In this chapter, there will be many short stories instead of just one. All these stories are unrelated to each other, so this is a smart way of trying to put in as many one shots as possible without dragging for too many chapters.

Chapter 10
The Final One-Shots

Toon Link was busy digging for gold in his nose if you know what I mean. Sticking both fingers at once into his nostrils, he managed to dig out too boogers, and out of boredom, he began juggling those two boogers using his fingers.

"Hey brother! Come look at this!" Aryll said, patting him in the back.

"Whoa!" TL got startled by this and then he realized that the two boogers on his fingers were gone. "Uh?"

"What's wrong? Looking for something?" Aryll asked him. TL turned around and to his horror; he saw those two boogers stuck onto her face, one on the right cheek and the other on the forehead.

"Nothing…" he claimed nervously.

Link was busy digging through the old stuffs in the attic when Samus came in. "What are you looking for?" she asked.

"Young Link needed to bring some old stuff that he used as a kid to school for show-and-tell, so I'm looking things up for him," he replied.

As Link searched, Samus noticed a trampoline at the side and said, "Hey, this thing's been stored here for quite a while, hasn't it?"

"Yeah, and nobody uses it anymore anyway," Link said without turning around.

"I wonder if it still works." Samus then jumped onto the trampoline and began bouncing up and down on it. "Heh! It's still very bouncy!" She bounced on it harder and harder and occasionally did acrobatic flips. She landed onto the trampoline one more time and pressed down as hard as she could before leaping up with full force.


"Wha?!" Link was shocked by the crash and turned around to see Samus's lower torso dangling from the ceiling, stuck. "What the…?"

Catrina was walking through the park while reading a romance novel about a princess and prince. "How I love to be the princess," she said to herself. "It's so romantic…" She daydreamed to herself as a beautiful prince and then there's a really ugly (very beautiful according to Monstrians) coming to meet her on a white horse.

"Hey Catrina!" Popo called out to her.

She turned to him and asked, "What is it?"

"We need your help," he said. "We're practicing for a skit to perform at school, and Nana is supposed to play the role of the princess, but she's not here. Can you please be her substitute for a while?"

"I love to!" she said happily, thinking that there is a chance for her to be a princess, even if it's a skit.

"Okay, here's the script."


"For the tragic final scene!" a classmate of Popo said. "The prince finds the kidnapped princess at last, but he is too late. The princess had already been killed and cut into pieces by the evil warlock!"

On the ground, you see that Catrina was broken down limb by limb. "This wasn't what I had in mind…" she grumbled in her mind.

"Hey Lilina!" Roy said to his wife while showing him a very odd-looking shirt. "Look what I ordered from the tailor!"

"What's this?" Lilina asked. It was a shirt with two openings for the head.

"It's a couple's shirt!" he explained. The couples wear this shirt together so they can always be with each other no matter where they go! Want to try it?"

Under Roy's suggestion, they both put on the couple's shirt and after they were done putting it up, it gave people the impression that they were Siamese twins. "Heheh! It fits us perfectly!" Roy said.

"Oh, this is embarrassing," Lilina said with a smile.

"Let's go to the department store together, what do you say? That will let the people know how much we love each other!"


At the department store, Roy found himself standing outside the public restroom topless. His servant who went for a stroll by himself earlier came back and asked him, "What are you doing, your majesty?"

"Lilina's in the bathroom…" he replied.

Dedede went to his bed to put an end to the day. "I hope I have a great dream tonight!"

That night, he dreamed that a monster was attacking the castle but then Kirby showed up to save the day. Dedede was grateful towards him and instantly proclaimed Kirby the new king.


The next day, Meta-Knight went to the dining room and noticed that Dedede was looking very down. "What is the matter, king?" he asked.

"Is the Fountain of Dreams broken or anything…?" he asked.

"No, it is perfectly fine. Why do you ask this?"

"Then explain why I had a horrible nightmare where I made Kirby the king of Dream Land…"

The kids were watching TV show about a magical girl named Mariko and she had psychic powers. "Mariko is so cute!" Popo commented.

"This show is supposed to be for girls," Nana said.

"Well, there are fanservice, so it makes you wonder if this show is also intended for boys," Ness said.


Peach went up to the door to open it and saw that it was a special delivery. Mewtwo instantly came down from the stairs and took the package himself. "This is mine," he said, and then after stamping the paper for the deliveryman, he took the package upstairs.

"I wonder what he ordered," Peach wondered.


Parry was flying around the outside of the mansion and when he flew past the window of Mewtwo's room, he saw the psychic Pokemon inside cosplaying as Mariko the Magical Girl. "I will smite down evil with my psychic powers!" he said to himself in a somewhat girly voice. The package that he received earlier was on the floor next to him, so you should know what he ordered.

"Everyone has his or her own soft sides, I think…" Parry thought.

Mari was sitting on a blanket that she laid down somewhere in the park and her doll Chuck was in front of her was another doll. She grabbed that doll by the head and moved it close to a miniature table and said, "My love, I am home."

She then held Chuck and said, "Why are you home so late, my wife?"

By now, you should know that she is playing house with her stuffed dolls. Moving her hand to the other doll, she said, "I went out to meet my friends."

"Don't lie to me!" Chuck said. Of course, it's not actually the doll speaking but actually her, but I'm not bringing this up again. "I saw everything! You went out with another man!"

"What? You saw it?!" the other doll gasped. "Fine then! I'll tell you the truth! I've been with him for quite a while and I have enough of you already! I demand a divorce!"

"How dare you betray me?! I'm going to kill you!" Mari then held up Chuck and used her oversoul to fire bullets and shot the other doll into smithereens.


Meanwhile, Nana and Macchi were standing at the side when they saw this. "I don't want to imagine playing a game of house using real people and not dolls with her…" Nana said.

"I agree…" Macchi said with a nod.

Yoshi saw a bread on a table and licked his lips, but then Falco appeared in front of the bread saying, "Hands off my bread!"

Yoshi grumbled and then walked away. Falco was going to eat the bread but then he felt like using the bathroom. Fearing that Yoshi might come get the bread again, he put the bread into a jar that had a special password lock. He set a password that only he knows and then left, and then Yoshi appeared again with an evil grin.


Falco returned to the jar after finishing his business and opened up the jar, but gasped in horror. "A secret passage?!"

The Smashers were invited by Priscilla to the theater to see a performance that she was going to take part in, and they also had special permission to go to the backstage and visit her. When they went inside, they saw her resting her head on the table and she looked very down. "What's-a wrong?" Mario asked.

"She's pretty nervous about the performance," the person helping her with the make-up said.

Priscilla got up and looked at the Smashers and said, "Oh, you guys are here! Hope you enjoy my performance!"

"Don't feel so nervous!" Luigi said to him. "If you try your best, you will not fail!"

The moment she heard the word fail, she instantly fell onto the table again and became depressed. "You're not supposed to mention the word fail in front of her!" Dr. Mario said to him. "It's like a psychological torture to her!"


"I say something nice!" Jigglypuff said. "No worry! You perform good, we are happy! You fail, we still happy!"

Hearing the word fail for the second time, Priscilla went into even deeper depression. "Don't make things worse!" Dr. Mario shouted to Jigglypuff.

Lucas had returned to Nowhere Island and Flint had learned that he had been cured of his Obsessive Compulsive Syndrome. However, when he saw that Lucas had been changed greatly because of this, he started to have mixed reactions.

As Lucas lied down in the middle of the incredibly messy room doing nothing but eating snacks and reading comic books, Flint said to himself, "Now I wish he is a clean-maniac again…"


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