What was Sam's relationship with her father really like? Why did she and Mark really stop talking to him? Dark, AU.

Mark had gone to a friend's house for the night, and Sam's mom had died two months earlier. Sam was sitting stiffly on the couch next to Jacob, waiting for the inevitable. Sure enough, about half an hour into the movie her reached for her, brushing blonde strands back from her face with calloused hands fingertips. Sam suppressed her protestations, like always. Jacob leant closer, pulling him toward her with his left arm, crushing her teenaged breasts against his chest. He shoved his mouth against hers, forcing her lips open with his tongue, pulling down on her jaw so that she'd allow him entry.

Tears pricked in her eyelids, "Dad," she pleaded, trying to pull away but failing against his superior strength and grip. "Please…"

One hand ventured up her skirt, brushing lightly along her thighs. She tried to jerk her leg away, but his hand held it firmly in place, preventing her from going anywhere. "Hush, Sam, remember our deal," he growled breathlessly against her lips.

Sam did remember. She'd been not more than eight years old when she'd first been left home alone with her father and he'd made a move. He'd bought her silence by promising to give her the one thing she wanted: entrance into NASA when she was old enough. It had been nearly a year before it happened again, and then 10 months, then 8. Every time, the length of time between the assaults got shorter and shorter. When she'd reached puberty, her father seemed put off and she'd breathed a sigh of relief, but now that her mother had, he was raping her every time the two were left alone together. It wasn't really the promise of NASA keeping her silent anymore, but her shame, her horror and disgust with herself, and her fear of what he would do to her.

Mark rarely ever stayed at home anymore, desperately trying to escape his father, who he blamed for their mother's death. When Sam tried to stay with her friends, Jacob refused, and so, Sam was left to this almost nightly treatment.

Her skirt was now bunched up around her waist, and his hand brushed lightly against the soft cotton of her panties. "Dad," she tried again.

His response was to press down on her with his palm, making her gasp with a pleasure that she couldn't help. "D-,"

"Sam," he growled, angry, possessive. "Shut the fuck up and let me get on with it."

Tears streaked her face as she silenced, realizing that there was no way she was getting out of it tonight, either. A finger reached underneath her panties and he firmly rubbed her clit, and she gave an involuntary gasp of bliss. This was the part that she hated the most: he would make her come, scream with pleasure and it was oh so wrong. She hated her body's physical reaction to his probing. The finger dropped lower, delving swiftly into her moist channel. With his free hand, he tore off her panties, giving him unrestricted access to her most private parts. His middle finger joined his index, and he thrust them inside her several times, keeping his thumb firmly on her clit and making her gasp again. As her passage became more and more wet, his pace slowed and his thumb gently circled her nub. She could feel herself close to the edge, and she shuddered with some horrible combination of joy and disgust. His fingers plundered for a few more seconds and she could no longer prevent her body from arching up against his. He grinned smugly at her response, once again quickening his pace until she began to spasm on his hand. Finally deciding she was ready, he pulled down his own pants.

His erection was large, dark and pulsing with arousal. He released her mouth from his with a slick pop, and grabbed strands of her long hair, forcing her head down. "Suck," he commanded.

Sam recoiled in horror. This was new. His fingers tightened in her hair, forcing her to keep her position, her face shoved into his crotch. "For God's sake Sam, I know you're not stupid. You know what I mean."

Crying, Sam tentatively licked the tip of his cock. She forced herself to pretend that it was Harry Darrin, her crush and lab partner, but the thought did little to comfort her. Her tongue swirled around his tip, and soon she found a rhythm, forcing all thoughts about what she was doing out of her head by reciting formulas. She could feel him starting to lose control, and tried to pull away, but his hands were still woven in her hair, still forcing her to go down on him. He came in her mouth and she choked on both cum and tears.

He disappeared for five minutes, returning with food. She ate silently, dry sobs heaving over her body. He rested a hand on her back, which would have been comforting if not for the fact that he'd just abused her once again, and if she hadn't been able to see his arousal once again growing in his lap.

She closed her eyes as he pulled her hips to crush against his, as he forced his thickening length into her body and thrust vigorously while rubbing her clit, forcing her to endure the sickening waves of pleasure. He only came after she did, collapsing on top of her, leaving his flaccid penis inside her. He didn't move, falling asleep like this. She was too weak to push him off, and sobbed herself to sleep with his oppressive weight still crushing her.

It was nearly midnight, and Sam had awoken. Sometime while they were sleeping, Jacob had rolled off her, and she coiled herself into a ball on the other end of the couch and sobbed. She didn't hear the keys rattling in the door, and only became aware that Mark had got home when he spotted them.

He was the picture of fury. "Sam?" he demanded. "What did he do to you?"

She only dried in response. Her brother pulled her to her feet, hugging her against him. "How long has this been going on?"

Sam shrugged. "Come on," Mark said gently. "Get some clothes, you're coming with me. We'll go to Matt's for tonight, file a report in the morning."

"No!" she wrenched herself free, shaking her head desperately. "No, no one can know!"

"Look what the bastard's done to you Sam!" Mark retorted in anger, unable to see where she was coming from.

"Please, Mark. I promise, I'll never come back here again, he'll never touch me again, just don't tell anyone!"

Mark was disconcerted by his sister's begging, and conceded. They took Sam a few changes of clothes and Sam's school things, packed them in his car and left.

The next morning, Sam went to the hairdressers and got her hair cut short, short enough that no one would ever be able to grip it. Mark got a job, rented an apartment and moved her in with him. Neither of them ever went back to their father's house.

AN: There's one more chapter to come, set during the Season 2 episode, Secrets. This is a new sort of story for me, so I hope you enjoyed it.