Two months later-NCIS, Washington DC

Ziva sat lazily at her desk in the linguistics department of NCIS. Director Vance had approved Gibbs' proposal and Ziva had eagerly accepted the offer to remain at NCIS. She would admit that she missed the action that she experienced on a daily bases when she was on Gibbs' team, but she'd rather be close to the action than have none at all. She sighed as she drew random doodles on the pad of paper in front of her. It had been a slow few weeks and she hadn't been needed anywhere in the building. Because of this, the drawers of her desk had collected pages and pages of her drawings.

She was just about to get an early lunch when her desk phone rang.

"David." She answered.

"Ziva, it's McGee. We need you down here for a translation."

She smiled. "I will be right down."


A few minutes later in the bullpen

Ziva listened to the recorded phone conversation between a Turkish hit man and a client.

"The client is saying that he would like the target to be killed and to disappear off the face of the earth." She listened again. "The other man is saying that he can do that, but getting rid of the body will cost extra." She nodded. "The client says that that is a deal." She looked up at Gibbs.

"So basically we know nothing new!"

"That's not true Boss." Tony said as he grabbed the remote to the plasma from McGee. "We know that the client speaks Turkish."

"Fluently." Ziva added. "None of his sentences sound broken or hesitant." Tony nodded.

"Lewis claims to never have been out of the country and he's about as McGeeish as they come." He turned his attention to the plasma. "Ducky said that the angle on the limbs suggests that the person who did the slicing and dicing was left handed. Korkmaz is left handed." He pulled up a picture of the limbs lying on a table down in autopsy.

Ziva immediately put a hand to her mouth and ran into the bathroom, leaving the three men to stare after her.

"Maybe she's been up in linguistics too long?" McGee suggested.

Tony shook his head. "She used to do assassinations for a living McGee, that's something that doesn't leave you." Gibbs nodded in agreement.


The ladies room

Ziva knelt on the cold NCIS bathroom floor in front of the toilet dry heaving. She panted and wiped her mouth on the back of her hand.

"What is wrong with you? You have seen much worse!" She scolded herself as she struggled to stand up. She flushed the toilet and shakily made her way over to the sink, glancing at her reflection in the mirror. She turned the water faucet on and splashed cold water on her face and then she reached for a paper towel, drying her face.

"Deep breaths Ziva, deep breaths." She whispered to herself as she put one hand on either side of the sink and looked down into the sink.

She heard the door open and glanced up, seeing Tony. He came up to stand behind her.

"I can see down your shirt right now." She stood on his tiptoes to get a better view at the mirror.

She turned around and looked up at him tiredly. "What are you doing in here Tony? This is the woman's restroom."

He raised an eyebrow. "That never stopped you."

She sighed and put a hand to her head, causing Tony's face to fall. "Are you alright?" He put a gentle hand on her shoulder.

Ziva nodded. "Yes. I guess I just ate something bad for lunch." Then her face fell. "If only I had had lunch."

Tony grinned. "Then maybe you should eat something." The mere mention of food sent Ziva running towards the stall again. "Or not." He followed her into the stall and held her hair back while she dry heaved again.

"I do not think I could stomach food." Ziva panted and Tony nodded.

"Me either." He took her head and led her over to the sink. "Maybe we should go see Ducky. You're acting like you're pregnant or something." He laughed lightly and Ziva froze. "What?" He asked when he noticed her face. "Do you have to puke again?"

She shook her head and searched for words. "Tony." She whispered. "Israel." His face fell when he realized what she was trying to say.

"Do you think…?" He trailed off, not daring to finish the thought.

Ziva's mind was racing as she tried to think of things that would prove or disprove their theory. She swallowed hard. "I am late."

Due to the current situation, Tony didn't even try to make a joke. He simply nodded and ran a hand through his hair. They stood there in silence as thoughts ran through each of their heads. Finally, Tony spoke.

"We should go see Abby. She'll be able to tell for sure."


Abby's lab

"I am going to need a urine sample." Abby said simply after Tony and Ziva explained their current situation.

Ziva nodded as she took the cup Abby held out for her. "I figured that much." She then turned and walked out of the lab towards the bathroom down the hall.

"So," Abby smirked as soon as Ziva disappeared around the corner. Tony turned to look at her, a sheepish look on his face. "When did it happen?"

He hesitated a moment. "Israel." Abby laughed.

"I knew something happened! I could just tell!" She smirked again. "McGee was right! He knew you two would hook up! He predicted it before any of us did!"

Tony groaned. "Yeah, maybe he did. But if he finds out about this…" Tony made a wild gesture with his hands, "Ziva'll kill you." Abby stopped laughing mid laugh and nodded slowly.

"He won't hear it from me."

"Good." The two waited in silence for Ziva to return. Two minutes later, Ziva slowly walked into the lab.

"I'll take that." Abby snapped on a pair of gloves and took the cup from Ziva's hand. She took a small sample and put it in the mass spec. "Now, I should be able to tell in a matter of minutes, but I'll do a blood test just to be sure." She swabbed Ziva's arm and picked up the syringe that Tony and Ziva had swiped from Ducky a few minutes prior. "Sorry." She said as she stuck the needle into Ziva's arm and Ziva flinched slightly. "The blood test will take slightly longer, but it'll be the most accurate." Ziva nodded and pulled down her sleeve.

"Thank you Abby." Abby smiled hopefully and nodded.

"Sure thing. I just hope the results will be what you want them to be."

"Me too."

"I should get back to work." Tony said reluctantly, just before the mass spec beeped and spit out a piece of paper. He sent a nervous glance at Ziva, who looked equally nervous.

Abby rushed over to the machine and read the results. "I don't know if this is good news or not, but according to Mr. Mass Spec, you're pregnant."

Ziva inhaled deeply and nodded, quickly leaving the lab.

Abby then turned to Tony. "I'll know the results of the blood test before the end of the day."


In Tony's car on the way to Ziva's apartment

The car was silent when Ziva's phone rang. She glanced at the caller id and seeing that it was Abby, took a deep breath.


"The results of the blood test is the same as the urine test. Mazel Tov?"

Ziva sighed. "Thank you Abby." She hung up the phone and sat in silence.

"Same results?" Tony asked and she nodded.

They continued to drive in silence before Ziva spoke.

"There is something you should know." She took a deep breath. "The night before Michael died, I slept with him." She took another deep breath. "So there is a chance that this baby is his."

The rest of the ride to Ziva's apartment was an icy silence.


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