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"This is speaking"

'This is thinking'

A (Nice) Day of Forte



'Ugh… What the hell voice are there!'



'Shit! I can't sleep!'

A black net-navi opens his eyes. He has a bat or a cat or butterfly (or whatever -_-) shaped helmet in his head. He has an f musical symbol on his chest.

'Can't I have a sleep? It's so noisy' he grumbled and glared to the alarm beside him.

Then he considers something. He has been in a PC bedroom. He sits in a medium bed with snoopy picture. The wall surrounded him is painted with yellow. There is a little yellow cupboard and a bookshelf that filled with comics and magazine.

'Where am I?' he thought 'Why am I here? I always am in the depth of UnderNet NOT in a place like this!'

Then he wake up from the bed and look around the place.

'I feel so familiar with this place. Why? I can't remember'

Suddenly a flash appears behind him and forms a rectangular monitor with a human face in it.

"Good morning, Forte. How's your sleep tonight?"

He turns to his back with a shocked view in his face "Dr … Dr. Cossack?!!"

"Why you look so surprised? Is something wrong?" he asked worriedly.

"Why … Why am I here? I must be in UnderNet!!"

"What are you talking, my son? This is your bedroom, your home? Why must you be in a dangerous place like UnderNet?"

"But …" Then he noticed that his navi mark has no scar. 'What? Where is the scar?'

"Are you OK, Forte?"

"I'm okay, Dr. Cossack. I … I just had a bad nightmare"

'Maybe the Alpha accident just a dream … Yeah, maybe …'

"Well, I happy to hear that, but don't call me so formal like that"


"Just call me like usual, Forte. It doesn't matter"

"O … Okay, err … Papa"

"Good. This is my Forte"

Forte blushed at that time. It seems that he hasn't used that word in along time. A simple word, but it full of meaning.

"Now, can you close your eyes a moment?"

"For what?"

"It's a secret, sonny, but you might like it"

"Okay" he starts to close his eyes.

Dr. Cossack type something in his computer then he said "You can open your eyes in the 10th counts"

'Okay, I'll count. 1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 6… 7… 8… 9… 10'

Forte opens his eyes. Then a colorful little papers float in front of him with an explosion.

"Happy Birthday!"

Forte looked so surprised. He sees that his room change. There is a banner with a 'Happy Birthday' text in the wall. Some balloons are flying; there are red, blue, yellow and green. A happy birthday song comes from a little radio in a (suddenly appeared) table in front of him. And the best is … A cyber cake!!! There is a lemon cyber cake next the radio. Forte's favorite taste.

"You know? Today is the 1st year of your creation, so I decided this day to be your birthday"


"Yes, my son. Come on! Don't stand like that. Blow the candle and make a wish"

"Thank you, Papa. I love you!" he cheered. Maybe he wills hugs Dr. Cossack is he is in the real world.

"Me too, my son"

Then, Forte blows the candle and suddenly the room becomes so bright. 'What? What happen?' he shut his eyes.

After a few second, he opens his eyes and sees that his surround has change. The place is so dark and the wind blows so fast.

'UnderNet? So, it … it was only a dream?' he feels so disappointed.

'It seems I wake up before I make a wish. But, although it just a dream I'll happy if I can speak my wish' he sighed 'If I can, I wants … I wants to be on Dr. Cossack's side forever, I wish'

He lies down and watches the stars in the sky.

'I miss you, Papa'

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