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Silver Springs Apartment Complex

Ziva heard the commotion from her apartment the moment she stepped out of the elevator. She quickly pulled her gun and crept to her door. She heard a loud thud and pushed open the door. Her eyes were met with a sight that she wasn't expecting. Her partner was in a chokehold of her lover.

"Michael!" She yelled and lowered her gun slightly.

"It's about time you showed up!" Tony choked out and Michael tightened his hold on him.

"Let him go Michael!" She yelled again and without even realizing it, raised her gun again.

"I do not think so Ziva. You see, you belong to me. Your father wants you with me, my father wants you with me, I want you with me. This…little friend of yours, wants you for himself."

"You do not know what you are talking about Michael!" Ziva cried. "Tony and I are just friends. Nothing more."

Michael chuckled. "He certainly do not think so." Michael reached for his gun that was in his waistband.

"Michael!" Ziva warned, but Michael wore a smug smile as he put the gun to the side of Tony's chin. "Michael, I will shoot you!" Ziva yelled, her voice cracking slightly.

Michael smirked. "No, you wouldn't." He flicked the safety off and pressed it further to Tony's head.

"Ziva!" Tony gasped. "Take the damn shot!"

"I cannot! I will shoot you!"

"There's no other way!" Tony felt tears forming in his eyes, but he didn't care.

Ziva continued to have an internal debate for no longer than a nanosecond before coming to a decision. She raised her gun, sent Tony a quick apologetic look, and pulled the trigger. In that moment, several things happened. Tony cried out in pain. Michael dropped Tony. Ziva fired several more shots, each one hitting Michael directly in the heart. Michael's dead body fell the floor in a bloody heap. Ziva dropped her gun and ran over to her partner, immediately putting pressure on his bullet wound.

"Tony! I am sorry!" She cried and tears began to make their way down her face. She saw a cell phone on the floor and reached for it, not caring whose it was. "I need an ambulance at Silver Springs Apartment Complex, apartment number 7! My partner has been shot!" She yelled into the phone before hanging up and tossing the phone aside. She looked down at Tony and was met with a wave of guilt at the sight of his pained expression. "Hang on Tony, the ambulance is coming."


An Hour Later at Bethesda Naval Hospital: Room 403

The trauma doctor that had been on call when Tony was brought in, cheerfully strode into the room. "I have good news, and I have bad news. Which would you like first?"

"The good news." Tony answered after a moment's hesitation and the doctor smiled.

"The good news is that the wound was a through and through. It missed everything vital and you should be out of the sling in no time."

"And the bad news?" Gibbs asked from the corner and the doctor jumped slightly.

"Oh! Um, the bad news is that we'll be discharging you in the morning!" The doctor smiled again. "Any questions?" Tony shook his head, the doctor turned to Gibbs, and Gibbs shook his head as well. "Alright then. If you need anything, just call."

Tony nodded. "Thanks doc." The doctor grinned and walked out of the room. Once the door was closed, Gibbs spoke.

"What the hell happened, DiNozzo?" Tony visibly deflated and Gibbs' eyes softened somewhat. "Tony?" He encouraged.

Tony took a deep breath before speaking. "I had lunch with Rivkin earlier. He told me some…unsettling things that he was planning to do."

"Like?" Gibbs pried.

Tony was silent for a long while, and Gibbs was sure that he wasn't going to respond when he finally spoke.

"Like he was planning on getting Ziva pregnant so that she would have to marry him." Gibbs nodded, indicating for Tony to continue. "So I showed up at her apartment hoping to tell her what he was planning, but he was already there. We exchanged words, and…"

"And then Ziva came in." Gibbs finished, running a hand through his hair. Tony nodded and looked out the door window, feeling a rush of anger when he saw his partner pacing back and forth outside the door. "You should talk to her." Gibbs said after a moment and Tony looked at him. "The sooner you two kiss and make up, the sooner everyone else can move on." Tony nodded slightly but continued to watch Ziva pace. After a few minutes, she looked up and their eyes locked. With his good arm, Tony motioned for Ziva to come in and she hesitantly turned the door handle.

"I'm going for coffee." Gibbs said and marched out of the room, leaving his two agents alone.



They both bit their lips, waiting for the other one to speak. Neither one did, so Ziva took the floor.

"How are you feeling?" She slowly made her way over to the chair that was by his bed.

"Like I got shot." She looked down and Tony instantly regretted what he had just said.

"I am sorry." Ziva whispered and she soothingly ran a thumb across her palm. Tony sighed.

"I know. I'm sorry. That was…childish of me." She looked up and he noticed that there were tears in her eyes. "Hey," He reached over and gently put a hand on her hands.

"I am so sorry." She repeated and the tears fell onto their hands.

"You have nothing to be sorry for. I'm alive. You saved my life." Ziva sniffled.

"Only after I put you in that situation. It never should have come to that!" She cried and another tear fell onto their hands.

Tony shushed her. "It's ok. I'm ok. Everything's ok."

Ziva nodded, but then froze. "Michael is not." She softly choked out and Tony stiffened.

"Don't say his name." He whispered and Ziva sobbed harder.

"He loved me." She whispered and this comment made Tony take his hand back.

"Did you love him?" He dreaded the answer, but he needed to know.

Ziva was silent for a long moment. "No. Yes. I do not know." She lifted her head and Tony saw that her eyes were red.

He nodded bitterly and crossed his arm. "Get out." Ziva looked at him and shook her head.


"Yes." He ordered. "Get. Out."

"No!" She yelled and Tony turned his head so that he was facing the wall away from her. "I am not leaving because I am the one who did this to you!" Slowly, he turned to face her again, and for the first time, was able to see her clearly. She looked like she had aged somewhat and her eyes were puffy, red and bloodshot. She had blood on her shirt and she was trembling slightly. He thought for a moment longer before finally nodding.


When Gibbs returned an hour later, he found his two agents asleep and holding hands. Ziva was still sitting in the chair, her head on the bed and Tony was sitting upright in his bed, his head lolled to the side and resting on his good shoulder. Gibbs turned around, smirking slightly, and left the hospital with plans to work on his boat.


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