Here's an Edward n Bella story though it doesn't really follow twilight at all it just has same character names and relationship pairings + other characters.


"Don't you DARE run from me Isabella!" I heard James yell after me but I didn't stop. I just kept running for the yellow Porsche sitting there with my best friend Alice waiting to get me out of here. Once I got in the Porsche I failed to hear the final thing James yelled out to me, however I noticed Alice stiffen as she sped away from the house and James.

"Bella…" I wasn't really paying attention so I didn't even realise Alice was talking until she grabbed my arm and I screamed out in pain.

"Oh my god Bella I'm so sorry. Are you ok? I didn't mean to scare you." Alice said with a worried look on her face while trying to soothe me.

"It's fine Alice. I'm sorry. I guess I'm just a bit jumpy." I tried to shrug to reassure her but that was a bad move as it hurt my arm to move it even the tiniest bit.

Alice noticed my pain and pulled over. "Where did he hurt you this time?" she asked with a look of distress.

"It's nothing Alice, I swear" again trying to shrug forgetting about my arm. Alice noticed me wince more noticeably this time. She grabbed the end of the sleeve of my favourite V-neck royal blue sweater and pulled it up over where the bruises started just above the crease in my elbow, and pulled the top part down across my shoulders showing the more severe looking ones. I closed my eyes afraid to see her reaction. I heard Alice gasp.

"Fuck Bella. What did he do to you?" I opened my eyes to see hers streamed with tears and a look of horror across her pixie face.

"I don't want to talk about it yet Alice." I admitted looking away. I couldn't bring myself to say the worst of what James had put me through out loud yet.

"It's ok sweetie. You're safe now. We're going home. Carlisle will check you out and we'll be fine." Alice said trying to comfort me. I'll admit I loved how she stressed the part about how we're going home, it would be nice to feel safe and in a home again. I was already considered as part of the Cullens family. Carlisle and Esme were the parents I never had, Emmett was like a big brother and well I had only ever met Edward once at Christmas a few years back but he was nice too. The point is, I was finally leaving James my abusive boyfriend for 2 years and moving in with my favourite family in the whole world.

The drive to the Cullens manor was quiet. I was thinking through everything that's happened and Alice was just giving me the space I was in desperate need of.

When we arrived I found Emmett waiting for us with his fiancee Rosalie on the front porch. As soon as the car was turned off and I opened my door I was tackled by him and being carried inside in a protective hold. Once we were inside he let me stand on my own, only to be taken into a brotherly embrace knocking the breath out of me.

"Bells are you ok? Where's the scum I'll teach him not to mess with my baby sis!" Emmett said, at first trying to be soothing then turning into a rage. "How dare he think he would get away with this that lowlife piece of scum. I'm gonna…"

I cut him off with another hug and I couldn't stop the tears falling from remembering everything. Emmett didn't know the half of it. "Bella? I'm sorry Bells I'm just so angry at this whole mess."

"I know Emmett." I mumbled into his chest. "But I'm safe now. I'm here and I'm not going anywhere 'til I'm kicked out" I added trying to ease the situation.

"Which you never will be." I heard a familiar warm motherly voice say. Emmett let me go only for me to be taken into Esme's waiting arms. Esme was the only type of mother I'd ever known to love. "My baby girl. My poor sweet Bella. Shh you're safe here and you're not leaving for a long long time."

I don't know how long I stood there like that with Esme. After a while though I felt a soft hand come down on my arm making me wince. I looked up and saw it was Carlisle.

"Esme why don't you go set up Bella's room while I make sure she's ok and then we let her rest." Carlisle said sounding both professional and caring. Carlisle was an amazing doctor. He would want to fully examine me some time I knew and I would just have to try put it off as long as I could.

"Yes dear." Esme let go of me kissing my forehead rubbing my back one last time and giving Carlisle an apprehensive look.

As I watched her go upstairs I hadn't realised Carlisle was talking. "Bella, why don't we have a look at your arm. I can tell there's something wrong by how you're holding it."

"It's fi…"

"Bella it's not fine I saw the bruising before. Now show him!" I jumped not realising Alice was still in the room as almost shouted at me.

"Ok," I said reluctantly pulling off my sweater so I was wearing only my singlet, exposing the swelling of my left arm. "It's right here." Holding out my arm for Carlisle to see clearly.

"Bella. It's clear here," Carlisle said sounded all professional, touching my collarbone and trailing down my arm. "that you have fractured your collarbone and a minor dislocation of your shoulder has occurred. The bruises are, I'm guessing, from when James has hit you and by the looks of it had you pulled up against something…" He stopped there and a sudden sad and horrified look appeared on his face.

"Pulled against something? What do you mean Car.." Alice started

"I think Bella needs to rest now. I'm going to strap your shoulder and give you some Tylenol for the pain now, and I'll take you into the hospital with me tomorrow for a further examination if that's ok Bella." Carlisle interrupted giving Alice a stern look then looking at me with that sad look on his face again. He knew. I knew he did. Crap he knew.

"Bella, honey I've got your room ready how about you come up with me now and I'll get you settled in." Esme said reappearing just when Carlisle had finished strapping my shoulder.

"Sure Esme. Thanks." I said standing up. "Thankyou Carlisle"

"Try and get some sleep Bella. Edward will be home in about an hour and his room is next to yours so he'll be there if you need him. I want you to get some rest though ok."

"I will. See you tomorrow Carlisle." With that Esme walked me upstairs to the third floor where there were two bedrooms with a conjoining bathroom.

When I walked in the room I was shocked. It was so big. There was a queen size bed with blue silk sheets and a white canopy, a huge stereo system on one wall, a Plasma on another and the final wall was made completely of glass and had the best view.

"You'll be in here and this is now your room so do what you wish with it. Edward is right through that door" Esme said pointing towards the door next to the big stereo system in the room. No, my room. "so don't hesitate to go to him if you need anything. He's been asking about you. Says he can't wait to see you again." She added with a smirk.

Hmm. I wonder why he couldn't wait to see me. I'm not really that interesting. It seemed that Esme was hiding something but she got up to leave before I could question her about it.

"Thankyou Esme, for everything."

"Goodnight my dear Bella. Sleep well. You're safe now and tomorrow when you get back from the hospital we shall go shopping and have a girls afternoon." Esme said just before she walked out closing the door behind her.

Laying back on the bed not even bothering to get changed, I just looked up to the ceiling staring for hours. I eventually fell asleep, only to be haunted by the memories of what James had done to me.

I woke up screaming and felt that I wasn't alone, that I was being held close to someone's chest by a pair of strong arms. "Shh, Bella. Shh, it's ok. You're ok it was only a dream. You're safe I've got you." A soft velvet voice whispered into my hair while rocking me trying to soothe me while the tears started slowing. I felt something that felt like lips softly brush the top of my hair and slowly down across to my forehead where they stayed for a while.

I looked up to see the most gorgeous greek god in nothing but soft trackies with bronze messy hair and a pair of emerald green eyes piercing into mine. I remembered these eyes. I had spent months dreaming and fantasizing about them after the first time I had met him. "Edward" I sighed

"Shh, I'm here." He said stroking my cheek softly with his thumb wiping away the tears.

"Sta.. Stay. Please." I pleaded him. There was no way I could be alone tonight. I needed to be held and there was no one I would want to hold me more than him right now.

"I'm not going anywhere. I'll stay with you all night and protect you." He said kissing the top of my hair again and wrapping his arms around my waist letting me just snuggle into his embrace. It's there I drifted to sleep after I swear I heard him say something but I was to exhausted to process what he said so I pushed it aside, allowing my mind to rest. I fell asleep in Edwards arms, I had never felt safer in my life.