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Playing The Hostage

Chapter Six


Sasuke threw the chair across the room, not caring as it smashed into the wall of Kakashi's office. The young officer continued to rage, throwing everything and anything he could get his hands on. Kakashi remained silent from his post behind his desk, visible eye expressionless as he watched Sasuke.

"It's not so bad, Sasuke," Kakashi murmured. "We have the other five in custody, and we prevented almost everything from vanishing from the safety deposit boxes. Surely whatever else is missing will come up."

"Itachi got away!" Sasuke shouted. "That son a bitch, that family killing bastard!"

"Sasuke, calling him a bastard and a son of a bitch is actually an insult to your family," Kakashi pointed out, ignoring the glare he received in return. "And is this really about Itachi getting away?"

"Yes!" Sasuke roared as he turned and punched the wall with a sickening 'crack'. "What the fuck else would it be about?"


Sasuke whirled to face the man and he was shocked at how serious Kakashi looked. Kakashi stepped forward, resting his hands on Sasuke's shoulders. "Is this about Itachi or about Naruto?" Kakashi asked. "Is this about how Itachi escaped with the only person you could ever see yourself loving?"

For the record, Kakashi took the punch very well. He stumbled back until he hit his desk, but his eyes never left Sasuke's. Sasuke was more angry than Kakashi had ever seen him, yet what made the whole thing worse was that it wasn't just his usual explosive rage – it was a combination of that mixed with cool, calm hatred.

"I'll find them," Sasuke whispered. "I'll find them both."


A sharp knock on the door made Sasuke's head jerk up. He glared at Shikamaru when the man strolled in, but his gaze turned calculating when he saw the serious look on the normally lazy man's face.

"You've got it?" Kakashi asked as he rubbed his stomach.

"Yes, sir. It was a troublesome bit of work, it malfunctioned, but I got the signal," Shikamaru drawled.

"What?" Sasuke demanded.

"Not now, Sasuke," Kakashi said. "Where are they headed?"

"They're on a boat, the troublesome brat, and they're headed to Suna by the looks of things," Shikamaru replied.

"Naruto?" Sasuke asked desperately. He watched as his two almost-friends glanced at each other and then him. They were keeping something from him. "What in the hell is going on?" he demanded to know.

"He has the clearance," Kakashi whispered.

For the first time he could remember, Sasuke saw Shikamaru with an intense look on his face. The lazy posture was gone, as was the slightly glazed look that always seemed to be on his face. Shikamaru sighed. "So troublesome. Come on, we'll fill you in on the way," he muttered.

As he turned and left the room, Sasuke and Kakashi were right behind him. They took the elevator to the roof of the building and entered the waiting helicopter. Out of necessity, they pulled on the headphones that would allow them to talk with each other.

"Explain," Sasuke demanded.

Kakashi nodded once and began speaking, "Naruto is an elite member of the ANBU force. You'll most likely recognize him under the name Kyuubi."

Sasuke's eyes widened, but that was all the surprise he'd allow himself to show.

"He was a plant," Kakashi added. "We've been sending him to the bank every week on the same day to establish a pattern. We got a tip off a few weeks ago that Akatsuki would be planning another robbery like the one they did four years ago."

"You purposefully-"

"Shut up and listen, Uchiha," Shikamaru ordered.

Sasuke glared at him hatefully but complied with the order. He had to remember that as Kyuubi, Naruto would have been fully qualified for such an assignment, even if he hated the thought of that gorgeous blond being anywhere near his brother. "And Itachi?" he asked through gritted teeth.

"We didn't know about his involvement until today," Kakashi assured the hotheaded man.

"Something could have gone wrong!" he snapped.

"That was a chance he was willing to take," Shikamaru whispered.

"Why?" Sasuke hated the thought of the happy blond he'd spent the day conversing with being in danger. Even if the man wasn't exactly what he'd thought, he was still extremely interested in Naruto.

"Kyuubi means 'Demon Fox' or at least that's what Naruto told me one time," Shikamaru said. "It was his older brother's name, and he took it as his ANBU name when he made the force."

Sasuke's face showed the slightest bit of confusion.

"Sasuke, his brother died in that bank robbery four years ago." Kakashi added, "The cops at the time drugged the food so they could enter the building. An unknown person at the time, though we now assume it was this Zetsu, figured out it was drugged. In retaliation, they killed one of the hostages. This was his chance at revenge."

Sasuke knew it would be pointless to ask where they'd gotten all this information. It was obvious really – the only people with access to such files would be ANBU members. Yet, the only way to get out of the ANBU squads was to retire from the force completely or die. So then, why? He blinked slowly as his mind continued to process the information. "I'm being scouted for ANBU." It was more statement than fact, and the lack of a reply told him everything he needed to know.

He turned and glared out the window. Itachi had destroyed his family, and had apparently been part of the group that murdered Naruto's older brother. He only hoped that they would get to Naruto before any damage could be done to him. Not all damage was physical, and he knew that better than most.

When the helicopter finally landed, they got into non-descript cars and headed quickly for the docking area just South of Suna. According to Shikamaru's information, that was where the boat was headed.

The car came to a stop behind an outcropping of rock, and Kakashi exited the car and opened the trunk. He pulled out the long-range rifle and glanced at it thoughtfully before replacing it with a tranquilizer dart rifle. Death was too good for Itachi – the bastard deserved to suffer.

He balanced it on a crag of rock and stared through the scope. "Naruto and Itachi are both on deck. Naruto's at the helm," he said.

Shikamaru seemed to consider the situation for the moment, even though Kakashi was technically in-charge, he was the strategist, and he wasn't going to allow any mistakes to me made. No more chances would be taken with his best friend's life today.

"Take the shot."

There was an almost silent expulsion of air, and the dart sped forward and slammed into Itachi's neck. He smirked in satisfaction as the man crumbled down onto the deck. "Got him." He almost didn't hear Sasuke's cry of triumph.


Naruto was steering the boat, and he almost lost control of it when he snapped around at the loud sound of something hitting the deck. He gasped in shock when he realized it was Itachi, and then he began trembling. It was over – it was really over, finally, after all these years.

His teeth sank into his lip, and he left the helm unattended for just a minute to grab some of the rope that was looped up and proceeded to tie Itachi up. When his task was completed, he returned to the helm and guided the boat up to the small dock. He brought it to a stop and cut the motor.

The trembling in his limbs had become worse, and he could barely stand up straight. He grabbed the rope and tossed it over to Kakashi, who was waiting on the dock with Shikamaru and Sasuke.

Naruto sank down and sat on the deck. He pulled his knees up to his chin and wrapped his arms around his legs. He felt sick, so very sick. It was over, but all the horrible things that had happened throughout the day passed through his mind. Oh God.

He quickly got to his knees and turned around, spewing the pizza he'd had for lunch into the murky waters. He vaguely heard Kakashi ordering some officers to collect Itachi and return him to Konoha to stand trial for his numerous crimes.

He felt soothing hands in his hair and recognized the touch as Shikamaru's. "What happened, Naruto?"

Naruto gasped and wiped his hand across his mouth. He accepted the offered bottle of alcohol – that Kakashi always seemed to have – and cleaned his mouth out, relaxing just the smallest bit as the bitter taste vanished. "He offered me a deal. He'd make sure that the hostages would escape and live, if I made sure he didn't have to split the money with all his associates." He shook slightly and Shikamaru squeezed his shoulder comfortingly. "His laptop is down in the cabin. I'm sure you'll be able to get everything returned to its rightful owner."

"How did you have time to make the deal without anyone overhearing?" Sasuke asked suddenly from beside him.

Naruto flinched, and that made the sun shine off the large sapphire on the ring on his finger. "Fuck!" Sasuke cursed. He took Naruto's hand gently and pulled the ring off, handing it over to Shikamaru absently as he fell to his knees on the deck. He cupped Naruto's cheeks tenderly. "What did he do to you?"

Naruto began trembling even worse than before, and Sasuke pulled him forward until he could wrap Naruto securely in his arms. "I – he – he – I, and…" Naruto gulped and fought to keep the bile from rising in his throat. He'd not only let a murderer touch him to save other people, but he'd been forced to pretend he was enjoying it.

Sasuke's arms tightened harshly. "He forced himself on you?" he asked, pain apparent in his voice.

"Not fully," Naruto choked out.

"Bastard! I'll kill him!" Sasuke spat. He glared after the car that had just pulled away with his unconscious brother. The murderer had dared to touch someone he'd claimed as his own.

"It was you."

Sasuke almost didn't hear the quiet whisper. "What?"

"I could only go through with it because of you," Naruto whispered as he burrowed closer to Sasuke.

"What do you-"

"I've seen you before in the office, so I knew it was you I was talking to. I was listening to your voice instead of his in my head. And I kept picturing you. It was the only way I could get through it," Naruto confessed. "I had to imagine it was us, and it was our choice."

Sasuke stared down at Naruto in shock, and then flashes began playing in his mind. Little glimpses of bright, sunshine hair, and the echo of the laugh he'd heard earlier over the phone.

He pressed a gentle kiss to Naruto's forehead and tightened his arms possessively. "You're mine now, dobe. No one else can ever have you!" He locked gazes with Naruto and his black eyes bore into the blue ones seriously. He wasn't joking – this was real. Naruto was his and he was never letting go.

A bright blush suffused Naruto's cheeks, and he broke their staring match. "I never wanted anyone else," he confessed softly.

Sasuke grasped his hair tightly, and yanked his head up. He leaned forward to smash his lips over Naruto's. Somehow, this blond had stolen his heart, and he wasn't going to let the dobe go. Right before his lips would have touched Naruto's, he froze. He recognized the feeling of cold metal against his flesh – it was a knife.

"Foolish otouto," Itachi said coldly.

Sasuke's eyes opened widely in panic and shot to the side. The ropes that had bound Itachi were cut. How the hell had Itachi gotten free? He growled in rage and struggled fiercely, but suddenly stopped moving when the edge of the knife pricked his skin.

"Naruto, get out of here, you have to get out of here," Sasuke whispered desperately.

Itachi chuckled, voice dead, and pulled the supposed tranquilizer dart out of his flesh and dropped it on the deck. "Foolish otouto, always check the body. Never take someone else's word, no matter how much you trust them."

No, No! Sasuke screamed in his mind. This couldn't be happening. Kakashi had betrayed them! Kakashi was working with Itachi. He fought to keep his breathing even, knowing that if he started hyperventilating he'd slit his own throat. Naruto, he had to get Naruto to freedom. Naruto had to be safe.

Think Sasuke! Shikamaru! Shikamaru had been with them the whole time; he was Naruto's best friend, he'd be able to save Naruto when he came back on deck after retrieving the computer! Yes! Naruto would be safe!

Shikamaru walked back onto the deck and stared at the tableau. "So troublesome. Hurry up, Itachi. They'll be sending back up soon."

"How could you?" Sasuke yelled. "You're Naruto's best friend. Itachi killed his brother!"

Shikamaru glared at the kneeling officer, a look of distaste pushing his usual indifference away. "No Uchiha, I said his brother died in the bank four years ago. Itachi wasn't part of the Akatsuki back then."


"Was helping me get my revenge on the bastards who killed my brother," Naruto said in conclusion.

Sasuke shivered at the cold tone of voice as he stared into those blue eyes that were suddenly icy – not burning sapphires. Naruto had played him, not once, not twice, but three times today. This wasn't whom he'd fallen in love with. This wasn't the man who'd stolen his heart with a radiant smile and charming personality.


"Foolish otouto, I would have let you live. You had been given a chance. I let you live all those years ago, and you've clung to life, but it ends today." Itachi tightened his grip on Sasuke's dark hair and yanked his brother's head back harshly so that their gazes met. "You should have known better than to touch what belongs to me, otouto. I don't share."

Sasuke's limbs were frozen, just as they'd been when he was a child and he'd come home to see his beloved Nii-sama standing over his parents' dead bodies. He couldn't move, couldn't look away as Itachi leaned to the side and clamped his lips over Naruto's, vigorously claiming Naruto as his own.

"You belong to me, Fishcake." Itachi's statement was full of all the possessiveness an Uchiha's voice could hold.

"Yours," Naruto mewled into Itachi's mouth.

That one word, that one sound, was what finally broke Uchiha Sasuke. He cried for the first time since his parents had been murdered. That event had been tragic – it had damaged him. But this, this went beyond tragic. Sasuke was no longer damaged, nor broken, no, now he was completely, utterly, and irrevocably shattered. The last little bit of his heart that remained innocent and untainted was destroyed, and he willingly pressed himself forward, slitting his own throat.

The skin tore, and a bloody parody of a smile appeared on his throat, a mockery of his emotions. His eyes were weeping tears, his neck was weeping blood, and his heart was weeping fragments of a love that his brother had killed. There was nothing left – there could be nothing left.

He vaguely heard Itachi order 'Scarecrow' and 'Deer' to get the car ready so they could make their getaway with the money. This job had been months in the planning, and nothing was going to be allowed to ruin it.

As the true members of Akatsuki, the new Akatsuki, walked away from his dying body, his eyes were locked onto the man he'd foolishly fallen in love with. Naruto was nestled beneath his older brother's shoulder.

Itachi turned back once, and shook his head. "Goodbye, foolish otouto." He tightened his arm around Naruto and headed out to the car that awaited them.

The final tears he would ever shed slid from Sasuke's falling eyelids at the sight. He'd lost everything.

Uchihas were disgustingly possessive, and by Naruto's own admission, he was Itachi's.


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