthinkingthat.)