And now we begin the Super Smashed Stories. This story consists of various one shots about the daily lives of the Smashers. All these stories are humorous and shouldn't be taken too seriously.

Note that this story will also contain my OCs. Please refer to my profile to know more about some of them.

Hope you enjoy this!





Chapter 1
Lucas the Clean-Maniac

It was fine day at the airport. Why the airport, you ask? Captain Falcon and Ness were both there waiting for someone.

CF looked at his watch and said, "He sure is taking his time. His plane arrived like thirty minutes ago already."

"Give him a break," Ness told him. "He's a kid, so he probably finds all these passport and gate passing stuff complicated. And speaking of which, he's over there!"

The two Smashers waved their hands when Lucas came out from among the crowd dragging behind him a wheeled luggage. "Lucas! We're over here!" Ness called out to him.

Lucas saw them and happily ran up to them and said, "Hi! I'm glad that you guys came to pick me up!"

"Welcome to Eagleland!" Ness said. "I hope you enjoy your stay here!"

"All right, if there is nothing else, then let's go home already," CF said.

The group of three walked through the airport to head for the exit. As they were on their way there, a random guy wiped his mouth with a tissue paper and then tossed it onto the floor. The moment Lucas saw it; he rushed over to the tissue paper, picked it up, and threw it into a nearby bin. He went back to rejoin the other two, but then he caught sight of an empty can lying on the floor so he quickly rushed to pick it up and throw it into the same bin.

"Did you see that?" Ness asked.

"Looks like his father wasn't kidding after all…" CF thought.



Peach picked the phone and said, "Hello?"

"Hello, Smashers. It's me, Flint! Lucas's father," said the voice on the other side. "Do you remember me?"

"I sure do! It's been a while. What is it?"

"Well, my little boy Lucas wants to pay you guys a visit since school is out currently over here and there is nothing else to do; I thought it would be a good opportunity for him to go overseas."

"I'm sure the kids will be glad to hear this! You're welcome to bring him here anytime!"

"Thanks! But there is also one thing that I want you to know and hope that you can do something about it…"

"What is it?"

Flint gave a sigh and then said, "My boy is abnormal nowadays…"

Peach was a bit surprised to hear this and asked in a worried voice, "What's wrong with Lucas? Is he sick?"

"I'm not sure whether it's a sickness or not… but Lucas is a clean-maniac nowadays…"


"I asked the doctor and he said it is a type of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder where a person is obsessed with doing something and has no control over himself about it. You see, Lucas always love to stay clean. Our house is almost very clean because Lucas cleans it everyday."

"Isn't that a good thing? Unlike the kids here… They always make a mess everywhere they go without bothering to clean them up."

"Yeah, it does sound like a good thing… but… at first Lucas would only clean his room, but then he would start to clean up the whole house. But then here comes the scary part…"

"What is it?"

"Once I had to go work in a faraway place for a few days and therefore I brought my luggage along. When I came home, I was so tired that I went to bed without cleaning up my luggage. And then when I woke up in the middle of the night, I was shocked to see something unbelievable!"

"What is it?"

"Lucas… He's cleaning the luggage… in his sleep!"


"His eyes were clearly closed, but he is taking out the things in the luggage and placing them back to where they belong! This is sleep walk taken to the extreme! Things would get even worse… One day while we were passing by somebody's house and that house had its door open, and when Lucas saw the dirtiness inside, he wanted to go in there to clean the house, but I stopped him saying that this isn't our house."

"I see…"

"I'm very worried about my boy… He's not like he used to be… So part of the reason I'm sending him to your place is because I hope that you can do something about this. The doctors on our island don't know what to do, so please do something about this! Save my little boy! Please…


"So Lucas really is a clean-maniac," Ness said.

"Yeah, and his father wants us to do something about it…" CF said as they both watched Lucas picking up trashes that were lying all over the place.


Soon they were able to leave the airport and make it back to Smash Mansion. The moment they stepped inside, the Ice Climbers, Young Link, Diddy Kong, Pichu, Jigglypuff, and Pit rushed out to greet Lucas. "Welcome, Lucas!" they said. They even pulled the strings of party noisemakers and sent confetti flying everywhere.

The moment Lucas saw the confetti touching the floor, he immediately bent down and started picking up the confetti one by one into his hand and then headed for the nearest wastebasket to throw them away. "What's he doing…?" Nana asked.

"That's the reason his dad wants him to come here…" Ness told her.

After throwing the confetti away, Lucas went back to them and said politely, "Nice to meet you guys! I hope I can enjoy my stay here!"

"You're welcome, Mr. Lucas!" Pit said to him.

"C'mon, let's tell the others that you're here," Ness said, and he took Lucas by the hand to the living room. The moment they stepped inside, they witnessed the Super Smash Sofa Slouchers hanging around in their usual place and there were lots of empty snack wrappings and empty cans on the table. "Hey guys! Lucas is here!"

"Hello!" Parry said, waving his wing.

"Hope you like this place!" G&W said, waving his hand. Bowser simply waved his hand without taking his face off a book entitled All You Want to Know About Girls.

When Lucas saw the mess on the table, he rushed over to it, picked them all up, and threw them all in the wastebasket. The others were surprised by this and Falco asked, "What's with this guy?"

"Well… To put it simple… He's unable to control himself…" Ness said. "His father wants us to do something about this…"


After that, the kids took Lucas to their room. "Here is our room," Ness said, opening the door. When the door was opened, Lucas immediately saw the mess inside. Underwear, dirty clothes, toys, and various other stuffs were sprawled across the floor as if the room hadn't been cleaned in years. Like a machine, Lucas sprung to action and started picking things up and throwing them into the wastebasket while the kids watched him with wide open eyes.

"Wow… He's like a robot in the way that he acts…" Young Link commented.

In only a minute, Lucas managed to clean up the whole room. In fact, the room was so clean that it let off bright sparkles that nearly blinded the kids. "It stings…" Popo cried, holding his hand over his eyes.

"What a light… It's so holy and warm…" Pit commented.

"Where do I sleep?" Lucas asked.


After finding a place for Lucas to stay in, the kids head over to the book room on the first floor. "Let's read some comic books," Ness suggested. "Want to read One Pie?" When he opened the door to the book room, it was revealed that the book room wasn't as clean as you think as there were books lying on the table and the floor and the bookshelf was quite messy with all those unarranged books as well.

Lucas immediately charged into the book room and started picking up the books and placing them back into their rightful places while the others watched him with wide open eyes again. "He's really taking this seriously…" YL commented.

After cleaning up the whole place and making it shiny and clean, Lucas wiped the sweat off his forehead and said, "So what did you suggest me to read just now?"

"Great… I left the One Pie comics on the table and now you placed them back into the part of the shelf that is hard to reach…" Ness grumbled.


"So… How about we go take a look at the secret lab?" Ness asked.

"You have a lab built here?" Lucas asked curiously.

"Yeah, and it's pretty cool," Popo said. "Maybe except for the entrance…"

The kids headed over to the first floor bathroom and once in there, Ness felt around the wall next to the door and pushed one of the tiles inwards. This caused the bathtub before them to slowly rise up into the air via stilts and revealing a staircase underneath, much to Lucas's amazement, and thus they went inside.

Once they reached the underground lab, they were greeted with several computers and scientific gadgets all over the place as well as the Falcon Flyer parked in the middle of the room. "Nice place, eh?" Ness asked.

"Wow! What a cool place!" Lucas commented. He then spotted how there were tools and other junk parts lying on the floor and he immediately took action to clean them up. The kids still couldn't believe their eyes on hard he is working.

"If there is a cleaning contest," Diddy said, "He's bound to win first place…"

"On the other hand, I think he'll win third, second, and first place together…" Pichu said.


Evening came and Peach was getting ready to make dinner. When she opened the refrigerator, tons of food packages and wrappings tumbled out and fell onto the floor. "I've got to clean the fridge some day…" she thought.

That was when Lucas came walking into the room and started picking everything up on the floor and placed them all back into the refrigerator, much to Peach's surprise. After Lucas was done, he left the kitchen and Peach was amazed at how neat the inside of the refrigerator was. "Wow! Everything is packed up neatly!" she exclaimed.

"I don't think we should be praising him…" Ness mumbled from the kitchen entrance.


"Phew… What a day… Taking a bath is the best method to soothe a day's work," Snake said as he headed for the first floor bathroom. He took off his short and socks as he walked their and tossed them onto the floor instead of placing them into the laundry basket next to the bathroom entrance.

Like mouse attracted to cheese, Lucas immediately rushed over to pick up the clothes one by one. "Clean-maniac, I see…" Snake commented.

When Lucas picked up the socks however, a strong odor came out from the socks. It was a horrible and indescribable smell and the moment it entered Lucas's nose, he fell forward onto the floor unconsciously. The kids rushed over and were shocked to see that Lucas had fainted. "Oh no! Lucas became a victim of Snake's socks!" Pichu gasped.

"Quick! Give him CPR before it's too late!" Ness cried. "If we don't hurry, he will die!"

"It's not that exaggerating, is it?!" said Snake, offended at what Ness said.

Suddenly, Lucas stood back up again and continued heading for the laundry basket, but the others were frightened by this as Lucas didn't look normal at all. His eyes were rolled to the back and he walked slowly in manner similar to that of a zombie and even wobbled left to right. "Oh my god! Lucas got back up again!" Nana cried. "The socks are useless against him!"

"He's basically a zombie now!" Popo cried. "Quick! Run before he comes after our brains!"

"I can't believe how much of a maniac he is!" Ness gasped.

"What?! Even my socks won't work on him?!" Snake said in shock and disappointment.


Thanks to Lucas's disorder, the mansion became a lot cleaner and the Smashers couldn't believe their eyes. Every corner of the mansion was giving off bright and neat sparkles and there was not a single bunny in sight.

"Our mansion haz never been so clean…" Mario said.

"Seeing how Lucas cleaned up our house so well makes it look like Peach and Zelda were slacking off all the time…" Luigi said.

Zelda happened to be passing by when she heard this and was somewhat offended. "What was that supposed to mean?!"

"But we are supposed to cure him of this habit," Peach said. "His father didn't send him here to clean up our mansion."

"I've seen this sort of disorder before…" Dr. Mario said with his hand placed under his chin.

"Do you know anyway to help him?" Peach asked.

"I'm not exactly sure…"


The next day, Link came walking out of his room with a yawn and headed for the bathroom to wash himself up. Lucas happened to be walking down the hall too and when he went past Link's room, he saw that it was unclean inside, and thus he ran in there to tidy up the room and make the bed. Link poked his head into the room but said nothing and then left for the bathroom again after a while.


Samus went into the book room and looked at the bookshelf to find herself a good book to read. She spotted a good one and pulled it out and this resulted in the other books falling down to the floor as well. She didn't care though and walked away to read her book and that was when Lucas came running in to clean up the place.


Young Link came walking out of his room and Lucas entered shortly afterwards and saw the room very unclean, so he started cleaning up the dirty clothes and toys. After cleaning up the place, Ness came into the room and head for his desk and opened up the drawer to look for something. He threw the stuffs in the drawer onto the floor over and over until he found what he wanted, and then he left the room without bothering to clean the mess that he made, and thus Lucas cleaned it up for him.


At the garden, DK and Diddy were taking a stroll through the place while eating bananas and they would throw the peels wherever the go. This resulted in Lucas following closely behind them so that he can pick up the peels.


Captain Falcon was at the garage applying paint job to his Blue Falcon. After he was done, he simply placed the paintbrush onto the floor and went back into the mansion and the floor was covered in paint from the work. Lucas came running into the place with a mop and started cleaning up the paints.


The SSSS were slacking off at the living room again and the table was full of snack wrappings, old newspapers, and empty cans. Lucas came in to clean them all up and they didn't seem to care and even continued to throw wrappings onto the floor and table.


"You cannot catch me!" Pichu taunted as he and Jigglypuff played tag throughout the mansion and they accidentally kicked over a wastebasket as a result.

"Hey! Be careful!" Lucas said to them, and he went over to the wastebasket to clean it.


Because of all these cleaning, Lucas gradually became tired and looked like he was going to keel over. Panting tiredly, he headed over to the kid's room to take a rest and the first thing he saw inside was Ness lying on the floor eating snacks and reading a comic book and there were dirty clothes, toys, and random junks lying all around him.

Lucas was dismayed and shock to see that the room was messy once again and he fell to his knees and said, "I feel like an idiot… No matter how hard I try, I can't clean up your house at all…"

"Now you finally understand that you've been doing pointless stuff this whole time," Ness said while stuffing potato chips into his mouth.


Soon afterwards, it appeared that Lucas had gotten rid of this habit. When Diddy Kong failed to throw a banana peel into the wastebasket, Lucas didn't care and walked past the peel as if he saw nothing.

"Looks like he's cured," Dr. Mario said.

"Yeah, I'm sure his father will be happy to know about this!" Peach said happily.


After a while, Peach went to the kids room and the first thing that she saw when she entered was a room full of dirty clothes, snack wrappings, toys, and random junks sprawled throughout the place, and Lucas was sitting in the middle of the mess reading comic books and throwing away tissue papers that he used for wiping his mouth. "What is this mess?!" Peach cried. "Why don't you clean up the room?!"

"There's no point in cleaning a room if it'll become unclean again," Lucas replied.

Peach nearly cried when she heard this and said to herself, "Now I'm starting to wish that he is a clean-maniac again…"