Alvin and the chipmunks –Sports

Monday 12:00 noon school

The chipmunks (Alvin 15 years old , Simon 16 years old and Theodore 14 years old ) and the chipettes (Brittany same age as Alvin, Jeanette same age as Simon, and Eleanor same age as Theodore) , are now in High school. Alvin and Brittany are in 11 grade ,still keeping the love/hate relationship .Both are the popular Simon And Jeanette are in the 12 grade both have honor classes in the school. And Theodore and Eleanor are still getting use to high school even though a been in high school for a year.

"I did beat you in that race" Alvin said in a confident way "you

Didn't beat me in dang that race and you never will!!"

said the loud mouth Brittany. "What doing on" ? Said a confused

Jeanette " Alvin And Brittany had a race in P.E" said Simon "who saw the whole thing, Alvin and

Brittany both tied but Alvin and Brittany both said they won." " I see" said Jeanette.

Soon the bell rang and everybody went to their next class. "I've had it with you Brittany I'm

going to my next

Class" said Alvin FINE!! Said Brittany. Alvin and Brittany had been fighting for many years and they

always been trying to 1 up each other.

12:45 pm lunch hall

Alvin and Simon both wait for the others at lunch and they stared talking, "you and Brittany had

been completing in sports lately" said Simon "true" Alvin admitted , "but I can beat her in

sports". "OH REALLY!!" said Brittany as she and went into the lunch hall .

Then I challenge YOU ALVIN to a series of sports winner get all the fame . YOU'RE ON!!! Said Alvin

"Here we go again" thought Simon to be continued…