A/N: Part 2 of ULatU. Originally it was supposed to be a stand alone poem, but I decided to expand on the theme.

italics= new stanza

Encompassing Love and Fear

I see you sitting there in the nursery and I begin to lose it.

"Peyton, what is this?" I ask. I already knew, but disbelief had to make sure.

"I just thought I should." She looked worn and resigned.

Making a tape to our child, what was she thinking?

She carried herself like she was going to die,

And I won't accept that.

I refuse to let her.

She was the one who reassured me in the first place.

"No, no, you said everything was going to be okay. You said—"

"I'm making it just in case."

Peyt, you had no idea the effect those words had on me.

With that sentence,

My world began to destruct around us,

And I felt completely helpless,

With nothing substantial to cling on to.

Who I needed was you, what I needed was your optimism,

Don't give up.

I can't have you giving up and lamenting the end.

Because that tape symbolizes the sealed fate has planned for us.

There won't be an end.

This end is your death and I don't know what to do with myself if that happens.

Your death would break me.

How would I continue living my life after this tragedy?

I've been keeping busy fixing the Comet in order to deal with this.

I know I'm being hostile to you, but you're terrifying me.

I'm curt when I masking tantalizing fear.

I can't stand this constant thought that resides in my mind:

When I'm around you my heart aches enough to

Let me know you could be gone.

Moments become precious.

I have to touch you to know that you're alive and breathing,

Only this time I don't because I'm conflicted with misplaced anger,

Does fate have to be so cruel?

There are times when briefly, I feel like you're with me, here, now,

Where relief elevates my entire body,

And I forget that my family could be stripped away from me,

Everything's the way it should be,

And then I remember it's not okay.

Please, stop acting like this.

It's you, Peyton,

The one I want standing next to me,

The one I want where all my dreams come true,

It's you.

Our dreams can't come true if you're not here.

I'm asking destiny to not take you away from me.

I'll never ask for anything else if the universe grants me this one hope.


A/N: Dedicated to Leytonalways. I hope you liked it. I tried, but I don't know if I succeeded or not. I think the poem's ok: very simple, upfront, and informal, but in character? You should tell me how you think I did.