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Monday. I used to hate Monday's, but not anymore. Now? Now I looked forward to them, and the reason disgusted me. Ever since she moved to Forks my life's been tipped upside down. She was constantly on my mind…in my thoughts, my dreams. And I was utterly helpless to do anything about it short of rubbing one off daily. Okay maybe two…or three. I was a sick, sick man.

The first bell rang and I watched as my students began to shuffle into the classroom. Always the first in their seats were Angela Webber and her boyfriend Ben somethingoranother. I can never remember that kid's last name. These two were perfect straight A students and they absolutely annoyed the fuck out of me. Especially Ben, he was such a fucking nerd and loved to challenge my curriculum in class, and I hated know-it-alls.

I looked back up to the door to see the bubblegum bitches, Jessica and Lauren, who were giggling and snapping their gum annoyingly, enter the room. They were far to fucking enthusiastic for a Monday morning. Jessica's whiny voice was grating on my nerves like nails on a chalkboard, and Lauren's incessant flirting with pimply Mike Newton, who trailed behind them like a lost puppy dog, was nauseating.

"Girl's, spit out your gum please; you know my rules." I warned before they took their seats.

Both Lauren and Jessica grimaced but walked up to my desk and spit their gum into the trash bin.

"Sorry Mr. Ho…I mean Mr. Cullen" Lauren said with a snort before turning back around and heading towards her desk with Jessica. Once seated Lauren leaned over and whispered in Jessica's ear, both girls then looked up at me and started giggling.

I sighed and rolled my eyes. I knew what the girls in school called me; my colleagues knew too, and I had become the subject of teasing in the teacher's lounge. I was young for a high school teacher, only twenty-six, and admittedly attractive I suppose. I was tall at 6'2" with short wavy blonde hair and blue eyes. I went to the gym three times a week so my body was in good shape. I was used to the whispers and looks the girls would give me in the halls. It was flattering, but I ignored most of it. There was only one person I wanted to notice me and I was a bastard for it.

Three weeks ago, I had been sitting in the lounge eating my lunch when Coach Banner took the seat next to me. "Well if it isn't Mr. 'Hot Bitch' Cullen!" he boomed out while clapping me on the back, almost causing me to choke on my sandwich.

"You're one lucky son-of-a-bitch, all these girls shaking their asses and flaunting their perky tits at you all the time." He said to me in his loud, raspy voice.

"Fuck off Bob, they're just kids."

"Shit, most of these girls are more experienced than either one of us." He scoffed, "It don't hurt to look, hell, I'd dip into some of these senior girls if I thought I had a chance."


"What? Some of 'em are eighteen already. Legal age and all." He defended. "Have you seen the new girl yet?"

"Chief Swan's daughter?" I asked.

"Yup. Man, that one is 100% fuckable. Eighteen too."

"God, Bob, I can't believe they let you coach High School you sick fuck." I said as I got up and headed out the lounge, tossing the rest of my lunch in the trash.

The next morning I was lecturing during first period when she walked into my classroom. Her beauty left me nearly speechless, and I almost forgot what I had been lecturing on. When she handed me her schedule to sign and I saw her name I immediately reflected on my conversation with Banner the previous day. Fuck! He was right about this one, and I was in trouble.

Emmett McCarty and Edward Masen entered class, shaking me from my thoughts, and took their usual seats in the back. They looked hung-over from underage drinking and who knows what else they did all weekend. They dragged their feet into class every Monday and would spend most of the hour with their heads down in apparent slumber, drooling on their desks. I didn't bother to wake them when they did this, I could care less if they passed or failed my class. Emmett was a burnout anyway, even if he was awake in my class, he never turned in class work or homework and didn't even bother taking the quizzes anymore. Waste of life those two were.

The second bell rang signaling the start of class and she wasn't in her seat. I briefly panicked. Where was she? Was she sick? Damn it Cullen! Get a hold of yourself! You're her teacher!

I began taking roll and just as I was calling out Eric Yorkie's name the door opened and Bella Swan came strolling through, smiling at me demurely.

"Sorry Mr. Cullen, my truck wouldn't start this morning." She said sweetly as she walked to her desk in the back of the room between Edward and Emmett.

My God, what was she wearing today? She was dressed like Brittney Spears in her …Baby One More Time video. She was even wearing black patent Mary-Jane's. I swear she's fucking with me.

I shouldn't have inappropriate thoughts about my students, and as a rule I never did, but I am a man and this student, Bella Swan, was sex on legs. She had a heart shaped faced with eyes the color of melted chocolate and long mahogany hair that flowed down her back to her tiny waistline. Her breasts were beautiful, perky and perfectly sized, at least a c-cup, and her ass, how many times in the last three weeks had I fantasized about looking down at that perfectly round ass as I pounded into her from behind.

My pants tightened slightly at the thought of having her bent over my desk.

To make matters worse, she had been flirting with me since the first week she started at Forks High School. Every day her clothing became more and more provocative, making it even more difficult to keep my thoughts from wandering to places they shouldn't go.

I once again shook the thoughts from my head and began my lecture for the day, careful to avoid looking at Bella so I wouldn't be distracted. Thirty minutes into class I finished lecturing and passed out the day's quiz before taking my place at the front of my classroom behind my desk. I surveyed the students as they began the test, making sure that no one attempted to cheat. As everyone settled into the quiz, I found my eyes wandering back to Bella who was concentrating intently on the paper before her. Her brow was furrowed and she was chewing on her bottom lip while scribbling her answers down with her pencil.

I was staring at her legs which were crossed under her desk, imagining how they would feel wrapped around my waist, when I glanced up at her face and was surprised when I met her eyes. She winked then smiled at me as she leaned back, uncrossed her legs and parted them, allowing me a perfect view up her skirt. Fuck me, she's not wearing panties.

I was instantly erect and looked around the room quickly to find all the other students with their heads still down working on their tests, except for Emmett and Edward who had their heads down sleeping.

I looked back to Bella who was now looking down at her test again. Her legs were still parted and her groomed pussy was glistening with arousal. She was more beautiful than any fantasy Bella I had imagined. My mouth began watering, and I licked my lips as I imagined myself plunging my tongue into her core, coating my face in her juices. I wondered what she tasted like and if she was loud when she came.

I was brought out of my fantasy when Bella slid one of her hands under the desk while still scribbling on her paper with her other. She glanced up at me and then back to her test before she slowly slid her hand under her skirt and began running her index finger up and down her slit causing me to gasp. Fuck. This was wrong, so wrong…but I couldn't stop myself from watching her, or from stroking my cock through my slacks under my desk and out of the view of the oblivious classroom.

Without ever looking up from her test paper, she began to circle her clit and then swiftly brought her finger back down and plunged it into her pussy, pumping twice before pulling it out and bringing it back up to her clit again. She was a fucking Lolita and I was going to hell! She continued her ministrations, sliding her finger in her pussy and then back up to her clit, causing my dick to throb painfully.

The bell rang signaling the end of class and we both jumped at the intruding noise. Bella quickly brought her hand above the desk and crossed her legs again. And then, as if my cock wasn't already hard enough, she made eye contact with me took the finger she'd just been touching her cunt with and put it in her mouth, sucking on it as she slowly pulled it back out and licked her lips.

I didn't dare stand up as the students filed to front of the class and placed their exams on my desk. Bella gathered her backpack and walked towards me, placing her paper on the top of the stack.

"Ms. Swan, may I see you after class please?" I was definitely going to go to hell for what I was about to do.

"Sure Mr. Cullen, is everything okay?" She asked innocently. She was surely the devil incarnate, for there was nothing innocent about this vixen.

The last of the students exited through the door leaving Bella and I alone. I got up and walked over to the door, locking it and pulling the shade down on the small window. The next hour was my free period and I wasn't expecting any students, but I wasn't going to take any chances.

I turned back around and looked at Bella who was leaning against my desk playing with the hem of her skirt. Her ankles were crossed and she had her head tilted down, looking up at me through her long lashes and chewing on that luscious fucking bottom lip.

I stalked toward her like a predator stalking its prey and she looked…excited. Her face was flushed and her breathing picked up as I approached her, stopping closely in front of her and placing my hands on either side of her hips, trapping her against the desk. I leaned down, running my nose along her jaw and up to her ear where I flicked my tongue out and pulled her earlobe into my mouth, sucking gently before whispering, "You were very, very naughty with your little stunt back there, Ms. Swan."

She sucked in a breath and whimpered. I pulled back and looked into her eyes, which were burning with lust, silently seeking out permission before I leaned forward cautiously and placed a soft kiss on her lips.

Bella came to life. Her hands were suddenly fisted in my hair as she crushed her lips to mine, thrusting her tongue in my mouth. I kissed her back just as fiercely, nipping at her lips and sucking on her tongue.

Her taste, fuck, she was like candy. I'd never tasted anything as sweet as her, and I couldn't wait to have her pussy in my mouth.

She broke the kiss and pulled back smiling at me with swollen lips before dropping to her knees and fumbling with my belt. I reached down helping her with the buckle and she quickly undid my button and zipper, yanking my pants and boxers to my ankles and freeing my throbbing cock.

She gasped at my engorged member and looked up at me through her lashes, licking her lips before running her tongue up the base of my cock and then taking my head into her mouth, tracing her tongue around the ridge before taking the rest of my shaft in until I hit the back of her throat. She brought her hand up and fisted it around the base of my cock, pumping with her hand what couldn't fit in her mouth, and using the other to caress my balls. I put my hands in her hair, helping set a rhythm that I liked, and watched my shaft slide in and out of her perfect little mouth. Seeing her lips wrapped around my cock was fucking beautiful, and I realized my fantasies were nothing in comparison to the real thing.

"Fuck Bella…just like that…" I groaned out in pure fucking ecstasy. "My cock feels so good in your mouth. Do you like my cock in your mouth Ms. Swan?"

She moaned, sending a shiver up my spine, and took the hand that was kneading my balls and dropped it between her legs and up her skirt. I almost came right then.

She sucked me like a porn star as I pumped into her mouth and she fingered herself. It felt so damn good, and I could feel myself building toward my climax.

"God Bella….don't stop…I'm going to come…" I panted. She brought the hand that was between her legs back up, running her finger along the skin between my balls and my ass, and then slid her finger, which was still coated in her own juices, into my ass causing me explode in a forceful orgasm. My dick jerked violently in her mouth and she swallowed every drop like a pro. Fuck if Bob wasn't right; these girls know what the fuck they're doing!

She pulled my pants up and I buttoned them as she stood up, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand, looking at me shyly. Her lips were swollen, her cheeks flushed…she was absolutely beautiful and I wasn't done with her yet.

I tipped her chin up with my finger and kissed her softly. Gripping her by the waist I backed her up against my desk and lifted her to sit on the edge. I brought my hand down under her skirt and ran my finger up the slick folds between her legs, eliciting a loud moan from Bella. "Fuck Bella…you are so wet." I whispered against her lips. I ran my finger up and down her slit, circling her clit as I leaned forward and began kissing down her neck, along her collar bone and down to the sweet valley between her breasts.

With my free hand I unbuttoned the first few buttons of her blouse, just enough for me to pull the fabric of her shirt and bra aside, granting me access to the most beautiful set of tits I'd ever laid eyes on. I groaned in anticipation as I ran my thumbs lightly across her nipples causing them to harden further. Leaning down, I sucked her nipple into my mouth while simultaneously sliding two fingers into her wet heaven. Bella gasped and threw her head back, thrusting her hips forward.

I continued pumping my fingers into her while taking turns kneading, licking and sucking on each of her breasts, making sure to pay equal attention to both. Bella panted and mewled softly while biting on her bottom lip, I assume to stifle her moans.

I kissed and licked my way down her stomach, slowly working my way to that apex between her legs where I so desperately wanted to be. When I reached my destination, I paused to briefly look at her gorgeous little sex before running my tongue slowly up her slit, teasing her clit lightly. She moaned a little too loudly, bucking against my face and immediately fisting her hands back into my hair, holding on for dear life. I ran my tongue up and down her silky folds, plunging it into her pussy. "Oh…fuck" she gasped encouraging me even further.

I continued sucking, licking and just devouring her when I could sense she was getting close. Oh how I wish I could plunge my cock into her right now, I'd give just about anything to feel her come around my cock. Unfortunately I wasn't in the habit of carrying condoms, and I was pretty sure my free hour was almost over.

"I want to make you come, Bella," I said. "Come for me, Bella." I plunged my fingers back into her cunt and then sucked her clit between my lips, circling it with my tongue when she suddenly seized up, yelling out "FUCK!" as her glorious pussy contracted around my fingers and she began to shake with her orgasm. I continued to pump her while she rode out her high, and then slid my fingers out and placed a light kiss just above her clit.

I walked around my desk as she attempted to catch her breath and scribbled out a note excusing her from the class I'd caused her to miss. Bella stood up and adjusted her skirt, glancing over her shoulder at me and chewing on her lip again. I reached over and tugged her around to me, pulling her close and placing a kiss on the tip of her nose as I handed her the note.

"You know Ms. Swan, I'm in need of a student aide to assist me during my free period. I could request for your schedule to be moved around."

She took the note and read it, raising an eyebrow to me and nodding yes to my request. I released her and walked over to the door, unlocking it. Bella grabbed her bag, shoving the note in it and walked toward me to leave. She paused in front of me, smiling like she just won the lottery.

"Lauren and Jessica were right," she said, "You really are a Hot Bitch."

"That's Mr. Hot Bitch to you," I laughed, "and I'll see you tomorrow."

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