Anyone see the Golden Cup about this one? It made laugh so much and I kept repeating it at certain parts. Yes, Kurotsuchi Mayuri DID fart. Check it out for yourself.



A chorus of women's voice fills the room as the members of the Shinigami Women's Association stare disbelievingly at the empty plate sitting right before their eyes. They were all looking forward to whatever sweet treats that Nanao had bought for them. But, to their disappointment, someone seemed to have gotten there first and have eaten all of it, leaving the plated sparkly clean.

"Our snacks are all gone!" Yachiru exclaimed as she stood in front of the table, eyebrows furrowed as she, along with her fellow female Shinigami, looked at the empty plate in front of them.

"I was looking forward to it!" whined Matsumoto. Half of the money she donated to funds could've been used for something far more productive she thought to herself.

Like makeup. Or better yet, booze.

"What is all the ruckus about?"

A new voice enters the room as everyone becomes silent. Mayuri, having heard the noise in the other room stepped in to see what it was all about.

"Ah, um, Mayuri-sama. Have you seen the snacks that were left here?" Nemu asked and turned to her father and Captain. The others, having shut up earlier, looked at the painted Captain in front of them.

Mayuri, looking very much annoyed, faced Nemu and said, "Why would I know anything about that?"

If there had been a person who had not been distracted by the mystery of the missing sweets would have noticed the small hint of discomfort in the quick reply given to Nemu. Mayuri stopped, as well as everyone else in the room, silence quickly engulfing the room.

And then…


A short moment of silence continued to circle the room until Matsumoto decided to break it. "Who…?" She asked with her arms crossed, turning to those beside her.

They continued to look at each other, wondering as to who created the small, but still audible sound.

Nervous faces looked around and Yachiru turned to her self-proclaimed best friend, Nemu and asked, as if already knowing the answer, "Don't tell me. Were the snacks…?"

"Sweet roasted potatoes." Nemu stated. Nanao fixed her glasses giving it the evil shine and Soifon crossed her arms in utter irritation. They were high ranked Shinigami! They should at least be able to find the perpetuator as easily as defeating a hollow.

"Our snacks! Our snacks!" the pink haired lieutenant shouted as everyone, save Mayuri, resumed fussing about their mysterious predicament.

"Go home already." Mayuri said, seeing as they would not stop until they knew who did it. Turning around, his golden eyes filled with nervousness and relief, he gave out a long sigh.


Closing the door behind him, Mayuri gave a longer sigh and walked away. He was glad that he was able to pull of that magnificent heist. If not, Nanao, even in her lower position, would certainly have his head. And he liked his head attached to his shoulder if ever you're wondering.

But still. It was worth it.

He really did like sweet roasted potatoes.


Well. That's all folks. I've been thinking of doing more Golden Cup related ficlets, but I hope you had fun reading it. I certainly had fun writing this.