My Immortal

The sacrifice was for you,

Everything that came to this conclusion,

I did in your honor and for my morals.

He does not suspect my loyalties.

In fact, I feel guilty he is oblivious.

But things have to remain the way they are,

I know I'm his beacon, his watch tower,

That accentuates endless, aquamarine oceans of doom,

With a well-lit ray shattering through the emptiness.

He, himself is the single ocean that

Yearns for a savior to shed humanity to his cold atmosphere,

Waves that chaotically chase for decades of love and safety,

He sincerely believes I bring life into the previously unseen soul.

Keeping the brute from clawing his thin, human form openly,

I torment myself, asking how long I can cloak these pretenses.

A/N: Citations: Title from Evanescence's My Immortal. It's early too really tell, but personally I think this a good poem. Please review. I'd like to know your thoughts. :D